The Munsters

CBS (ended 1966)
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  • S 2 : Ep 32

    A Visit From the Teacher

    Aired 5/12/66

  • S 2 : Ep 31

    Herman's Lawsuit

    Aired 4/21/66

  • S 2 : Ep 30

    Herman's Sorority Caper

    Aired 4/14/66

  • S 2 : Ep 29

    A House Divided

    Aired 4/7/66

  • S 2 : Ep 28

    Herman, the Tire-Kicker

    Aired 3/31/66

  • Cast & Crew
  • Yvonne De Carlo

    Lily Munster

  • Al Lewis


  • Fred Gwynne

    Herman Munster

  • Butch Patrick

    Edward "Eddie" Wolfgang Munster

  • Pat Priest

    Marilyn Munster (12/24/1964 - 05/12/1966)

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  • show Description
  • The Munsters was one of the two "creepy" sitcoms that began in 1964. CBS aired The Munsters and ABC aired The Addams Family. Both of them lasted only two years and finished their network run within a week of each other.The Munsters live at 1313 Mockingbird Lane.Show CharactersHerman Munster: The irascible head of the family. One of Frankenstein's monsters, he works at a funeral parlor, and has the same intelligence as some of the "stiffs" he works with. Lily Munster: Also known as the family homemaker. She has long flowing black hair with a white streak, and manages to keep up her appearance, despite cleaning and cooking.Eddie Munster: A typical American boy who howls at the moon and goes to sleep with his Woof-Woof.Marilyn Munster: The plain one of the bunch, is actually an all American beautiful blonde, who also goes to college. Grandpa Munster: The original Count Dracula, who was born and raised in Transylvania and doubles as a mad scientist. First Telecast: September 24, 1964 Last Telecast: September 1, 1966Episodes: 70 B&W Episodesmoreless

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  • Quotes (47)

    • Marilyn: Oh, Uncle Herman, what's the matter with me, anyway?

    • Herman: Marilyn. Phoebe: I hope you're not going to start that again Herman. Herman: Well, she's your niece you know. She's your sister's kid. Nobody on my side of the family ever looked like that!

    • Lily: Herman? No matter what these Dalys are like tonight, I want you to remember to be gracious and polite.
      Herman: Don't worry, dear. In spite of this silly costume, I'll be my own charming, natural self. I'm every inch a gentleman. In fact, several gentlemen.
      Lily: (both laugh and then hug) Ooh. Ooh! You feel so nice and cold.

    • Lily (dressed up as Little Bo Peep): How do I look? Herman: Positively awful. Lily: Thank you.

    • Eddie: Boy, look at the neat lightning. I sure hope it hits our house.

    • Grandpa: If I don’t get to go, I’ll sit here and hold my breath ‘til the color comes back in my cheeks.

    • Grandpa (looking at the invitation to the masquerade party): They didn’t invite me? Why, I’ve never been so insulted since the day I died.

    • Lily: This party’ll give us a chance to look over the boy’s parents. We wouldn’t want Marilyn marrying into the wrong sort of family. I’ve never heard of these Dalys, and after all, we Munsters are a very old family. Herman: You’re right, dear. It’s not as if someone just dug us up yesterday.

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    Notes (36)

    • A re-edited version of this pilot is what is shown on television for the second episode "My Fair Munster," in which the traditional theme song sequence is shown and any scene with Eddie was re-shot to present his widow's peak makeup he didn't have in this pilot. It was pointless since in those scenes the makeup on the rest of the cast doesn't match the makeup in the original footage when they switch back to those. Videotapes of this original pilot are available that have all the original footage, including an alternate version of the theme song and the sequence of the cast in front of the staircase. It is also available on the "America's First Family of Fright" Munsters DVD (which has the opening sequence separate from the pilot with Portuguese subtitles).

    • Phoebe was too similar to Morticia Addams of the rival show The Addams Family, so she was changed to Lily.

    • The theme song on the pilot episode is by Frank DeVol, originally from an old Doris Day movie.

    • The show went to black and white because color film was too costly. Most shows at the time were in black and white.

    • This episode was filmed in color and has a length of about 15 minutes. Universal also reedited it into a slightly different black-and-white version since color in the long run would be too expensive.

    • Unique makeup for Grandpa was abandoned for the subsequent episodes. The kinky hair, long nose and sunken cheeks made him rather scary-looking. Even Herman's makeup was creepy, but he retained it for a few of the early episodes. Lily soon lost the gray streak.

    • This is the episode where the Munsters get their family car. It is Herman's birthday and Lily goes to buy him a car. When she gets to the used car lot she sees two cars she likes, a hearse and a hot rod. She has the two cars taken to a body shop and combined into one car.

    • In a rare bit of episode continuity, next door neighbor Mrs. Cartwright from "My Fair Munster" is mentioned.

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    Trivia (44)

    • Beverley Owen's name is misspelled in the opening credits. It says, "Beverly Owen." They omitted the e.

    • Marilyn tells her boyfriend, Tom, that she's lived with the Munsters since she was a baby. Besides Herman saying that Marilyn is Lily's sister's kid in the next episode, we're not really told anything else about Marilyn's past during the series.

    • Eddie has a shiny forehead in this episode. All the makeup was a little different from how it would later be.

    • Is Herman wearing a toupee? As his knight's helmet is removed it catches his hair, revealing that he's bald.

    • Blooper: When Eddie (Butch Patrick) races home while being chased by the girls, he doesn't have his trademark Eddie hair.

    • The film has been reversed in one shot of Herman in Grandpa's laboratory; it obviously was done to make him face the correct direction as he speaks. The problem is that Herman's forehead scar briefly appear on the wrong side of his head.

    • No explanation is given for Herman's unusually furry hands and then their sudden hairless appearance in later scenes.

    • This episode takes place at Thanksgiving, even though it aired two days before Halloween.

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    Allusions (19)

    • Title: My Fair Munster The title is a reference to "My Fair Lady," the play (which inspired the movie) based upon Irish dramatist George Bernard Shaw's original play "Pygmalion." In the play, a phonetician bets that he will be able in just a month to make Eliza, a poor uneducated girl, pass as a lady.

    • Title: My Fair Munster The title comes from the famous musical My Fair Lady, which was based on George Bernard Shaw's Pygmalion.

    • Opening Credits The opening credits sequence is a parody of The Donna Reed Show, which always began with Donna passing out sandwiches for lunch to her family members as they leave.

    • The Midnight Ride of...
      The title is parodying the famous Henry Wadsworth Longfellow poem, "Paul Revere's Ride."

    • The title, of course, is a parody of "Sleeping Beauty". The background music is an instrumental version of "Someday My Prince Will Come" from Disney's Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs.

    • In the beginning, Herman is reading Edgar Allan Poe's "The Murders in the Rue Morgue". The raven in the clock also says, "Never more," obviously in reference to Poe's most famous poem, "The Raven".

    • Title: Bats of a Feather The episode title is a play on the popular phrase, "Birds of a Feather."

    • When protecting their home, the Munsters pretend they're in the French Revolution. Lily wears a sash that says, "KING LOUIS XIV, GO HOME". It would have been more appropriate for it to say XVI, since he was more involved with the Revolution.

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