The Lucy-Desi Comedy Hour

The Ricardos Go to Japan

Season 3, Ep 2, Aired 11/27/59
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  • Episode Description
  • Ricky's band is scheduled to perform in Tokyo, Japan and when they get settled, they meet Bob Cummings. Lucy, from her mother's suggestion, wants to get some new genuine pearls in Japan. Bob Cummings, who end up rooming next to the Ricardos has pearls, so Lucy and Ethel sneak into Fred's money belt while he's asleep and snag some cash. While planning to pay it back to Fred when they get back, Lucy and Ethel buy the pearls, but they end up not being able to afford them. They need to hatch a plan to give the pearls back to Mr. Cummings.moreless

  • Cast & Crew
  • Lucille Ball

    Lucy Ricardo

  • Desi Arnaz

    Ricky Ricardo

  • William Frawley

    Fred Mertz

  • Vivian Vance

    Ethel Mertz

  • Richard Keith (I)

    Little Ricky Ricardo

  • Fan Reviews (1)
  • This is the last episode of the series, and the last legs of Lucy & Desi's marriage.

    By rkcat77, Dec 24, 2008

  • Trivia & Quotes
  • Quotes (10)

    • Lucy: (realizing that she won't be able to keep the pearls) Well, goodbye pearls. Ethel: It's either goodbye pearls or goodbye girls.

    • (Lucy has convinced Fred to postpone his trip to get his money exchanged) Ethel: Lucy, what are we gonna do? When he finds out that money's gone, he'll kill us. Lucy: You're right. (thinking) Wait a minute. What are we worrying about? How's he gonna find out we took it? Ethel: Well, I'll be the first one he'll suspect. Lucy: Yeah, but how's he gonna prove it? Ethel: He'll ask me and I'll confess. Lucy: Why? Ethel: Because while he's asking me, he'll have his hands around my throat.

    • (Lucy and Ethel are trying to take money out of Fred's money belt) Lucy: Why'd you let him fall asleep on his stomach. Ethel: He always does. If you had a big, soft stomach like that, you'd sleep on it too.

    • Fred: Of all the stupid customs! Ethel: What's the matter? Fred: I walked three blocks before I realized I left my shoes here. How am I supposed to remember these things? Bob: Why don't you tie a string around your toe?

    • Lucy: (compares the set of real pearls to the set of pearls she's wearing) Honey. See how much more beautiful real pearls are? Ricky: (looks at both sets of pearls) They look exactly the same to me. Lucy: Oh! They may be the same shape and the same size, but somehow, when you're wearing real pearls, you feel more glamorous and exciting. Ricky: I don't want anybody glamorous and exciting. I want you. Lucy: (exasperated) Oh!

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    Notes (4)

    • It is likely that the film Bob Cummings was in Japan to film was My Geisha. It premiered in 1962, starring Yves Montand, Shirley MacLaine, and Edward G. Robinson.

    • This episode was not filmed in front of a studio audience, due to the strained relationship between Lucy and Desi.

    • This is Kathryn Card's final appearance as Mrs. McGillicuddy.

    • Toward the end of The Lucy-Desi Comedy Hour, Lucy and Desi's marriage had all but deteriorated. During the filming of this episode, Lucy's eyes would get red from crying due to the often heated onstage exchanges between her and Desi (one can tell Lucy had been crying by closely looking at her eyes in the last scene of this episode). The crew would allow her a few moments to herself to calm down and get her makeup retouched so they could resume filming and fulfill their contractual obligations.

    Trivia (1)

    • Lucy claims that she has always wanted--but never received--genuine pearls, yet during the second season of I Love Lucy ("The Anniversary Present"), Ricky got Lucy pearls for their anniversary.

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