Hail the Conquering Gordy

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Quotes (1)

  • Mary: I think you had a dream. You dreamed that you started from nowhere, and you made it all the way to the top. Became rich, successful in every way, loved. And recently, you've begun to become aware that time is slipping away, and your life has turned out a little differently from the dream. In fact, compared to the dream, you think your life isn't all that terrific, and it's begun to bother you.
    Ted: That's amazing Mary. How'd you know that was my problem?
    Mary: Ted, that's everybody's problem.

Notes (2)

  • This episode was filmed on December 10, 1976.

  • This is John Amos's final appearance as "Gordy Howard". Amos had a recurring role in the first few seasons of the series, and was last seen in the season 4 episode "Happy Birthday, Lou!".