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    Lucy versus I Love Lucy

    By MegDancer, May 24, 2013

    I love the "Lucy" show better than the "I Love Lucy" show. Lucy is so much more beautiful! I love her red hair, her long eye lashes, her lips, her makeup, her gorgeous outfits, the vibrant colors on her sets, her classic style and furnishings, her wholesomeness, the beautiful language that she uses. And I like how it shows how bad it is to be mean and loud like Mr. Mooney. I also like the guest appearances by big Hollywood stars of the 60's!!!

    Meg :-Dmoreless

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    Very good in the first three seasons

    By day-O, Jun 03, 2010

    I Love this show! It's a show featuring Lucille Ball as Lucy Carmichael, Vivian Vance as Vivian Bagley, and Gale Gordon as Mr. Mooney, Lucy's boss at the bank. Lucy and Viv are widows, who live together in Danfield, NY, raising their children. They often get into crazy situations. One is where Lucy and Viv start their own business by giving kiddie parties, and Lucy, who is the clown, floats away with a bundle of helium balloons. Another is where Lucy hypnotizes a nervous symphony conductor, and can't wake him up, so she has to take his place. And another is where Lucy and Viv decide to enroll in a chemistry class and Lucy tries to make a youth serum. After it blows up in the professor's face, he and Viv make Lucy drink the potion, and with makeup, a putty nose, fake eyebrows and a wig, they make Lucy look "younger." In 1965, Vivian Vance left the show, and the storyline had Lucy move to California, where most of the episodes had her working in the bank, and coincidentally, Mr. Mooney came, too. Viv supposedly stayed in NY and got married, so she was now Vivian Bunsen. (She made a few guest appearances in the last two seasons) And Lucy's son Jerry was enrolled in military school. The last three seasons, 1965-1968 had a lot of guest stars. I wish the episodes in public domain were from 1962-1965. I basically have the whole 1966-1967 season on DVD (sans one or two episodes)--but not digitally remastered season sets, they're public domain, bad sound, low picture quality, EDITED, DVDs. (From what I heard, a whole chunk of "Lucy and George Burns" was cut off at the beginning.)moreless

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    Lucille Ball`s classic show!

    By ToadstoolFan01, Jul 23, 2007

    This was a wonderful show in the first 3 seasons. It was ok the next 3 seasons, but it was better with good old Viv. I think that this show is wonderful, and you could see them doing the stunts. They did everthing from installing a shower, to installing a TV antenna. This show was better in black and white than in color. I love this show and I think it is one of the most classic shows of all time. If you ever see it on TV, be sure to watch good Lucille Ball and maybe good Vivian Vance.moreless

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    Classic Lucille Ball in one of the funniest episodes since i love lucy. Im wondering where you can get this show. Im sure its very rare but the public would like to see this memorable show, even me.

    By paul_mccartney, May 03, 2007

    "The Lucy Show" is the follow up to the I Love Lucy show. And its as funny as I Love Lucy. Sometimes when im watching I Love Lucy I wonder where I could get the Lucy Show. And sometimes people watching wish they could be in the 50s, 60s and 70s watching Lucille Ball at her best yet. It was a hilarious show. And the person that made it funnier was Vivian Vance. She was pure talent from the moment she set foot on stage and remembered her lines. She was one of my favorites on "I Love Lucy", "The Lucy-Desi Comedy Hour", "The Lucy Show", and "Here's Lucy. Theres something about Lucy and Viv I liked. It was their pure talent.moreless

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    Have a ball with Lucille Ball starring in The Lucy Show.

    By stargate_sg1, May 02, 2007

    The Lucy Show starring Lucille Ball was a very funny tv series of the 60's which ran between 1962 and 1968. The series ran for 6 seasons. It is a tv show which helped revolutionised comedy and tv viewing as we now know it. The show is about a bank secretary, Lucy Carmichael. Lucy has a mean boss called Theodore J. Mooney who is very unappreciative of Lucy's efforts. Lucy tries to do right by Mr. Mooney but her general work attitude is, "Arrive at work late, take long coffee breaks and lunch breaks and get on Mr. Mooney's nerves", at least from Mr. Mooney's point of view. Lucy has two best friends of many years. There is Mary Jane Lewis and there is also Vivian Bagley. When Lucy and her 2 best friends get together, boy, do they like to gossip. They just can't wait to catch up on each other's news and everybody else's news while they're at it. Lucy loves her friends and cares for them dearly. She loves to shop and to go shopping and on coffee breaks and lunch beaks from work with them. She is always causing foul-ups and bringing misfortune to her boss Mr. Mooney and his well-to-do clients. Mr. Mooney, however, always seems to feel sorry for her and even if he fires her, he always finds it in his heart to take her back. It is as I mentioned a great show and a personal favourite of mine for lots of laughs.moreless

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    Please VOTE for Lucy!!

    By sigmapi30, Feb 04, 2007

    Now that we have the complete "I Love Lucy" series on DVD and have the upcoming complete release of "The Lucy-Desi Comedy Hour", we still need full season set releases of:

    The Lucy Show

    Here's Lucy


    Life with Lucy.

    Please go vote for these dvd releases at!!

    It's easy to register and vote. It's completely free and I am sure it makes an impact on DVD releases. I've listed monthly updates on voting stats on under each of Lucy's shows. Please remember to vote for ALL of Lucy's shows. A TRUE lucy fan needs ALL of her series in their DVD collection. Thanks for the support!moreless

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    Oh here is another favorite of mine, and its The Lucy Show. When Lucille Ball divorced her husband Desi Aranz, she left CBS.<br />

    By charles64123, Oct 09, 2006

    A few years later she came back to CBS to start her own show. She wanted to show the producers and everyone else that she still had it, and she sure did.

    The Lucy Show was another level for Lucille Ball, and she still made us laugh with all of her funny tricks, schemes, and silliness. She wasn't married this time on the show, but she proved that she could still be funny all by herself.

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    Another classic comedy from Lucille Ball.

    By OtisBrotis, Jul 06, 2006

    This shoiw is a classic in it's own right. Another classic comedy that is often copied from our beloved Lucille Ball. The story is centered around Lucy and all the goofy situations that she gets herself into often times at work with Mr. Mooney. This is still a very good show by today’s standards. If you are too young to have watched it when it was originally on, do yourself a favor a watch it now. If any of the stories seem familiar it is because most comedy shows since have used very similar storylines. Thhs time she is without Ricky and she only had her best friend Vivian vance for the first few season. Mr. Mooney was a classic character and loads of laughs. he reminds me of the Mr. Whipple character from the Charmin commercials.moreless

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    By martinema, Nov 04, 2005

    The Lucy Show was good but it was missing a few things one no husband for lucy. I think even if Fred and Ethel was in this show it would make it better. The best character was Mr.Mooney. And the best show it think was when lucy had to fly to Londed and never flew befor.

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