The Magic School Bus

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Quotes (116)

  • Ms. Frizzle: As I always say class your out of this world.

  • Carlos: Oh no you don't. You just want to grab more stuff! Janet: Hey I'm just trying to help!

  • Arnold: No one is better than Ms. Frizzle. Janet: Oh yeah, prove it. Arnold: Stop The Bus!

  • Janet: Arnold told me all about your field trips, Dorothy Ann. Dorothy Ann: W-what did he say?! Janet: That they were, and I quote, highly unusual.

  • Phoebe: How was I supposed to know that she'd have digestive scuba gear?

  • Phoebe: In my old school, we never ended up in the toilet!

  • Wanda: Arrrnnnooolllddd!!! Arnold: Who said that? Wanda: This is your conscience, Arnold.

  • Phoebe: Go swimming in Arnold digestive fluids, no way, not me.

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Notes (49)

  • This episode is the first appearance of the common recurring guest star Janet.

  • If you have DISH Network and you subscribe to SUN TV ( a south asian channel) Every Friday at 7pm eastern - program titled Kids Zone, the show is dubbed into Tamil - South Indian Language.

  • In India- The Magic School Bus is dubbed in Tamil as Kids Zone on the SUN TV channel.

  • This is the first episode of the Emmy-Award winning series to air.

  • This episode was first aired on Saturday, September 10, 1994 during FOX's Fox Kids block.

  • This is the first time shrinking is shown.

  • This is the first of 3 episodes in a row that have to do with smaller things going inside larger things. The next is Inside Ralpie, and after that is Gets Eaten.

  • When the bus goes down Ralphie's mouth, he comments that he's never seen this done from "the outside" before. This is likely a reference to "For Lunch," where Ralphie is among the classmates that enter Arnold's body to view the digestive system.

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Trivia (86)

  • When Arnold took off his helmet, he would have died of no air immediately. Also, his head freezing would have killed him immediately.

  • Goof: Janet lassoed an asteroid and pulled it towards herself. You can't pull an asteroid, it's impossible (except when your astronaut gear comes with a jet pack). Also, the rope Janet had came out of no where. She didn't have any rope, then she did!

  • Even though Arnold froze himself on Pluto, they don't show how they "unfroze" him.

  • At the end of the episode, Arnold is sitting at a desk with tissues. Then we see him sitting with the rest of the class in the shot, and then back at the desk in the very next shot. In other words, there were two Arnolds!

  • I know it's only a cartoon, but in real life, getting as close to Mercury or even landing on it would cause instant death. If you got that close you would vaporize.

  • When the kids are back at school and they talk to Janet, Keesha's voice comes out of Wanda. In addition, Wanda's pants and vest darken in the last shot.

  • When Janet jumps into a crater on Mercury she says "Wow!". The only problem is her mouth didn't move. The same thing happens again on Venus when she says "Come on Arnold." while pulling him off of the bus.

  • While travelling down the esophagus, there is a camera pan of the inside of the school bus, showing Arnold sitting in a seat in the back of the bus. Oops.

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Allusions (19)

  • Title: Gets Lost In Space: This is a reference to the hit science fiction series Lost In Space (1965).

  • The way the Magic School Bus was almost eaten by Ralphie's White Blood Cells is a reference to Fantastic Voyage.

  • Producer: Sometimes working on this show is stranger than friction. Stranger than friction is similar to the saying "Stranger than fiction."

  • Ms. Frizzle: (Singing): Take me out of the friction, where things just slow to a stop. Ms. Frizzle sings this to the tune of the very famous song: Take Me Out To the Ball Game.

  • Gilligan's Island is the name of a famous TV show.

  • Title: The Busasaurus This is similar to the name of the dinosaur the brontosaurus.

  • The episode title is a reference to the Walt Disney film, Beauty and the Beast.

  • In a Pickle is also a card game.

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