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    Doomed to Two Seasons

    By howiesheinfeld, Yesterday

    "The Munsters" and "The Addams Family" debuted in 1964 a few days apart. Both featured families of monsters but their themes were entirely different and they attracted different audiences. Muster fans boycotted Adams and vice versa, ruining the ratings of both shows and dooming them to only 2 seasons. What The Musters had going for it was the amazing chemistry between Fred Gwynne (Herman) and Al Lewis (Grandpa); unfortunately, it also had the Marilyn character which the writers could not smoothly fit into the plot lines. Beverley Owen was well aware of this and left after 13 episodes. The producers made a grave mistake by recasting the character instead of writing her out. In the original concept, Marilyn was supposed to have been an older teenager, not a twentysomething. Would the show have been more successful with, say, Patty McCormack (19) as Marilyn instead of Owen (27) or Pat Priest (28)? Perhaps, but we'll never know.moreless

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    Another Dark, Gothic Show from the great 60s!

    By anastasia1243, Feb 08, 2014

    1st ep (09)

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    What kid in the '60s couldn't like the Munsters???

    By rkoenn, Sep 23, 2013

    I very fondly remember the Munsters on TV when I was about 12 years old back in the mid-60s. It was near the end of the time when Universal had released their classic monster movies from decades earlier in the Shock Theater format and used the classic Frankenstein, Dracula, vampress, and wolfman to create this comedy, how appropriate. The cast was perfect for the part and although slap stick comedy basically using this theme worked nicely. Most boys my age were enamored of the classic Universal monsters and this show fit perfectly with that interest. Along with the Addams Family they made weekly TV viewing a joy.moreless

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    Love! Love! Love this show!

    By elliott811, Jan 14, 2011

    Every moment of this show was and is Wonderful! Sincerely one of the Very Best comedy shows ever created. Laugh out loud comedy every moment. The Munsters is what I call comedy in the grandest style. The Munster Family lives on in love and memories. A sincerely timeless comedy for all generations. Effortless funny, clean entertainment! In these difficult times this show serves as a reminder of funny, easy comedy for all. Thank Goodness for The Munster Family and Every Moment of the series.

    This is Prime Time Comedy at it's Finest! Best! Most Wonderful! Loved Deeply and Sincerely.....Again Many Thanks!moreless

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    Another strange comedy from the past.

    By LostShield, Nov 10, 2010

    Another strange comedy from the past. It was a show very similar to "The Adams Family". This was another comedy that I literally grew up watching. I spent much of my time trying to tell the difference between the two shows. I couldn't tell who was dead, undead or just really strange. They both started and ended about the same time. Herman Munster was the head of the family. He looked like Frankenstein and worked at a funeral parlor. I can't believe they got away with it. I would have thought the owner of the Frankenstein rights would have sued them. His wife Lily Munster was a homemaker, or stay-at-home-mom by today‚Äôs standards. Their son was a werewolf named Eddie. Grandpa Munster was like Count Dracula and was also a mad scientist. Again, I'm not sure how there was not a lawsuit. Marilyn Munster was their niece and just a regular all-American beautiful blonde girl who went to college. A fun show to watch but I don't think anything like this could work on TV today.


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    Fantastic show that everyone remembers fondly.

    By bunnyboilerboy, Nov 10, 2010

    The Munsters is one of those shows that sets the way for numerous parody's and revivals. A great cast, great adventures every week and an allround wholesome family despite their origins from Transylvania.

    Fans of this show check out the 1988 revival series "The Munsters Today" - video clips, a tour of the Munster mansion and overall show history from

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    I've said it before and no doubt I'll say it again ..... the old shows are STILL the best.

    By D-LinkUK, Nov 10, 2010

    What a great show this was. Everything about The Munsters was superb... the writing, direction, sets, and most of all, the performances, particularly those of Fred Gwynne ( Herman ) and Al Lewis ( Granpa). I was'nt fourtunate enough to watch this show when it was first aired ( not born ) but i caught reruns in the late 70's early 80's, i still laugh now watching the DVD's. Amongst the best episodes was the one in which Herman is picked up by a Russian trawler after wandering into the ocean while at the beach, or the one in which Herman buys a ghost town through a magazine ad. The Munsters has gotten very little respect over the years. It's usually dismissed as a "silly" show, inferior to the Addams family (which it is often compared to) In fact the Munsters was a much better show than The Addams family.

    The Addams family plots almost entirely took place within the house and were rather contrived unlike The Munsters which used location filming. Also The Addams family had no characters that could match the great chemistry shared by Fred Gwynne and Al Lewis.

    If you were unable to watch this show on TV the grab the DVD's, both seasons are now available plus two feature length movies The Munsters Revenge & The Munsters Go Home, in 2007 they are releasing an updated version of the Munsters but it wont be the same with out Fred Gwyne and Al Lewis.moreless

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    One awesome Comedy Classic!!!

    By SuperItalian89, Nov 10, 2010

    I love this show. It is a classic and extremely funny. I must say I don't like many comedy's. However this is one of them. Yes without a doubt this show carries on a great legacy. Why it still is one air after over what, like 40 years. Well let me tell ya that's a pretty long time. I hope that this show does stay on the air. They should bring back some of those corney commercials of the show too. Yep I do think that back in the day they did have some neat things. Perhaps better than alot of what we have today, after all where do you think Hollywood gets their material these days; it's all about the past baby!!!moreless

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    Original and funny

    By frosty_ice, Nov 10, 2010

    Okay, I admit that I am a very big fan of the Addams Family and all of its members and relatives, but that does not mean that I can not love these friendly monsters... With a family like this, you will never want to leave them. When I saw this series for the first time I thought that it was probably a copy of the Addams, but as I watched the episodes, I realized that the Munsters were very different from the Addams, and yet, so similar. While the Addams have crazy and bizarre habbits, which they think are perfectly natural, the Munsters try to behave according to society standards, even though it is a bit difficult for them sometimes. Both families have pets (the Addams have Thing, and the Munsters have Spot the Dinosaur and Igor the Transylvanian Bat), and I must say that some of the scenes with imply them are just terrific.

    We know that as soon as we see Herman or Grandpa trying to come up with something, they are asking for trouble... it is a good thing that Lily, Marilyn and Eddie are around to help them out. Awesome show and I reccomend it to all those who love family sitcoms.moreless

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