NBC Cancels The Michael J. Fox Show So It Can Air Party Games Instead

By Tim Surette

Feb 06, 2014

You know what's embarrassing? Having your show replaced by a bunch of celebrities playing games. That's what happened to The Michael J. Fox Show and Sean Saves the World today, as Vulture reports that NBC will be pulling both comedies from the schedule to make room for new episodes of Hollywood Game Night once the Winter Olympics has dimmed its torch in late February. 

We already knew that Sean Saves the World was a goner because NBC halted production of that series last week, but The Michael J. Fox Show was still very much alive and kicking, even if its ratings report and my early cancellation predictions said otherwise. NBC committed to a full 22 episodes of The Michael J. Fox Show when it first ordered the series, and 15 of those have aired so far. Whether or not the remaining seven will ever find a place on the schedule will be a surprise we can all look forward to!

Both comedies have been a disaster for NBC, which retooled its once-powerful Thursday-night lineup to showcase the once-powerful Michael J. Fox and Sean Hayes. Hollywood Game Night—which is produced by Sean Hayes so at least he's got that going for him—is a reality show where celebrities play games with each other in a mock living room. 

Okay, now who's going to cast Betsy Brandt?

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  • pedroman01 Feb 16, 2014

    According to Wiki (and we all know how reliable that is) the show is not cancelled but rather being held off until April. Tim Surette, do you know if this is true or not? And does that mean its not cancelled at all? or just means they are finishing the 22 and then ending it? If you see this post, please reply. Thanks!

  • misslarousse Feb 07, 2014

    This is good for Community, right? #sixseasonsandamovie

  • Loooooooooooost Feb 07, 2014

    This was the new comedy show I was looking forward to this season. And I didn't watch any of it at all. Sorry, MJF :c

  • prowly Feb 06, 2014

    Sorry, MJF... I was totally happy to have you back, but it was your kids, Marty! Something had to be done about your kids. I just couldn't really stand any of them, so I tuned out after the second or third episode. Please do try again, MJF. I'll keep giving you chances as long there are new projects you decide to star in.

  • jasonssteele Feb 06, 2014

    This sucks. I liked the show. Get Betsy on American Horror Story STAT

  • MarlboroMagpi Feb 06, 2014

    Hollywood games night is a fun show to watch. Jane Lynch is a good host and if you dig certain celebrities, it is great to watch them play games. The games are quite well done I must add. I been watching since episode 1 and always play along while watching.

    I stopped watching MJ Fox show since episode 4 and I loved MJ Fox. I am okay though. I hope he goes back to The Good Wife and perhaps they can even make him a regular cast.

    Never watch sean save what world...

  • LizR Feb 06, 2014

    Nooo! I was so happy to have Michael J. Fox back! =(

  • Writerpatrick Feb 06, 2014

    Chances are there's a few episodes of Fox's show that have been filmed but have yet to air. It's possible the network will use the remaining episodes for summer filler. If they started airing them late July, seven episodes would work out just right.

    I don't feel bad for Fox. The show effectively did what it set out to do and made producers aware that he was and is able to work, so I expect he'll show up in supporting roles on another sitcom.

  • Caviezelized Feb 06, 2014

    Dang, would hate to be MJF right now. Such an intelligent actor, such a dumb show.

  • glenguti Feb 06, 2014

    NCIS: New Orleans, get on Betsy Brandt, like red beans on rice!

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