The Looney Tunes Show

The Stud, the Nerd, the Average Joe, and the Saint

Season 2, Ep 8, Aired 11/20/12
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  • Episode Description
  • Daffy competes against Porky in a marathon. But in order to get in shape, he turns to Speedy who he views as a saint. Meanwhile, after Bugs saved Yosemite Sam from a fire at his house, he must figure out a way to get Sam to stop trying to save him just to return the debt.

  • Cast & Crew
  • Kwesi Boakye


  • Jeff Bergman

    Bugs Bunny / Daffy Duck

  • Fred Armisen

    Speedy Gonzales

  • Bob Bergen

    Porky Pig

  • Maurice LaMarche

    Yosemite Sam

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    • DBTrilogy100 Nov 21, 2012

      4 characters share center stage in today's episode of The Looney Tunes Show!

      *The episode begins with Daffy adding numbers to a new phone (that's something we can relate to you). Apparently, Daffy had no idea that Porky's last name is Pig.

      *Yosemite Sam stops by Bugs' house to ask him to sign a petition. When Bugs asks what it's for, Sam simply "beats around the bush" and manages to get Daffy to sign it. After Bugs holds his ground a little more, Sam finally reveals that the petition is to get his guns back!

      *The montage of Yosemite Sam's "misuse" of guns was a Crowning Moment of Funny!

      *Daffy and Porky meet at Speedy's Pizzeria where the former continues to express his disbelief at the latter's last name. Their conversation soon ends up revealing that Porky plans on entering a marathon, Daffy decides to join it in order to "one up" Porky.

      *When Daffy tells Bugs about the marathon, he begins to talk about "circle of friends dynamics", where he title drops "The Average Joe" and "The Nerd". That just leaves two more for a full title drop.

      *Bugs notices some noise coming from Yosemite Sam's house. When he goes to check it out, he finds Sam trying to hit his fire alarm to get it to stop beeping, all while complaining that he doesn't have his guns anymore. Bugs explains that Sam's fire alarm battery needs to be changed and removes the dead battery for him. This only upsets Sam, who claims he now owes Bugs something in return, settling on making him a chocolate cake. This version of Sam may still have the anger issues of his classic counterpart, but he does have at least one "noble" aspect that differentiates him from his classic counterpart.

      *We cut to the hospital, where Dr. Weisberg explains to someone that Daffy collapsed while working out. The someone turns out to be...Speedy! Speedy questions Dr. Weisberg why he told him this, to which the doctor replies that Speedy was in Daffy's I.C.E. numbers.

      *While talking to Speedy, Daffy finishes the title drop with "The Saint" and "The Stud". But then he starts to go on a tangent and can't decide who in their circle of friends has which dynamics. Eventually, Daffy asks Speedy for help to train for the marathon, the latter accepts.

      *At a race track, Speedy begins to train Daffy. It takes Daffy 3 different rates of speed before he actually sees Speedy running. As expected, Daffy isn't too successful in his attempts.

      *In the middle of the night, Bugs wakes up to a burning smell! No surprise, the smell is coming from Sam's house. Bugs tells Daffy to call 911, but the latter is in a very deep sleep (and snoring, as well)!

      *Not surprisingly, Sam never changed his battery, but why he still didn't smell the smoke is anyone's guess. He sure takes his time getting out of a burning building.

      *Sam foolishly still isn't ready to leave as he wants to get the cake for Bugs! Luckily, Bugs managed to get him out in time!

      *Sam wakes up in the hospital, where Dr. Weisberg explains to him what happens, adding how Bugs saved his life. Wiesberg also tries to describe Daffy to Bugs (when he was in the hospital the other day) using the terms Daffy used; Bugs has no clue as to who he is referring to. Despite Bugs saying otherwise, Sam insists that the only way he can repay his debt to the rabbit is by saving his life.

      *I'm surprised Bugs offered Sam to stay at his place until his house is fixed considering the events of Fish and Visitors.

      *While Bugs is drinking some coffee, Sam breaks through the window and tries to give Bugs C.P.R., thinking Bugs is choking! aWhen that fails, he manages to get Daffy to sign his petition once again.

      *We then cut to another scene of Speedy training Daffy. The quick mouse tries to tell Daffy about a healthy diet and learns the type of appetite the duck has, in the process.

      *Gossamer appears at Bugs' house, asking him if he would come by his school to tell his class how to be a hero. Sam then captures Gossamer in a net, thinking he was going to attack Bugs! Bugs clarifies the situation to Sam and we learn Gossamer's exact age in this show, he is 9 years old. When Daffy returns, Sam gets a third signature from him.

      *While out on the street, Bugs calls Porky and asks him to try to run him over, in an effort to give Sam a chance to save his life and be done with his debt! The plan would have worked, but Daffy's screams of pain from touching his feet distracts all 3 of them!

      *Bugs now has a cast around his neck and Dr. Weisberg questions Bugs' taste in friends (while unsuccessfully trying to describe Daffy using Daffy's terms, once again). Sam vows to never leave Bugs' site until the debt is payed...but he does agree to leave the hospital when visiting hours are over!

      *At last, the big day has arrived and the marathon is about to start! While Speedy declines to enter the race due to his overwhelming advantage...he soon changes his mind, citing himself as "The Jock"!

      *The Race Organizer announced that Bugs, thanks to his position as a town hero, is giving the honor to shoot the starting pistol to start the race. Sam mistakes the starting pistol for a real gun and jumps the organizer to "save" Bugs!

      *Although Bugs started to correct Sam, he soon realizes this is a golden opportunity to get Sam to "pay his debt"! Though that problem is solved, Sam becomes overwhelmed with temptation and starts shooting the starting pistol! Speedy wins the race in a matter of seconds, while Daffy struggles in last place.

      *Porky helping Daffy reach the end of the marathon was a Crowning Moment of Heart Warming!

      *Bugs, Daffy, Porky and Speedy meet at the pizzeria the next day and read the news that Porky is seen as a hero for helping Daffy! Too bad the moment is sort of ruined by Daffy gloating that he "beat" Porky.

      *This is the first Season 2 episode Lola did not appear in, those bringing an end to her attendance record this season.

      *The episode closes with Sam in court for his actions at the marathon. We finally get a closer look at his petition and see that Daffy signed it with different titles each time.

      Another fun episode. It was nice to see another episode that gave some strong focus to Yosemite Sam and Speedy. I also liked how the A Plot and B Plot were tied together. Bring on the next episode!