What is Mary Richards Really Like?

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Quotes (4)

  • Lou: (about Mary's interview) It'll be fun. You get your name in the paper. Your folks will read it. They'll be proud. Sure, have a nice time. Mary: Okay, thanks. Lou: Just don't say anything.

  • Ted: Say, Murray, just between us guys, if Mary were a man, would she be better looking than I am? Murray: Ted, if Mary were a duck, she'd be better looking than you are.

  • Rhoda: (about Mary refusing Mark's advances) It's good what you did. I think he was testing you, to find out what kind of a girl you are. Now he knows, and he'll respect you for it. And he'll call you as soon as he can. Mary: Do you really think so? Rhoda: No, but my mother does.

  • Ted: (to reporter in crowded restaurant) I sleep in the raw.

Notes (1)

  • This episode was filmed on July 21, 1972.

Trivia (1)

  • When Mary comes into the office dressed like a man, Murray says, 'I bought a suit like that for my son'. Murray doesn't have a son until Season 5 Episode 12 when he adopts a son because he desperately wants a son.