HBO Renews and Cancels The Newsroom

By Tim Surette

Jan 13, 2014

So much for Will McAvoy's America. Just like its buddy the printed-on-dead-trees newspaper, HBO's The Newsroom is dying. HBO announced today that it has renewed the Aaron Sorkin drama for a third season, and then put a damper on the celebration by also saying that Season 3 will be the series' last. Production on the final season will begin this spring. 

I don't know if HBO has a specific reason for canceling the show, but The Newsroom has to be considered a disappointment given all the excitement surrounding the network's initial announcement of the series. The ratings have been marginal, hovering around two million, but HBO generally places more weight on branding and stature and a show's ability to entice new subscribers rather than viewers. And that's probably where The Newsroom wrote its walking papers. Despite having the red-hot fresh-off-The-Social-Network Aaron Sorkin as its creator, The Newsroom struggled creatively in its first season and became the butt of many jokes (yet was still talked about come awards time). Improvement in the second season came too late, and now many people seem to be done with the show. 

Renewing and canceling shows seems to be a thing in 2014 for HBO. The network will have a fresh look in 2015, as The Newsroom won't be its only drama to say goodbye this year: Last week HBO announced that Boardwalk Empire will air its final season this fall.

Did you stick with The Newsroom through Season 2? Will you be tuning in for Season 3?

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  • dloganmoore927 Sep 06, 2014

    HBO is acting like scared broadcast networks. Newsroom was great TV and it would have built a larger audience if season three was great. Still it is cowardly move, Newsroom is one of the top 5 shows on any channel.

  • dougbiagi Sep 01, 2014

    I just completed the first two seasons and of course I love the show, so it makes sense that the show would be cancelled. If season 3 doesn't occur I will at least have the satisfaction of all the sexual tension being neatly tied in a bow at the conclusion of season two. Here's hoping for season 3.

  • awriddle Aug 31, 2014

    My disappointment grows larger each time an intelligent, smartly acted program gets the ax; and, in turn, heads me further along towards canceling my cable all together. Who is responsible for this wicked decision?

  • gman91478 Aug 30, 2014

    Yes, The Newsroom is a brilliant show. It calls out the every US media outlet. However, after so many episodes, the audience sort of has an idea of what will happen. There were side plots involved, but the main theme was covered in the first episode: US media is terrible; ACN is going to report harsh truth; the end. With news shows like Colbert Report, The Daily Show with John Stewart, Real Time with Bill Maher, Last Week Tonight with John Oliver, and any other comedy "news" show, The Newsroom can only succeed if the actual reported story in each episode is up-to-date and not several months... even up to and over a year old. That would mean recording every episode within 1-2 weeks prior to air date. It's possible, but HBO already axed the series....

  • baldwin_k Aug 29, 2014

    this is the best thing on TV - who are the fools at HBO who are making these decisions?

  • tpagao Aug 23, 2014

    This is my favorite HBO series. Do not cancel, or else!

  • mindmalfunction Aug 11, 2014

    I heard it was cancelled then back on - so, which is it? I miss my 'Newsroom'.

  • burgoslf Aug 08, 2014

    to me, season 2 was a dissapointment. it felt like it wasnt even written by the same people who wrote the first season.

  • blisb99 Jul 31, 2014

    Has a date been set for the start of Season 3?

  • williamlanderrn Jul 26, 2014

    completely brilliant show.....Murdoch is buying HBO's parent if it didn't go down before, it certainly will now....such a shame

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