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  • Lisbon: (on the phone with Jane) Hey. So, you might be right about this case. Might be. Thanks for the, did I say that? I'm acknowledging the fact that you might be right, that's all. I mean, if you wanted to come back, I couldn't stop you...yeah, fine, I'm asking you to come back...because...because you're useful to the No, I won't say "please". Go screw yourself. (Lisbon hangs up) Jackass.

  • Dr. Linus Wagner: Why is it you can't sleep?

    Patrick Jane: Because I can't get the good pills without talking to a doctor.

    Dr. Linus Wagner: You don't like talking to a doctor?

    Patrick Jane: They always want to be the smartest person in the room, don't they? When in fact, that's me, obviously.

  • Patrick Jane: Be reasonable. This is my case.

    Teresa Lisbon: Your case?

    Patrick Jane: Red John's mine.

    Teresa Lisbon: Red John doesn't belong to anyone. (Long pause, everybody except Lisbon and Jane go into the house)

    Patrick Jane: He belongs to me.

  • (Reading note slid under Patrick's hotel room door)

    Grace Van Pelt: Greetings old friend, it's been a while. I hope you are keeping well. I am thriving and happy. I have 12 wives now and will soon begin courting number 13. Why can't you catch me? You must feel so powerless and stupid and sad. Oh well. All the best. Red John.

  • Grace Van Pelt: Mr. Jane, I have a question regarding your previous career path.

    Patrick Jane: Fire away.

    Grace Van Pelt: When you met with other psychics, real psychics, could they tell you were just pretending?

    Patrick Jane: There's no such thing as real psychics.

    Grace Van Pelt: I beg to differ. My cousin Yolanda is a psychic.

    Patrick Jane: Your cousin is deluded or dishonest or both.

    Wayne Rigsby: Hey, steady.

    Grace Van Pelt: No, no, he's entitled to his opinion. He's wrong, though. She has power. She can communicate with the other side. I've seen her do it myself.

    Patrick Jane: She let you speak with someone that's gone, someone that you love and still miss very much. You wanted her power to be real so it was.

    Wayne Rigsby: You're so sure you're right. Science doesn't know everything.

    Grace Van Pelt: Five hundred years ago, radio would have seemed like magic. Five hundred years in the future, it could be totally normal to communicate with the other side.

    Patrick Jane: The other side?...There is no other side…

  • (Patrick Jane discusses Red John on a television show and returns home that evening, five years ago, and finds a note)

    Red John's Note: Dear mister Jane, I don't like to be slandered in the media, especially by a dirty money-grubbing fraud. If you were a real psychic, instead of a dishonest little worm, you wouldn't need to open the door to see what I've done to your lovely wife and child. (Patrick opens the door to find a red smiling face painted on the wall....)

  • (after a session)

    Dr. Linus Wagner: Everything you told me is total fiction, isn't it?.

    Patrick Jane: Yes

    Dr. Linus Wagner: Why? I can tell you're in real pain. Why not tell the truth?

    Patrick Jane: The truth is mine.

    Dr. Linus Wagner: I hear ya.

  • (after making himself at home at the victim's house)

    Patrick Jane: Hello Mrs. Tolliver?

    Mrs. Tolliver: Who are you?

    Patrick Jane: I'm Patrick Jane. I'm here to help you.

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Notes (417)

  • This episode had 15.60 million viewers when it originally aired.

  • Simon Baker (Patrick Jane) and Tim Guinee (Tag Randolph) previously worked together on the CBS drama The Guardian's episode "The Intersection".

  • Original International Air Dates:
    Australia: October 08, 2008 on Nine
    The Netherlands: January 1, 2009 on SBS6
    Norway: January 7, 2009 on TV3
    Spain: January 8, 2009 on LaSexta
    Hungary: February 2, 2009 on RTL-Klub
    Denmark: February 2, 2009 on TV3
    Belgium: February 4, 2009 on VT4
    Sweden: February 17, 2009 on TV3
    Germany: March 1, 2009 on SAT 1
    United Kingdom: March 26, 2009 on Channel Five
    Thailand: April 9, 2009 on True Series
    Finland: September 3, 2009 on MTV3
    Czech Republic: November 30, 2009 on TV Nova
    Slovakia: January 4, 2010 on Markiza
    Poland: September 6, 2010 on TVN
    India: November 16, 2010 on Zee Cafe

  • CBS ordered the show to series on 12 May 2008.

  • This episode had 14.84 million viewers when it originally aired.

  • Simon Baker (Patrick Jane) and Judith Hoag (Sandra Boatwright) previously worked together on The Guardian's episode "Hazel Park".

  • Original International Air Dates: The Netherlands: January 1, 2009 on SBS6 Spain: January 8, 2009 on LaSexta Norway: January 14, 2009 on TV3 Belgium: February 4, 2009 on VT4 Denmark: February 9, 2009 on TV3 Hungary: February 9, 2009 on RTL-Klub Sweden: February 24, 2009 on TV3 Germany: March 8, 2009 on SAT 1 United Kingdom: April 2, 2009 on Channel Five Australia: April 8, 2009 on Channel 9 Thailand: April 16, 2009 on True Series Finland: September 10, 2009 on MTV3 Czech Republic: December 7, 2009 on TV Nova Slovakia: January 11, 2010 on Markiza Poland: September 13, 2010 on TVN India: November 17, 2010 on Zee Cafe

  • This episode had 14.96 million viewers when it originally aired.

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Trivia (102)

  • In the scene in which Jane and Lisbon first meet the couple who own the restaurant, Jane is seen eating and enjoying his food. The camera pans to a different angle where the audience can see Jane's back but can still see him twirl the food onto his fork. The camera then pans back to Jane who has no food on his fork, but still puts it in his mouth and chews as though he had taken another bite.

  • Before Teresa exits the pit where she is examining Melanie's body, she takes off a glove, but in the next shot she has both gloves on.

  • Hope, Danny, Andy and Win were interrogated alone, without presence of their parents or legal guardians or lawyers. As they are minors police must wait for the arrival of their legal guardians even if the suspects didn't ask for them, or to provide some sort of public legal guardian to bear witness that the interrogation was not under coercion. Otherwise, all the confessions and all the information received during interrogation are inadmissible in the court. And police can not pursuit any leads from such information because it's called "fruits of a poisonous tree" and also inadmissible.

  • When Patrick gathers Christine's four friends at Devon point in order to put his cunning plan in motion the day is bright. Once they've pushed the gate and sit on the beach it's complete dark.

  • Jane realizes that the wife's alibi of being at a performance of "Peter and the Wolf" is false when he asks her whether the duck was represented by a flute or bassoon and she says "bassoon" (the duck's theme is played by an oboe). However in the reveal, when he tells her this, he says that the wolf is a bassoon. Actually, the wolf is played by French horns, and the bassoon represents the grandfather.

  • The mistress Adrianna Jonović is referred to as being Armenian. However, Jonović is a Balkan (Serbian/Croat) surname, while most Armenian surnames end in -ian. Due to major ethnic differences, it's highly unlikely an Armenian would have married into a Balkan family during the Cold War, thus adopting the surname.

  • Featured Music: "Adore Adore" by Yoav (Nicole's flashback) "Für Elise" by Ludwig van Beethoven (Played on a piano at the hospital) "Adore Adore" by Yoav (Played on Nicole's MP3 player)

  • Patrick Jane's car, a Citroen DS 21 is first seen in this episode. Incidentally, it is the same type of car that Rupert Giles drove (Grey 1963 Citroen DS) in Buffy The Vampire Slayer.

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Allusions (47)

  • Patrick Jane: You know what your problem is, my friend? You enjoy your work a little too much. You're a ghoul. If you don't get horny reading Fangoria, I'm Britney Spears! Fangoria is an internationally-distributed US film fan magazine that has been in publication since 1979. It's known for specializing in horror, slasher and splatter films with lots of blood and gore.

  • Johnny Cash While in the Doctor's office Patrick describes a made up story of how his younger brother got killed by an electric saw. This is similar to what really happened to Johnny Cash's younger brother Jack who slipped into a table saw while cutting wood.

  • Jane talks to Jennifer Sands about Peter and the Wolf, which is a musical composition for orchestra written by Russian composer Sergei Prokofiev in 1936. It is a children's story where each character has a distinctive theme played by a different musical instrument.

  • Wayne Rigsby: (about Van Pelt) Suddenly she's Steve McQueen. Steve McQueen (1930-1980) was an American movie actor, known mostly for his "anti-hero" persona. He is recognized for doing his own stunts.

  • Det. Carla Mulvey: Sorry, Gandalf. Gandalf is a major character from J.R.R Tolkien's novels The Hobbit and The Lord of The Rings.

  • When Patrick is keying in numbers to find the way in to the secret room he is singing Farewell and adieu to you, fair Spanish ladies. Farewell and adieu, you ladies of Spain. For we've received orders for to sail back to Boston. And so nevermore shall we see you again." This was made famous as a quote from the 1975 film Jaws. Originally it is a British Capstan Shanty from the late 1700's (Old England instead of Boston) used to keep the rhythm of the Capstan turning.

  • The episode title, The Thin Red Line is the title of two movies from 1964 and 1998. The 1998 movie was an adaptation of James Jones' autobiographical 1962 novel, focusing on the conflict at Guadalcanal during the Second World War. The variant Thin Blue Line has also been used many times, notably by Errol Morris' 1988 documentary about an alleged cop killing.

  • Kimball Cho: (to Wayne Rigsby as Grace Van Pelt is bandaging his burned arm) Hey, it's The Mummy. The Mummy (1932) is a movie starring Boris Karloff, directed by Karl Freud and produced by Universal Pictures. The plot centers on archaeologists/treasure hunters who accidentally revive a mummy, ancient High Priest Imhotep, who in turn searches for his ancient princess Anck-Su-Namun. Universal Pictures did a loose re-make of The Mummy in 1999 with Brendan Frasier and Rachel Weisz and followed up with the sequels The Mummy Returns (2001) and The Mummy: Tomb of the Dragon Emperor (2008).

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