The Lucy-Desi Comedy Hour

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    Please VOTE for Lucy!!

    By sigmapi30, Feb 04, 2007

    Now that we have the complete "I Love Lucy" series on DVD and have the upcoming complete release of "The Lucy-Desi Comedy Hour", we still need full season set releases of:

    The Lucy Show

    Here's Lucy


    Life with Lucy.

    Please go vote for these dvd releases at!!

    It's easy to register and vote. It's completely free and I am sure it makes an impact on DVD releases. I've listed monthly updates on voting stats on under each of Lucy's shows. Please remember to vote for ALL of Lucy's shows. A TRUE lucy fan needs ALL of her series in their DVD collection. Thanks for the support!moreless

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    More of Lucy's adventures, but this time more guest stars.

    By cousinmaeby, Sep 05, 2006

    This show was really great fun. As a big I Love Lucy fan, seeing The Lucy Desi Comedy Hour is a definite treat, because the episodes were twice as long! And although there were only thirteen episodes, all thirteen were hilarious in their own right. Because The Lucy and Desi episodes were meant to be special (they weren't a weekly thing like the sitcom) there were loads of guest stars. Of course, the Mertzes were there as well, so it felt just like a longer episode of I Love Lucy. My personal favorite is the one that shows how Lucy and Ricky met. I wish TVLand would bring this show back. It's certainly worth watching.moreless

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    By supastarz, Sep 25, 2005

    This is nearly as good as the regular I Love Lucys and nice way to continue the laughs with Lucy, Ricky, Fred and Ehthel. And oh-Little Ricky too ;) I enjoy the episodes about hunting for Uranium with Fred McMurray and the race Horse, abut my all time favorite is "Tellulah Bankhead". It is SO funny! It was actually the first comedy hour i saw, and my granma introduced it to me when she had it on video. She thought i'd like it since i was from Alabama and so was Tellulah-and she was right!

    Also, on a local channel of mine, the Comedy Hours were run in syndication unde the title "We Love Lucy" , with each episode being cut into a two part, half hour format.moreless

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    A continuation of I love Lucy with the same loveable characters!!

    By JMarie131, Jul 09, 2005

    I'm the biggest I love lucy fan so of course I'm going to say nothing but positive things about the show!!! Basically I love the show not as much as I Love Lucy but pretty close. I feel the laughs just continue and I love all the guest stars that make an appearance on the show!

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