The Marriage Ref

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  • Tom Papa: Who wants to see a resentful, sulking pole dancer? That's not good for anyone.

  • Greg: You keep looking at it as a stripper pole, a stripper pole. Diana: What is it then? Greg: It's an exercise pole.

  • (on Greg) Diana: He just came into the room and threw the ring on the table: that was his proposal.

  • Alec Baldwin: Women come and go, but a stuffed dog is forever.

  • Tina Fey: Howard, I live in Manhattan, and I think I recognize the court you're playing at and I think I can take you.

  • (on Howard not wanting to wear his wedding ring while playing basketball) Tom Papa: What does he need the ring for? Isn't seeing him in a sleeveless shirt and shorts in public enough to keep women away?

  • (to his wife) Louis: You should have married Bob Vila, not me.

  • (on Joe) Eva Longoria: He's one body wax away from being RuPaul.

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Notes (2)

  • This episode interrupted the closing of the 2010 Winter Olympics ceremony.

  • Featured Music: Let's Stay Together by Al Green (at the end of the show)