The Mountain

The WB (ended 2005)
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  • S 1 : Ep 13

    Great Expectations

    Aired 1/2/05

  • S 1 : Ep 12

    Blood Money

    Aired 12/26/04

  • S 1 : Ep 11

    Sacred Things

    Aired 12/12/04

  • S 1 : Ep 10

    The One You're With

    Aired 12/5/04

  • S 1 : Ep 9

    Pop Psychology

    Aired 11/28/04

  • Cast & Crew
  • Barbara Hershey

    Gennie Carver

  • Mitch Pileggi

    Colin Dowling

  • Anson Mount

    Will Carver

  • Elizabeth Bogush

    Maxine Dowling

  • Oliver Hudson

    David Carver, Jr.

  • show Description
  • Boundary Mountain is an escapist playground for wealthy tourists and extreme sports enthusiasts, but to the Carver family, it's home. The Mountain chronicles the larger-than-life saga of the Carvers, whose colorful patriarch, David Carver, Sr. (guest star Chad Everett) founded the town and its internationally famous ski resort after winning the land in a poker game. When this legendary man unexpectedly dies, his choice of an heir sends shockwaves throughout the community. Free-spirited David Carver, Jr. (Oliver Hudson, Dawson's Creek) left home years ago to pursue his dream of becoming a world-class motocross racer, while his older brother Will (Anson Mount, Line of Fire) diligently attended business school with every expectation of taking over the family empire. No one, least of all the brothers themselves, expected David to inherit the Mountain. Now, David finds himself saddled with a responsibility he never wanted and a brother who rightly feels betrayed. David just wants to run, until he realizes his grandfather may have had bigger things in mind. David begins to reconnect with his mother Gennie (Barbara Hershey, Beaches), a former ski champion who has a passion for organizing charity events, and teenage sister Shelly (newcomer Tara C. Thompson), a competitive snowboarder. He will uncover long-buried secrets about his co-workers and his town while trying to cover up his own past. He finds that Boundary is no longer what it used to be when he was a teenager. Maria Serrano (Alana De La Garza, All My Children), the love he left behind, has moved on and found comfort in David's older brother Will. Travis Kurri (Johann Urb, Zoolander) grew up as David Sr's faithful protege but his loyalties no longer lie with the Carvers but with ruthless business tycoon Colin Dowling (Mitch Pileggi, The X-Files), a man who wants to take over the mountain and expand his empire there. The changes (and complications) keep coming with the arrivals of Colin's daughter Max (Elizabeth Bogush, Titans) and son Michael (Tommy Dewey, What I Like About You), two young adults who find that they're more interested in the spirited Carver kids, David and Shelly, than they are in their father's business ventures. Michael immediately clashes with town local Sam Tunney (Penn Badgley, Do Over), Shelly's friend and snowboarding buddy, whose growing feelings for his childhood friend and teammate are being trampled on by the young Dowling's own attraction to Shelly. From Warner Bros. Television Production Inc. in association with Wonderland Sound and Vision. Executive producers are McG, Stephanie Savage (producers of The O.C.) and Shaun Cassidy (American Gothic). David Barrett (Fastlane) directed.moreless

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  • Quotes (41)

    • Maxine: (to David) Can't count. Can't dance. What are you good at?

    • David Carver Jr.: When my grandfather died, everyone back home wanted to know what would happen to the mountain. For me and my family, all we could think about was what would happen to us.

    • Travis: You'll never make it without me!

    • David: Travis. You're fired!

    • David: My life has been spent running away from this place. Trying not to be something instead of just accepting what I am.

    • Will: You get the sand, I'll wear a bikini.

    • Michael: If it makes you happy, the next time I see her I'll give her a spanking.

    • David: No one's ever bought me a tie before. Max: Well, glad I could be first at something.

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    Notes (31)

    • International air date - Greece, Saturday 15th March 2008 at 16.45 on Star

    • Computer users were able to stream the pilot episode of The Mountain by accessing Tribune Broadcasting Inc.'s WB affiliates' web sites between September 13 and September 20 ahead of show's debut on The WB on Wednesday, September 22 at 9:00 pm ET.

    • In early versions of the script, the family's last name is McBride, Will was called "Charlie," Gennie was spelt "Ginny," Travis' last name was "Thorson" instead of Kurri, Michael was called "Stephen," Shelly made out with a "Nelson" and not Nick, Shelly quits the team instead of competing, we learn that Gennie has an olympic medal, Boundary Industries is "Monument Enterprises," Travis has a wife named Julia, Will goes against David instead of becoming partners.

    • The WB originally planned The Mountain for Thursdays at 8pm until FOX moved its hit show The OC to that exact same night and time. This didn't sit well with the producers since they were responsible for both shows and didn't like having them in direct competition with each other.

    • Featured Music: "I Miss You" by Blink 182, "The Theme from Fannypack" by Fannypack, "Firecracker" by Ryan Adams, "Bust a Move" by Young MC, "Tiny Vessels" by Death Cab for Cutie and "C'Mon, C'Mon" by The Von Bondies. *In the original pilot presentation the song that played while the family was dancing was "Rock Your Body" by Justin Timberlake. This was also the song that David sang in the shower. The song was replaced by Young MC's "Bust a Move" in both scenes.

    • International air date - Greece, Saturday 22nd March 2008 at 16.45 on Star

    • Theme Song: "I Miss You" by Blink 182. Originally the music supervisor had wanted to use Blink 182's "Down" as the theme song but instead decided to use "I Miss You" which was the first song used in the pilot episode.

    • International air date - Greece, Saturday 29th March 2008 at 16.45 on Star

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    Trivia (11)

    • David and his grandfather were both named after executive producer David Barrett and his real grandfather Dave McCoy, owner of Mammoth Mountain, while Barrett's mother, Penny, served as inspiration for the similarly named Gennie. David Carver's love of motocross comes from Barrett, who is a Hollywood stunt coordinator and a former motocross athlete.

    • The Carver's resort is called Boundary Mountain Resort while their company is called Boundary Industries.

    • David's motocross number is 72.

    • "Avalanche claims life of David Carver" is the headline of the Monday edition of the Standard-Examiner, the newspaper featured in the pilot.

    • The local hockey team is the Boundary Bears.

    • One of the local newspapers is called 'The Boundary Gazette.'

    • The Dowlings' new hotel is the St. George.

    • Quote on the Advertising Flyer - "In memory of David Carver... Boundary Days 2004 brought to you by Colin Dowling."

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    Allusions (1)

    • Max: And Maria should have gone crazy Miss Havisham style. Mrs. Havisham was a character in Charles Dickens' novel Great Expectations. She was crazy in non-imaginable ways.

  • Fan Reviews (13)
  • No wonder it got cancelled.

    By Bardoz, Sep 01, 2006

  • i loved this show. what happened?

    By brandi4731, Aug 20, 2006

  • Will love it and never forget it.

    By Ninna_bayb123, Aug 10, 2006

  • I loved that show!

    By masterswordman, May 15, 2006

  • Is it worth a second season? Or was one enough? My love and criticism for the show mixed together makes me unsure of what side I'm on.

    By a_ness-20637552844264616747094755260709, Dec 06, 2005

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