The New Partridge Family

VH1 (ended 2005)
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  • S 1 : Ep 1

    Exile on Wilshire Boulevard (Pilot)

    Aired 1/22/05

  • Cast & Crew
  • French Stewart

    Reuben Kincaid

  • Suzanne Sole

    Shirley Partridge

  • Emily Stone

    Laurie Partridge

  • Leland Grant

    Keith Partridge

  • Hannah Leigh Dworkin

    Tracy Partridge

  • show Description
  • There once was a widow who recorded a song with her five kids: Laurie, Keith, Tracy, Chris, and Danny Partridge. After realizing how good the recording sounded Danny got a big time show business pro named Reuben Kincaid to listen to the recording and before you know it The Partridge Family was born and became as big as The Monkees selling big hits like " I Think I Love You " and " Our House" all over America. And the rest is just legendary. Now that was the story of the original Partridge Family that aired 1970's, BUT NOW THEY ARE BACK WITH AN ALL NEW CAST THAT WAS CHOSEN FROM THOUSANDS BY VH1 AND THEY ARE BETTER THAN EVER! Join along as the Psychedelic Bus gets a new paint job and some new faces because The New Partridge Family is coming with a All New Cast, Story Plots, and of course brand new Catchy Songs. So C'mon and get Happy as we join Shirley, Laurie, Keith, Tracy, Chris, and Danny on the bus for a ride you surely will never forget.moreless

  • Trivia & Quotes
  • Quotes (4)

    • Keith: I got us a gig!... *all cheer* Keith: at a tattoo parlor!! *goes quite* Danny: Sorta Speaks for itself,doesnt it?

    • Danny- Keith has alot of confidence...but brains?...well I love the guy, but how can he be our manager when he can't even button his own shirt correctly!?!

    • Keith- I thinks it's time we've performed in front of a real audience. Shirley- I dont know Keith, it's one thing to play for kicks, but going pro?...I mean it's a whole differnt world out there. Laurie- Yeah, and we've never played outside the garage, thank god.

    • Shirley- Rock 'N' Roll...It's in my blood, my kid's blood, whos in my ex-husband's blood too,along with other substances...

    Notes (6)

    • Danny Bonaduce actually appears in the next episode.

    • Danny Bonaduce played "Danny" on the original series but now in the first show, it is seemed that he will play Mr.Partridge

    • All the songs heard are recorded by the new cast.

    • This test pilot aired on Vh1 in hopes that a major network would pick up the series.

    • This is the Test Pilot for The New Partridge Family.

    • It seemed to me that the "scenes from the next episode" were more in the style of those that appear on Arrested Development, and don't necessarily indicate anything that will happen in future storylines. Combined with the fact that no other episodes have yet been produced, I don't think it can be said that Danny Bonaduce will actually appear in the next episode.

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    Trivia (1)

    • In the real Partridge Family, Chris is older then Tracy, but in This one Tracy is older then Chris, they say Tracy is in 3rd grade and Chris is 1st

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