Little Old Lucy

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Quotes (2)

  • (plotting how to turn Lucy into an old woman for Heatherington) Mr. Mooney: All we need is a little gray hair and a makeup job.! Lucy: Oh, Mr. Mooney! You're not going to send me on a date with that Don Jan of the Stone Age! Mr. Mooney: You will make a lovely little old lady!

  • (discussing the new gown Mrs. Mooney bought for the banquet) Lucy: Well, Mr. Mooney, you can't blame her for wanting to wear the latest style. Mr. Mooney: True, true. But mini skirts are not for her. Lucy: No? Mr. Mooney: No, no. She's much too bowlegged. Ever straightened her legs out, she'd be seven feet tall.

Notes (1)

  • In this episode, Lucy claims that she has never met a millionaire before. Lucy, however, dated millionaire Umberto Fabriani in a second season episode titled Lucy Meets A Millionaire.