Lucy Gets Trapped

Trivia, Quotes, Notes and Allusions

Quotes (4)

  • Mr. Mooney: My eyes are not bloodshot! Lucy: How can you tell? You're seeing them from the inside!

  • Mary Jane: You've got to stop him from reading that paper! Lucy: I know what I'll do. I'll hide his glasses. Mary Jane: Good idea! Lucy: No it isn't! He doesn't wear glasses!

  • (after Lucy destroys a refrigerator in the department store) Floorwalker: Give me back my card! I don't even want you to know my name! Lucy: I've got to know your name in case I decided to buy a refrigerator, I won't know who to ask for. Floorwalker: Good! Good! Good!

  • Lucy: (starting to type as soon as she hears the door openning) Oh, Mary Jane, I thought it was Mr. Mooney. I wanted him to think I was working. Mary Jane: Well you'll never fool him that way. Lucy: Why not? Mary Jane: You haven't got any paper in the typewriter!

Trivia (1)

  • Mr. Cheever awards Mooney an extra week's salary as a bonus for the free publicity. Then, he orders Mooney to pay Lucy an extra week's salary out of it.