The Mighty B!

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  • Ben: Every superhero needs a sidekick! Bessie: (sighs) I'm not the Mighty B yet, Ben, I still have 4,584 badges to go!

  • Bessie: (looking at a blimp wearily) I'm so tall, I could touch that balloon if I really wanted to!

  • (Bessie goes up to the audience, bumps her head on the microphone, then lowers it to herself) Bessie: H- Hi. My name is Bessie Higgenbottom. And Happy sends his sincere regrets....but we have mutually decided to part caring friends. (audience gasps, then Bessie hears barking) Bessie: Happy? (Bessie tries to find Happy in the audience, then finds out it's just a bulldog barking at a smaller dog) Bessie: And...he...(her eyes tearing) no dog. (runs off-stage)

  • Roller Coaster Man: Sorry, dude! This just is much more stressful than it looks with all the ticket taking and lever pulling...

  • Bessie: Happy! Come back! (Happy barks) First of all, we don't use words like that. Second of all, how was I supposed to know you hated dog shows? (Happy barks) Happy! Such language!

  • Bessie: Here it is, Happy. The moment we've been training for. Now we're probably gonna do a lot of screaming, so let's do some vocal warm-ups. AAAAAGGGGHHHHH! Happy: AAAAAAAHHHH! Bessie: Whoooooooaaaa! Go! Go! Go! Go! Go! Happy: Ruff! Ruff! Ruff! Ruff! Ruff! Bessie: WHOOOOOOOAAA! Happy: AAAAHHHOOOOO! Bessie: WHOOOOOOOAAAA! Happy: AAAAAHHOOOO! Bessie: ...Meow. (Happy growls)

  • Bessie: (hanging on jungle gym with Ben and Happy pulling her) Come on! Put your back into it! (the jungle gym falls on them) Ow.......

  • Ben: (about Portia) Look everybody! She kissed a rat! Rocky: Rat kisser!!

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Notes (62)

  • Turbo Nick Premiere: November 29. 2008.

  • An advertisement for the show, was shown on the May 2008 edition of Nickelodeon Magazine.

  • The episode aired on April 26, 2008 as a part of a special event called "A Mighty Weekend", to start off the series.

  • The episode aired on April 26, 2008 as a part of a special event called "A Mighty Weekend", to start off the series.

  • A sneak peek of the show premiered on Sunday, November 25 along with Making Fiends and Penguins as part of Nickelodeon's Super Stuffed Weekend.

  • After this episode, Happy Higgenbottom is a regular character.

  • This is the first Nicktoon in 2008. This is the 31st original Nicktoon since 1991.

  • Nickelodeon Magazine showed advertisements throughout the May 2008 issue of The Mighty B!.

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Trivia (100)

  • Penny's last name is Lefcowitz.

  • Portia was the first person in the series to call Bessie the Mighty Bee.

  • The ride guy let a lot of other Honeybees onto the roller coaster who weren't tall enough, but not Bessie.

  • When Penny stands up to the sign to be measured for the Punisher, she was not tall enough to ride. However, when the camera zooms in, she is tall enough.

  • The roller coaster man was eating fries from a container, but the amount of fries did not decrease until a few scenes later.

  • Happy and Bessie go in the last car for the Punisher, but when they are coming down from space, there were cars behind them.

  • Nickelodeon released a game (as part of Nickelodeon's New Game of the Week) which promoted the episode. The game is still available on

  • We learn that Bessie's Honeybee troop is number 828.

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Allusions (63)

  • Title: A take on the theme song from Rocky 2, "The Eye of the Tiger."

  • The name of the coaster,The Punisher,has the same name of the comic character and movie.

  • The Sweet Sixteenth: Title "The Sweet Sixteenth" is a take on the common name for a girl's sixteenth birthday, "Sweet Sixteen."

  • So Happy Together: Title "So Happy Together" is a reference to Happy (Bessie's dog)'s name.

  • Title:Bee Afraid The title of this episode is a reference to a tagline to the movie The Fly.

  • Title: Bee My Baby "Bee My Baby" is a take on the 1950s' song, "Be My Baby."

  • Title:Artificial Unintelligence The title of this episode is a parody of the movie A.I Artifical Intelligence.

  • Velour Undeground: Rocky gives Bessie a CD of The Velour Underground to listen to-the album cover shows a banana peel. This is a takeoff of the 60's rock group The Velvet Underground, whose debut album featured a banana on the cover.

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