The Mask

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Quotes (48)

  • Stanley: (to the Mask) So long, Pal. It's been real. No, it's been surreal!

  • Stanley: How come the closest I get to female companionship is my landlady's bad breath in my face?

  • "The bank aquired This House of Tommorow! Well it was The House of Tommorow.Yesterday"

  • Skillit: This may come as a shock, but I'm over four thousand years old, and I've known everyone who's ever possessed the Mask, or should I say, the Mask has possessed! Yes, the list is four thousand years long: Atilla, Blackbeard, Genghis! Stanley: The Hun?! The pirate?! The Khan?! Skillit: (laughs) Yeah, what a bunch of fun guys! Stanley: Those aren't fun guys! Those are guys who caused suffering, and terror! Skillit: Ah, you say tomato, I say tomat-o!

  • The Mask: Today we tackle the questions about the shadow-stealing phenomenon. One: who is behind it? Two: what do they want? And three: (whining) Will they give mine back?

  • Stanley: You think I'm crazy, don't you? Dr. Neuman: I don't think you're crazy, Mr. Ipkiss. I think you're making it all up because you enjoy annoying me.

  • Stanley: This town is going to the dogs! Sorry, Milo, nothing personal.

  • Putty Thing: See the bunny in the road? Fish Guy: (laughs) Five points if you bag him good! Putty Thing: I dunno, he's pretty cute... Fish Guy: 'Kay. Ten points! Putty Thing: Excellent, let's rage!

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Notes (11)

  • Stanly's role in the comics was a short one. As in the movie and series Stanly was a door-mat, when he purchased the mask from an antique store for his girlfriend he put the mask on and turned in to The Mask. After that he violently murdered people who had crossed him (one mean biker-gang and the two corrupt car mechanics). The mask caused a change in his personality, making him obsessed and violent even to his girl friend. When he almost killed her as The Mask he decided to leave town for good. However while his back was turned packing his things in his apartment, his girl friend had snuck in through the window looking for the mask, and after finding it and putting it on she shot him in the back.

  • Both Stanley, Lt. Kellaway and even Walter appeared in the comics. Walter I believe appeared as the main villain.

  • Stanley: This fabled 11th century mask was known as "master of darkness, eater of children's brains"? Peggy, help me! I'm a brain-eating ghoul! Peggy: Oh, poo! It's an 11th century superstition. TV's the only thing that eats children's brains nowadays!

  • There was a villian in the Frankenstien movies called Pretorius. Hence, Walter.

  • This episode was banned because it showed a nude exotic dancer who was also a terrorist threatening to blow herself up.

  • This episode takes the cake as far as pushing the envelope goes. It features a politician with corrupt vices, an exotic dancer terrorist and some brief nudity.

  • This is the first episode of the series in which Stanley is wearing the mask for the whole time.

  • The Mask finds a new villian who is a rubber band guy.

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Trivia (2)

  • In the movie, the mask only works at night. But in this series, it works during the day as well!

  • How can Gorgonzola be at the meeting? Even if someone else found her amulet, she would only be able to possess them at night, during the moon's third quarter, and the meeting was during the daytime!

Allusions (27)

  • Charlie is seen reading an "X-Human" comic book, a parody of Marvel Comics' X-Men series.

  • Fantastic Four The four meteor fragments bestow invisibility, flame powers, elasticity, and rock skin on whoever holds them. These are the same powers possessed by the Marvel Comics superhero group, the Fantastic Four.

  • The Mask: Ooh, watch out! I might transform into a force-feed blender or something! The Transformers was about a bunch of robots who could transform into cars.

  • The Mask: Adrian!!!
    This is what Sylvestor Stallone yells in the ring when he's a bloody,

  • When Stanley puts on the mask and acts like a football player and howls with Milo, his face conforms into that of a howling wolf. The Mask did the same thing in the original 1994 movie The Mask, however in that one, he was howling with lust at Tina Carlyle's performance at the Coco Bongo nightclub.

  • When The Mask fights Skillit in the portal he eats spinach to get stronger. Just like Popeye did.

  • The mask and Chet had a Lightstaber battle which refers to Star Wars.

  • Chet Bozzack:Come on Stanly join the Dark side. That is reference of what Darth Vader told to Luke Skywalker in Star Wars V film.

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