The New Adventures of Superman

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Quotes (2)

  • Lex Luthor: The man of flesh shall destroy the man of steel!

  • Narrator: Unseen by passersby, an unattended baby carriage is suddenly pushed into the busy traffic of Hillside Avenue in Metropolis. Quickly, it picks up momentum. Soon it is hurtling toward certain destruction in a busy intersection at the bottom of a steep hill.

Notes (17)

  • The scene of Clark Kent changing into Superman is identical to the one used during the opening title sequence.

  • This is one of the few episodes where Superman defending either himself or the planet leads to the "deaths" of the villains (another being "The Pernicious Parasite"). Both the force phantom and the invading aliens are destroyed in the climax of this installment -- a result which would be unheard of in the animated cartoons of the 70's, 80's, and 90's.

  • A slightly different clothing scheme is used for Clark Kent, who wears a European red neck scarf tucked into his open shirt collar instead of his usual black necktie. However, his transformation into Superman is a standard stock footage shot.

  • Several of the scenes of Superman fighting the pterodactyls were used in the middle trailer shown after the Superboy episodes and before the final Superman episode in each episode.

  • Scenes from this excellent episode were used in the "middle trailer" between the Superboy and final Superman adventure in each half hour.

  • This episode marks the first appearance of the Wicked Warlock.

  • The design for Clark Kent and Superman in this episode, as well as the mild-mannered reporter's transformation into his alter ego, were based on Kurt Schaffenberger's drawings. The famous "changing scene" was used throughout the rest of the first and second seasons as stock footage whenever Clark would revert to his real identity as Superman.

  • Clark's transformation into Superman is not viewed in this episode, which is a rarity. Instead, after Clark leaves Lois, the scene cuts to the Man of Steel already transformed and standing heroically on the ship's deck while uttering the line -- "This is a job for Superman!"

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Trivia (3)

  • Superman saves a fighter plane from crashing to the ground -- but it's a good thing that it took so long for the aircraft to plummet through the air. Clark Kent spots the plane in its downward spin, has time to rush into a secluded spot, strip off his shirt to reveal the Superman costume (and utter the famous "This is a job for Superman" line) and fly into the air to save the pilot.

  • Clark Kent has accompanied Lois to the demonstration of Luna's device and is merely suspicious of the professor, but he's already in the process of stripping to his Superman costume when he hears Lois' screams coming from the other room.

  • The Halyah (a sort of Yeti monster) hurls a large boulder at a plane overhead -- which somehow travels hundreds of miles and is spotted by Clark Kent as he drives past the Taj Mahal. He strips to his Superman costume and destroys the boulder before it can destroy the treasured structure.