Lucy and Jack Benny's Account

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Quotes (3)

  • Jack Benny: Unfortunately, my very first violin teacher isn't available.

    Lucy: Oh, he passed away?

    Jack Benny: No, he ran away.

  • (Mooney's asking Benny for personal information) Mooney: Your social security number? Benny: One.

  • (after Lucy answered Jack's phone) Jack: (calling from other room) Who was it? Lucy: Uh. It was your dentist. Jack: Any message? Lucy: Uh, yes. He said they're ready and you can pick them up tomorrow.

Trivia (1)

  • The bank's new Benny vault is 300 feet down. It's equipped with land mines, a guillotine, knife-throwing wild Indians, a pool filled with piranas and snapping turtles, Irving the gorilla, and a pit of quicksand.