The New Adventures of He-Man

(ended 1991)
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  • S 1 : Ep 65

    The Final Invasion


  • S 1 : Ep 64

    Flogg's Revenge

    Aired 12/3/90

  • S 1 : Ep 63

    The Games


  • S 1 : Ep 62

    A Time to Leave


  • S 1 : Ep 61

    The Blacksmith of Crelus


  • Cast & Crew
  • Garry Chalk

    He-Man,Artilla, President Pell, Alcon, Sergeant Krone, Andros, Gross

  • Scott McNeil

    Flipshot / Butthead / Krex / Captain Zang

  • Venus Terzo

    Critta/ Mara / The Sorceress

  • Michael Donovan

    General Nifel

  • Mark Hildreth


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  • show Description
  • The New Adventures of He-Man saw the legendary defender of Eternia summoned to the future planet of Primus in their battle against the Evil Mutants from the sister planet of Denebria, lead by Flogg. However He Man's old enemy Skeletor followed him to the future and allied himself with the Mutants to wage a new war against all that is good. After the previous He-Man series, and the spin off She-Ra, a new toy line was developed which this time sent He-Man into the future. The animation was very much improved on the new adventures of He-Man, the storylines more detailed and the continuity vast, there was even an episode where Skeletor won! He-Man was seperated from his old friend on Eternia, although he still communicated with the Sorceress, and Teela once visited him in the future, there was also a cameo from Man At Arms in one episode, although it was not the real Man At Arms but an illusion created by Flogg. The Series only ran for one season of 65 episodes in which He Man battled the evil Skeletor and tried to thwart his plans for conquering Primus. In England, they made the comic book series based on this show. CHARACTERS HEROES (THE GALACTIC GUARDIANS) He-Man/Prince Adam- The main character of the show, When Prince Adam holds aloft his magic sword and cries 'By the power of Eternia!'he becomes He Man, the most powerful man in the universe. Adam is posing as Master Sebrian's nephew, a trader from the floating city of Levitan. He is now defending Primus from Skeletor and Flogg. Flipshot- A space-age pilot who does powerful backflips, with Hydron, it was Flipshot who was sent into the past to help Primus find the hero they needed.He is the second in command of the Galactic Guardians, but prone to boastfulness and cowardice at times. Hydron- The Heroic Leader of the Galactic Guardians and Undersea commander and captain of Starship Eternia. His main target is to find the Red Sun, who killed his whole family. Whereas Flipshot is an aerial-based warrior, Hydron is more of an aquatic-based warrior, hence his diving suit-like armour, he is very brave and intelligent. Master Sebrian- The wise old ruler of Primus, he has long helped defend the people of Primus from the attacks of the mutants but is more interested in making peace with them. Kayo- A strong and fearless warrior of the Galactic Guardians. Vizar- The master of vision and mind power. Nocturna- The Galactic Guardian night warrior with powerful martial art skills. Tuskador- The Galactic Guardian warrior with powerful tusks strapped to his suit. Artilla- The Galactic Guardians' cyborg who has a lot of weapons. Sagitar- The Galactic Guardian member who has two arms on each of his two upper torsos. He was a slave from a planet that He-Man rescued him from. He can go on his fours when carrying any Galactic Guardian member. His archenemy is Staghorn. Spinwit- The Galactic Guardian member who can spin very fast. The Sorceress- The Sorceress sent He Man to prevent Skeletor from tricking Hydron and Flipshot from taking him into the future, she was his guide and friend in the past and communicates to him in the future. Mara- A young girl who lives on Primus, she is friends with He-Man and Master Sebrian and sometimes helps with missions, such as helping the Mytes of Nekros. Caz- A young boy who lives on Primus, he admires He-Man and longs to be as powerful as him, with his sister Drissi he looks after the animals in the Oasis. Drissi-A young girl who has psychic abilities and is able to communicate with animals, she is the older sister of Caz. Werban-An ambitious councillor of Primus who disagrees with Master Sebrian on many things. VILLAINS (THE EVIL MUTANTS) Skeletor- The evil Skeletor, He-Man's arch enemy, has now travelled to Primus, where he continues his evil plans to conquer and destroy, making Primus his next target. He has enlisted the aid of the evil Mutants of Denebria, lead by Flogg, he managed to secure the role of the voice behind the throne with Flogg as his puppet. Flogg- The ruler of Denebria, Flogg has been waging war against Primus and finds Skeletor the perfect ally in his mission. Skeletor managed to manipulate him into doing his deeds by promising to help secure him rulership over the Tri-Solar Galaxy, he is less intelligent than Skeletor, but a good military leader. Slush Head- A cyborg reptile from the swamps of Denebria and Skeletor's right-hand Mutant, with 2 metal tentacles which he uses to attack his enemies. Slush Head is quite incompetent, and very rarely does anything successfully. Critta- An attractive female assistant to Skeletor, and his most loyal warrior. Critta was the only warrior loyal to Skeletor until the end, and she and Skeletor ended up being exiled into space by He Man. Optikk- A one-eyed cyborg who serves as the navigator on the Mutant Mothership. Hoove- A hoofed robot who helps Skeletor and Flogg. Karatti- A mutant warrior with martial art skills. Butthead- A hard-headed, head-butting mutant warrior. Quakke- A mutant warrior who can shake the ground by hitting it with his Grabatron Meteoemace Staghorn- A mutant warrior whose antlers can grab his enemies. The arch nemesis of Sagitar.moreless

  • Trivia & Quotes
  • Quotes (28)

    • Skeletor:Time for you folks to meet the real Skeletor!

    • Flogg:We'll try it Skeletors way. Skeletor:Could there be a wiser mutant in the universe? I think not.

    • Skeletor:Thats it He-Man, come to get the crystals, come to Gorn city, come to Me! Ha ha ha ha ha ha!

    • (Skeletor is in a pool of water at the bottom of a dark shaft) Skeletor:Some days nothing goes right... (A small creature rises from the water and quirts Skeletor in the face, he looks quite shocked)

    • (Skeletor is giving Slush Head orders to go down to Primus, Slush Head is looking confused and turns to Flogg) Slush Head:Are we taking orders from him or you?

    • (As he transforms) Skeletor:Oh yes yes, I can feel its power in me, I can feel my greatness! Nothing in the Tri Solar Galaxy can stop me because...I am Greater than the Tri Solar Galaxy, I am greater than the universe, I am Greater than all!!!

    • He-Man:You'll never change Skeletor.

    • Skeletor:Flogg! King of the Tri solar galaxy. How does that grab you? Flogg:I like it, simple, yet dignified. Skeletor:As for myself, I've chosen a less modest title...Emperor Skeletor the first, last and Always!

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    Notes (48)

    • From this episode on Adam is now forced to say BY THE POWER OF ETERNIA to become He-Man.

    • Adam reveals his identity of He-Man to his parents, King Randor and Queen Marlena in this episode.

    • Part One in a five part story.

    • Characters from the original series that appeared in this episode were:He-Man, Skeletor, The Sorceress, King Randor and Queen Marlena.

    • Begins a five part story which was edited together for a special release called 'The Battle for Primus'

    • He Man and Skeletor leave Eternia in this episode and travel to the future, thus beginning the new series.

    • The appearances and voices of Skeletor are completely different to that of the original series of He-Man. But presumably this is to coincide with the new start the producers gave the series.

    • First appearance of the Starship Eternia.

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    Trivia (3)

    • When Skeletor was at Snake Mountain none of his old Henchmen were shown. Not even Evil-Lyn was around.

    • Nitpick:Flogg seems a bit out of character this episode, even crying at one point.

    • Werbans voice sounds nothing like it usually does.

  • Fan Reviews (3)
  • I don't care what anyone says, I love this show.

    By rhcp199, Nov 12, 2007

  • There is thought behind this show, which is a nice surprise, from all the bad that I have heard about this show... it's not the original, but it can stand on it's own feet after one sits down and watches a few episodes.

    By vectorlyme, Feb 07, 2007

  • No matter what they call it, this was not and never will be He-Man. It might have worked as a different show, but not as He-Man.

    By bigberetta, Dec 01, 2006

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