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    Wardrobe malfunction :\

    By rdpopp, 2 days ago

    Giada's wardrobe is much too revealing for this type of programming - cleavage and crop tops?

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    super cool program and great comments from the judges

    By Trinidadian, Jul 07, 2015

    Can someone tell me how I can get into this competition. Thank you

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    Alex Mc Coy

    By DeniseKeown, Jul 01, 2015

    It bugs me when he puts his hair back behinds his ear then he touches his food. GROSS!! He either needs to cut his hair or wear a ball cap

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    You're not a young woman any more

    By JJ2043, Jun 30, 2015

    Giada Dear, your short skirts and vastly exposed chest are not flattering at all. It's obvious that you're beginning to age, as we all must sooner or later. It was almost painful to watch you on last night's episode. You looked like a talented, intelligent culinary expert compromising her dignity.

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    Hardly Any Cooking Any More

    By rcsabino, Jun 22, 2015

    What has been happening to the Network that was about cooking? Guy Fieri: Junk Food is now on 8 times a day. He is not cooking but showing awful food. Ina and Bobby F. may be the only cooks left that actually cook. Why not move to some of the vegan shakes? What are they? What is in them? and Why are they good for you? Simply stuff too: How to cook a good steak. I don't like the shows that make fun of the chefs or humiliate them with stupid games. Used to always tune in, still do, but leave unsatisfied.moreless

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    ok your public has judging time

    By SallyBuckley, May 27, 2015

    ok here we go The Pioneer Women I turn off as soon as I here the intro music her food and her personality are dull and boringHer crap re home school is a joke most of the time the kids are ranch hands when there is school she sends the older kids to teach not her. One of her sons wrote a card for his great grandmother that was unreadable. We know where education is in her life. Alton Brown he use to be a neat scientist explaining the cooking process neat and informative. now Cutthroat Kitchen is a horrible to to watch and an insult to the Chefs that are professional plain stupid. Now here is a gift. Giada.. the old giada was enjoyable she actually ate what she made the new Giada walked out with Bobby for a new show looking like a hooker. Her boobs hanging out and she looked like she was selling something other than food. I can no longer let grand kids see what use to be a family show. Do what you want in your personal life its not to be plastered all over Tv. Guy I love Guys other big bite but I am getting tired of the lack of cooking on his part and Triple D and the numerous reruns. The Grocery games that's not cooking. Trisha's southern cooking I hate that show her food is I don't even have a work her music is grand but not the cooking. Chopped is super all of the judges seem to be supportive and kind and enjoy competing against each other except the queen Shohan sp?? She is very

    curt for those trying to please her and doesn't seem to partake in the other judges competing games. Now we have Chopped Canada with the sex addict enough said.

    Here we have Damaras Phillips Southern at heart now thats a woman that can cook tells you why she does something and introduces you to new products a real cooking whole group of us watch her show. She is informative and fun you can learn a lot from her. Bobby flay COOKS on all his shows. and is informative and humble Ok so he is easy on the eye Burrell is super and always teaches you something Jacques Torres is amazing. I just adore Ming Tsai he is funny and shows you the in and outs of his cooking Michael Chiarello he is wonderful and has super ideas. Emerill What can say he and Julia got us all started oh and Graham Kerr. Thats what cooking is not this Las Vegas crap your dishing out. Nancy on farmhouse rules is a refreshing and informative change. Iron chef is super. Mario Batali acts like a dirty old man and that he is better than every one else. He is also sloppy in his plating. I am Rachel Rayed out to much of her while her her food is good and serves a clientell there is to much of her. Sandra lee is great at adapting her cooking to being semi homade she serves her own clientell and that's what you want a cook who cooks and has a niche . I am praying for her I also have had double mastectomies. I loved the fat ladies prior to one of there deaths i purchased the Puck just simply put Marvelous Darling. Alex we love you girl. Geoffery Zakarian I'm making you an apron looks like tux get rid of sports coat it looks out of place. Fondly, Sally Buckley


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    stopped after 2 seasons

    By kismetphoenix, Apr 20, 2015

    The show is great and exciting but the decision making by the judges really frustrate me. Its possible that theres more to their reasons but if i dont see it, it doesnt matter. netflix only has seasons 9 and 10 so i only watched those two. There were a few bad judgement calls in Season 9 and I feel like they picked the wrong winner but thats fine. Season 10 during the youtube THE PAYDAY MONSTER VIDEO WAS WAAYYY MORE AWESOME! I can barely remember the other 2. Everyone that i know that watched it was appalled by the decision. I can still remember how funny and ridiculous it was. The Reese one was about to put me to sleep and even though I love Emma, she wasnt that memorable.

    I personally think Aryan shouldve been kicked off for her lack of cooking skills earlier, but in the commercial she was awesome. I heard every word and she was hilarious.

    Also the cutthroat kitchen with Lenny, how bad could that piece of bread be? Also it was a barely significant part of his dish. if Bobby could swallow Kenny's weird contraption than he can swallow a piece of dry or tasteless bread. Atleast spit for better reasons.

    I love Giada and Alton but it makes me too angry to see the wrong contestants get booted. I rather watch Iron chef or Hells kitchen, Gordon Ramsey makes better decisions.moreless

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    oh what a bow

    By 1SueBush, Aug 19, 2014

    Loreal Gavin - I have the matching earrings to your bow necklace!


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    By BDAVS, Aug 18, 2014

    I WOULD NEVER WATCH HIM HE IS WEIRD I AGREE. He is obnoxious and fake. He is NOT a cowboy that I would find attractive. You lost another viewer foodnetwork

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    snobby judges

    By Gidgetrox1, Aug 15, 2014

    The judges suck, they all act like snobs. What happened to them? They used to be down to earth.

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