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    By frosty_ice, Mar 07, 2012

    Okay, before anyone starts to anoy me with the old "This is worst than the movie" or vice-versa, let me just tell you that I see the movie and this series as totally different worlds (We have the world form the movie, and then we have the world from the series), and so, we have some things that are similar and some things that are different (a little bit like what happened to Beetlejuice).

    I really enjoy the series because it's funny, it's full of humour and we have a really great voice cast, who makes us laugh all the time. The way the characters are done in this cartoon are wonderful, and I really love the villains they came up with. A 10 is in order for this one.moreless

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  • 8.5

    Fun and exciting to watch!

    By 00RogueAgent, May 07, 2011

    A great TV series. Enjoyed a lot of episodes. Just one question. Why isn't it being released on DVD?

    Some of the episodes in all the seasons are excellent. Very good voice actors chosen for different parts. It's nice how it comes after the movie and explains more about The Mask and Stanley's life. My favorite episodes:

    The Mask is Always Greener on the Other Side, How Much Is That Dog in the Tin Can?, Split Personality and more.

    I would say this deserves 8.5 because I still thought few episodes could have been improved but still a great series to enjoy.moreless

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    Best Cartoon of all time

    By RoAlsop, Jul 20, 2008

    This cartoon is brillent it is well writen and animated the people look good and not odd shaped like in most cartoons i remember watching this as a child it was very funny ! the story's for eatch episode are always perfect the mask always made the "bad guys" such as putty thing and fish guy look dumb before defeting them...

    also to the people who seem to think this is a series made from the movie it is not this series was released WAYYY befor the movie ok! look it up this series was made from the dark hourse comics p.s sorry for the spelling in a rush

    Thanks for readingmoreless

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    Why isn't this show on tv?

    By ncfranchise87, Apr 23, 2007

    This show was good to watch when you get out of school and saturday mornings. It is better than the crappy cartoons that come on tv now. This is one of the good cartoons made from a movie. I wonder why this show is not on tv now and they need to put it on boomerang. Children of today do not know what a good cartoon is.

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  • 5.0

    Off movie.

    By blackwolf_13, Jan 13, 2007

    This was just another one of those cartoons that were derived from a popular movie. And of course, like most cartoons derived from movies, it really wasn't that great. And, as most off-movie cartoons, it was.... well extremely off the movie. The " leading lady ", or love of Stanely Impkis's life was now Peggy, who in the movie had actually betrayed him. In the movie the girl was the blonde played by Cameron Diaz. The show was just not that great.moreless

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  • 8.6

    A great and whacky show.

    By RebinZ89, Jan 07, 2006

    The mask had a Popeye feel to it. When the protoganist is a regular guy, he was weak and easily defeated. The he put on his magical mask and everything changed, Unlike popeye the mask is a joker. The show was very funny and is underrated. It was a great animated cartoon.

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  • 9.1

    Whacky but cool! A great cartoon show based on the Dark Horse comics and the hit movie. From Zero to Hero: a well described slogan because that's what this cartoon is all about. Funny hero, weird villains, hopeless cops, and simpy a great storyline. What

    By psycho_path, Nov 14, 2005

    Based on the Dark Horse comics and the hit movie played by Jim Carrey, this cartoon is really a great show. It's about this guy called Stanley Ipkiss who is always such a loser and seems unnoticed in front of the public. However, nobody knows that he possesses a magical mask which transforms him into a green-masked menace that brings out the slogan, "From Zero to Hero."

    The plot is basically straight forward, where the Mask is always saving Edge City from the clutches of the most insane and memorable villains that anyone can come up with. I really enjoy watching it because it's hilarious and the animation is simple but nice to look at. A real imaginative cartoon show. I really hope that the series will start appearing again on TV or even in DVDs.

    Some people may find this show funny, but some may find it too stupid and crazy but you know what it's alright because this show knows it's audience, it is well written and it intends to stick to you, whether you like it or not.moreless

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  • 9.4

    The Greatest Movie Based TV Show!

    By colakid12, Aug 03, 2005

    The Mask is my most favriote movie!So I really did like this movie adaptation.It is really good show.I like how they keep it imaginative.I really like how when your The Mask.Your what you wanna be deep down.I only wish it would have come out like after "Son of The Mask" so us who did'nt see it ever or much can see it.Anyway,this is a great show.I really like it.Only wish it was still on or there were re-runs.Like on Toon-Disney.Also that the characters look like who they portay for once!A cartoon looks like the star!Exept Kellaway and Doyle.They don't look or sound like the origonal!But the bottom line is it's a great show!moreless

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  • 7.8

    Following the smash hit movie the Mask, this cartoon came out almost immediately after it. It was very underappreciated. It was not that bad and actually pretty good.

    By DaVulture, Jul 18, 2005

    If you go to a different country you might catch re-runs of the Mask. That's how I saw it, and it wasn't that bad. I remember it barely in the 90's and it wasn't that big a hit. It follows Stanley Ipkiss who puts on a green mask and turns into this Crazy Green faced guy. He has a dog. Unlike the movie the Cameron Diaz character of Tina isn't there. Some of the villains are there and it doesn't make any sense to the Mask Movie paradox. Other then those facts this show really wasn't that bad. It was pretty good.moreless

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