The New Tom Green Show

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  • Tom Green: Julian kissed Ed, his life flashed before his eyes. It took five hours.

  • Tom: Glenn I hear you like to spoon your cats. Is that true?

Notes (15)

  • Mike Shank Took Music from Mark(SpunDance)Alvardo) for the American Movie, and Gave him NO Credit for that. Till this Show,he admits that Mark Alvarado was the Writer... Song:"Cut Off Your Hand", and other music Mike Shank Took and used without SpunDance's Permission..SpunDance would like to Come On the Tom Green and Show Set this right. MIKE Shank Plays Music on AMerican Movie And on his NEW CD. He Stole From SpunDance, also born in Milwaukee, and a strugling musician,who gave Mike Shank Free Guitar lessons from the kindness of his heart to help out a guy trying to be a guitar player in a Heavy Metal/Psychdelic Punk Fusion band. LIKE Spundance HAD at the time.and let him watch the BAND, get into shows for free at local clubs and bars, show him SpunDance's he could Steal His MUSIC????and never even give him Credits in the movie or CD?? Spundance also wrote Music for the Movie Tie-Died 1995..and feels ripped off by Mark and Mike :( SpunDance is going to Sue them this year.2005 you can bet on it...

  • This episode marks the last time Tom will play with a dead animal.

  • When Tom played with the dead animal he used gloves.

  • Glenn and guest Andy Dick wrestled during the show and Glenn injured his thumb.

  • First episode of many weeks of episodes to follow where Glenn has a cast on his right hand.

  • Tom thought Kathy Griffin was on NewsRadio, he most likely confused her with Vicki Lewis, who played Beth.

  • Two people from Tom Green's movie, Freddy Got Fingered, appear in this episode.

  • This is the first episode Tom started advertising for "Quisno's".

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