The Moment of Truth

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Quotes (5)

  • (Ty answers "yes" to "Do you think you have delayed having children with Catia because you are unsure if Catia will be your lifelong partner?") Friend April (to Wife Catia): Is it worth $100,000 to find out?

  • Mark Walberg: Have you ever had sexual relations with someone the very same day you met them? Ty Keck: Yes. Voiceover: That answer is True. (Audience applauds) Friend April: I think we're supposed to clap. Wife Catia: Not clapping... not clapping....

  • (after Ty answers "yes" to "Do you think you are the best looking out of all your friends?") Mark Walberg: Do you really think you are better looking than [friend] Marquez? Ty Keck: Well, he does have a better smile....

  • Mark Walberg: What was your GPA when you graduated [from the University of Cincinnati]? Ty Keck: Well, since I'm not under the lie detector test, 4.0.

  • George Ortuzar (after having it confirmed that he never gambled away one of his children's college funds): You know, one of the best things for me to get on this show was that question. I mean that question's been haunting my son for the past five years, because he knows I'm a gambler. You know, you know where there's times he's asked his mother for money. And she's like "Dad gambled away an account that was left for you." And I'm so happy to clear that up. I love you.

Notes (11)

  • Tinker "Ty" Keck, the first-ever contestant, is a former professional football player. He played Defensive Back for the Los Angeles Xtreme of the now defunct XFL. Later, he was signed by the NFL New York Giants, though he was cut before ever appearing in a game.

  • Jacquelynne Fontaine, Miss California 2006, appears in this episode to ask contestant Christie Youssef one of her polygraph questions.

  • Contestant Christie Youssef twice criticized her father's effect on her family. It is curious that she hopes to follow in her father's footsteps by pursuing a medical career.

  • Lauren's ex-boyfriend Frank (ironically, he shares the same name as her husband) is brought out to ask one of the questions.

  • Baseball Hall of Fame member David Winfield is brought out to administer question #8. "While having sex with your husband Darren, have you ever fantasized about a member of the New York Yankees?"

  • Mike's father Chuck made an appearance on this episode to administer one of the questions. He asked Mike his eleventh question. "Mike, despite the life you've led, do you think that I still love you?"

  • Lisette's ex-boyfriend David is a special guest. He administers question #13, "Have you ever regretted breaking up with me?"

  • This episode was part 1 of a 2-hour special.

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Trivia (12)

  • Question #18 for Lauren Cleri would have been, "Do you think you are your parents' favorite child?"

  • Question #17 for Ellen Valinotti would have been, "Would you sleep with a former boyfriend if you knew you would never get caught?"

  • Question #18 for Ellen Valinotti would have been, "Do you love your mother more than your father?"

  • Question #17 for Michael Greenland would have been, "Have you ever fantasized about your wife having sex with any of your friends' wives?"

  • Question #16 for Michael Greenland would have been, "In the last five years, have you wet your bed?"

  • Question #17 to Lisette Gonzalez would have been, "Have you ever had a sexual fantasy involving your friend Daiana?"

  • Question #18 to Lisette Gonzalez would have been, "Would you eventually leave your boyfriend Derek if he lost all his money?"

  • Question #16 to Paul Schon would have been, "Have you ever had sexual relations with a mother and her daughter?"

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Allusions (1)

  • Mark Walberg alluded to the CBS show Everybody Loves Raymond when he told contestand Ray Hernandez, "Everybody Loves Ray."