Mary Midwife

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Quotes (4)

  • Sue Ann: I don't enjoy being insulted, at least not on camera.
    Murray: Sue Ann was insulted? What did they get you on? Your personality, your morality, or your age?
    Sue Ann: If you really want an answer, I could write it backwards on your head and then you can read it in the mirror when you get home.

  • Lou: (after Mary suggests he should go on a diet) Let's all go on a self-improvement kick. What do you say? I'll lose some weight, and you'll lose some teeth. You must have fifty or sixty of them.

  • Lou: I helped deliver a baby once, in the war. We were under fire in a small farmhouse in th south of France. A local girl went into labor. We had a medic with us, but he was just a kid and plenty nervous. But he did the job. He stretched her out on the straw, with her head resting on a big cheese. I helped him, and she was so grateful she wanted to give use something. But all the poor girl had was a gross of nylons and a thousand Hershey bars.

  • Murray: A woman is giving birth in Mary's bedroom!
    Sue Ann: I know, and it's probably the most exciting thing that'll ever happen in there.

Notes (1)

  • This episode was filmed on July 02, 1976.

Trivia (1)

  • In the previous episode, the last episode of Season 6, Ted and Georgette adopted a boy and announced they were pregnant. In this episode, Georgette is suddenly 9 months pregnant and no mention is made of their adopted son.