Zero Mostel

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Quotes (3)

  • Sam: Uh, excuse me, Kermit. May I speak with you? Kermit: Uh, sure Sam. Whatcha want? Sam: I think you know why I am here? Kermit: Uh, well, actually Sam, to tell you the truth, I never know why you're here. Sam: I feel my job is to make sure this program is morally upright and cultural and wholesome. Beautiful Day Monster: That's work cut out for ya, bird. Sam: Now that was unwholesome. That was not cultural. Kermit: Uh-- uh-- fine. Fine. Uh, what can I do for you, Sam? Sam: I want to know who is going to be on tonight's show. Kermit: Oh. Well, let's see. tonight's show is very classy, very highbrow. You'll like this show. Sam: Ah good. Yes, tell me more. Kermit: Uh, lets see ,uh , we got Fozzie is doing a pantomime with Zero Mostel. Sam: Mm hmm. Mm hmm. Mm hmm. Kermit: Got a musical number. Sam: Musical Number. Good. Good. Kermit: With Zoot and Rowlf. And of course we got...we got the lady lady wrestlers. Sam: What? Kermit: Uh-- Oh nothing, Sam. it's just we got some lady uh, lady uhhh, lady wrestlers. Stand by for the pantomime number! Sam: Lady what? Kermit: Oh...lady wrestlers. Sam: Wrest what? Kermit: Lers. Sam: LADY WRESTLERS!? LADY WRESTLERS!?!?!?!?? HAVE WE NO SHAME!? Kermit, something- something must be done here. Kermit: Yeah but-- Sam: Someone must work for integrity and decency. Someone must do this. And I shall continue to speak out. Knowing someday, I will get my just desserts! Kermit: Uh, Sam. You will someday get your just desserts. (Beautiful Day Monster slams a cream pie on Sam's beak) Kermit: What was that? Beautiful Day Monster: Just Dessert. Sam: The road is long...the path is steep...

  • Scooter: Zero Mostel, twenty five seconds, stand by. Mr. Mostel? Hey Fozzie, where’s Mr. Mostel? Fozzie: Oh, he’s in his dressing room eating. Zero Mostel: I’m not in my dressing room eating! I’m in my dressing room being eaten!

  • Waldorf: You know, I’m really going to enjoy tonight. Statler: You plan to like this show!? Waldorf: No, I plan to watch television.

Notes (3)

  • Jerry Nelson now provides the voice of Crazy Harry.

  • Doesn't the woman in the wrestling ring with Kermit look and sound a lot like Hilda?

  • This marked Zero Mostel's last television appearance. Taping was completed three months before his death and aired three months after.