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    When I first saw The Mummy: The Animated Series I said wow! I couldn't understand this. I saw the movies and they were good, but this is really good to it's a spin-off from the films I wish they would bring it back for more.

    By swtt, Jul 07, 2010

    I thought this was quite good when I first saw this. Its continuing the story line of the little boy ,Alex from the movie, I think. which I thought was really neat. The show kept me entertained enough to keep watching it. I thought the fighting scenes were pretty good to, they fought quite a bit which was cool.. It was fun to see what was happing in animated form, it really seemed to work this way. The characters seemed to act just like the one's from the movie which was a great thing. The story lines were well written. I wish we can see more.moreless

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    Not perfect, but it was good to watch it at the time that we have nothing to do. . .

    By Collecionador, Aug 27, 2005

    I liked this show, not one of my favorites, but when season two began, i gave up, the 1st season was good, nice storyline, good episodes, but when the next seaon came, the historyline lost their main idea, and the show started to fall. . .

    Resuming, the show was good, but didnt had the potential to keep itself.

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