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  • 8.0

    In a world that is rapidly becoming more paranoid about identity theft and the government curtailing individual rights, The Net was the first show to take these problems to the extreme. The result was a fairly entertaining show.

    By gabfan31, Nov 23, 2006

    The show, based on the Sandra Bullock movie of the same name, was part of USA network's bid to build a winning line-up of action cable tv. Brooke Langton was an engaging Angela Bennett, though the role was a bit of a stretch in some aspects. Her struggles to reclaim her identity and free herself from the persecution of the evil Praetorians made for some thrilling action when the show wass at its best. The obsession of Praetorian agent Trelawny with Angela brought a creepy fascination, and the show was never better than when he was just a half step behind her. The decsion to take the struggling show in another direction halfway through the first season assured that it would remain its only season.moreless

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  • 10

    After receiving an unsolicited email from the Sorcerer, Angela finds herself being wanted for murder by the FBI, and hunted by a ruthless group of cyber terrorists called the Praetorians.

    By EmJtarget, Sep 05, 2006

    This series is definatley one of my personal favourites, i started watching this on scifi a few years ago, i started watching it cos Eric Szmanda was in it but i got well into it! The stories are well defined, with no confusing crossovers and plenty of action. There's eye candy for both men (Brooke Langton) and women - eric szmanda, joseph bottoms and the talented mackenzie gray! If you love your shows full of action, adventure, with twists and turns at every corner this show is for you! its not full of computer jargon but easy to follow and impossible to stop watching! its also available on dvd now, but if you decide to get it, don't watch the episode Y2K on the first disk until later, it will spoil the surprise if you do. Not sure why they put that episode there but it tells you things you don't find out till much later and ruins the fun!! Rating 10 out of 10, Two thumbs up!!moreless

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  • 9.0

    Gone way to fast, but fun

    By moviemancritter, Aug 10, 2005

    I originally watched this every weekend while waiting for the new season of "Buffy the VAmpire Slayer" to start. I really grew into the show. But half way durring its airings, I changed Cable and stoped getting USA. I wish this would be released on DVD, so she what happend to Angela.

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  • 8.5

    Angela Bennett a computer expert opens an unexpected email she is then thrown in to a world of terrorism, drugs and money. The terrorists are called the praetorians, and they have stolen her identify she needs for stop them to get the life back.

    By TV-Syle, Jul 26, 2005

    Who would of thought that this show would be cancelled, why is the question it’s fair to say that the original plans for this show is Angela Bennett on the run from computer terrorists the praetorians but also trying to get her identity back. If you watched this everyone would want her finally catch them in the end rather than it get boring. Which it did I am not going to say what happens due the fact people out there might want to watch the series again if someone would be happy to give the show some air time because it is a great show. The computer technology was ahead of its time in 1996 as we were still working with Windows 95 then, so it was a time where you would think, “yeah right that could not happen” but if you watched it now it actually is up to date and some stuff is still not here. The software they use is all user friendly which is not the case, but I like it as we can see what is going on, on there screens and gives it that extra quality to show. All over the internet there are bad and good reviews about this show but I ask you to watch the show before you judge it, This show fits all peoples needs if you class yourself as a geek you will love it, if you don’t then you will still love it but not shout if from the roof tops, just right reviews about it. Enjoy the show if you get a chance.moreless

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