The Millionaire

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Quotes (2)

  • Dr. Wells to Iris: "I'm a doctor Iris, not a politician."

  • Michael: You sent for me, sir?
    John: Mike, how many sunsets would you say there had been since the beginning of time?
    Michael: Ummm, quite a few, sir.
    John: That's the thing I admire about nature. No two sunsets alike. No two people. Each sunset says farewell to the day in a different manner. Let's see how this person says hello to a million dollars.

Notes (48)

  • Removed from syndication.

  • Tv Guide lists the title as Charles Lomar.

  • Removed from syndication.

  • Removed from syndication.

  • Copyright title The Tod Burke Story.

  • Episode was postponed from October 26, 1955.

  • This episode was also known as The Story of Charles Hartford Simpson.

  • Robert Clark who plays Tommy Foley is sometimes credited as Bobby Clark.

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Trivia (1)

  • In this first episode, Michael Anthony first learns about JBT's new hobby of creating millionaires. Perhaps surprisingly, Michael's job at the beginning of the series is not to deliver the money, but merely to keep track of the results of the gift in the recipient's life.