The Man From Atlantis

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Quotes (13)

  • Elizabeth: You still remember nothing about where in the ocean you come from? Mark: Perhaps when I'm deep in the ocean I will remember. Elizabeth: Perhaps when you're deep in the ocean, you'll forget about us.

  • Dr. Schubert: For 3,000 years, they've destroyed our land, air, water. Now they're gonna finish each other off in one last big war. Mark: How do you know that? Dr. Schubert: Well, mainly because I'm gonna start it.

  • Dr. Schubert: Do you believe that's possible, Mark, water-breathing man? Mark: When he learns to breathe water, he will be other than a man.

  • Officer: But then again we could be a little old fashioned there. What do you think, chief? Ernie: Well it keeps the tails from getting caught in the cracks. Mark: You have tails? Ernie: Yeah they put 'em in the same time they put in the gills. Mark: I see. Elizabeth: Oh these divers and their jokes.

  • Phil: How are all the frogs and dogs? Elizabeth: Oh, I got promoted to dolphins, how about you?

  • Elizabeth: You've changed. Mark: I need you and I care for you... and I have not changed.

  • Elizabeth: Well, according to every technique presently available and using the most sophisticated hardware, I've succeeded in proving beyond a shadow of a doubt that what we're seeing is not there and does not exist.

  • Elizabeth: You think I'm overprotecting Mark, don't you? Miller: In a word: you bet your suspenders.

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Notes (8)

  • During the pilot episode Mark's shorts change color from white to yellow and back again several times.

  • Although they didn't have a scene together in this episode, James B. Sikking and Belinda Montgomery would later star as husband and wife in Doogie Howser, M.D.

  • Originally aired as a 2 hour TV movie.

  • The novelization published by Dell Books was re-titled "Ark of Doom."

  • Originally aired as a 90 minute TV movie.

  • James E. Brodhead (Trubshawe) was actually credited as James Brodhead.

  • Richard Williams (Jomo) was actually credited as Richard Laurance Williams.

  • Richard Williams (Jomo) was actually credited as Richard Laurance Williams.

Trivia (1)

  • As of this episode, the docking procedure of the Cetacean has changed. Instead of moving into the dock on its own power, it now rests on huge clamps which transport the vessel inside the cave. The sea gate has changed too. It now resembles a camera diaphragm whereas the previous gate was one gate which split into two parts to allow the Cetacean entry.