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    Important piece of Supes history

    By mcmacs, Jun 01, 2006

    If you didn't grow up watching this show you're bound to find it inadequate. I was school-age, and despite Filmation's limited techniques and reliance on stock, this was the first new Superman show since George Reeves (hence the title) and I loved it. Still do. Sitting through some episodes is a bit of a trial for these adult eyes, but then that's true of most cartoons of the era. What remains, and what appeals most, is the thrill of distilled memory: opening credits, links, heroic music cues, the growling, authoritative delivery of Bud Collyer, and exploits perfectly in synch with the wondrous, silly Silver Age comics. Quite a few deliciously spooky stories, in the same way that "Lost In Space" was frequently spooky and again, you maybe had to be there. Call me a nostalgic old fool (no don't - I\'m not all that old) but this remains too important a piece of Supes history to be summarily dismissed. Favorite episode: "The Force Phantom".moreless

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    The second (I think) animated version of Superman. These were really great stories with great classic animation skills.

    By SammyJ131, May 06, 2006

    This show I believe was the second animated version of Superman. Superman was the greatest (in my opinion) animated super hero series. With the posible exception of the Green Lantern, who could posibly take Superman in a fight to the death? I can not think of anyone including bad guys. If you can think of any send me a (Friendly) PM. I don't want to get into an argument, please just state you opinion in a nice manor. I love the story behind it with Superman coming from another planet (Krypton) as a baby and all the knowledge that is passed on from his now dead parents. Also, the fact that his dad knew he would have super human powers and made sure his son knew how to use the powers for good and to protect human kind. i also loved the fortress of solitude. I'm not sure if it was used in this version or not. This was (is) a great show and i would love to see it back on the air.moreless

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