Cleanliness Is Next To Impossible

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    Chris, Pooh, Tigger, and Piglet want to go outside, but can't because Christopher has to clean his room. He and Tigger put everything under the bed, but that was a terrible mistake because Pooh and Piglet get sucked under it... then Chris and Tigger!

    By rushinglucy, Jul 04, 2012

    I've always remembered this episode as the one with the talking crayons, the evil, green blob, which is Crud, and the scrunched up ball of dust, which is Smudge. I've always thought that Smudge was crazy and absessed with his master, Crud. I like Christopher Robin's yo-yo! He's cool! He may have a strange voice, but he looks perfectly innocent. I used to be afraid of Crud. I mean...think about it! He's mean, he'd bend over backwards just to make the world a rat's nest! I think this is an alternate reality because it takes place in a filthy world.moreless

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