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    By pimprias227, Jun 08, 2010

    I'm going to be honest, the Pilot kicked ass, I didn't know what was going to happen, and how the show was going to advance further. Well, episode 2 was fugging BORING, hopefully the next episode won't be as bad, I'll give it one more chance. I guess it's just hard to follow up Lost, but hopefully the show shapes up.

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    Los rehenes vuelven a su vida cotidiana, pero el pasado vivido dentro del banco continua apoderandose de ellos.

    By ltorress, Nov 21, 2006

    Recordamos a todos los rehenes del banco, incluyendo a los dos ladrones. Ahora, casi convertidos en heroes, retornan a sus actividades diarias. En algunos les va mejor su vida personal, mientras que otros no pueden continuar con los romances y estilos de vida anterior a la toma del banco. Es asi como vemos al policia que es atacado por su pasado de jugador, al "nerd" que toma mayores iniciativas en su vida, al medico que no resiste sentirse alejado por la mujer que ama, y a la adolescente que no indica lo ocurrido con uno de los maleantes. MAs que una trama, un sinfin de idas y venidas.


    Asi como "Commander in Chief", no creo que esta serie sobreviva a la primera temporada. Surrealista, llena de torpes misterios, un sinsentido de personajes, un policia "made in USA" en busqueda de su propia verdad y justicia mientras el gobierno pretende callarlo, una abogado que tiene que decidir entre la verdad y el amor... Es una mezcla que carece de futuro para una serie de television. Espero mejore con el paso de los episodios, pero hasta el momento la tendencia va a la baja. Una lastima que la televisora lo promocionara como una de las mejores series cuando, en el segundo episodio, no llama la atencion.

    Tomen atencion cuando el "nerd" es despedido del trabajo, y la musica que suena mientras sale del trabajo. ¿Es que alguien se pone a bailar cuando le dicen que ha sido despedido? Si anteriormenet cargaba un arma para suicidarse, ¿no tendremos a un asesino en potencia? Que mal guion. Ojala mejoremoreless

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    One step at a time please!

    By JPPT1974, Oct 19, 2006

    I really like this show and that really though they

    Shouldn't jump the gun and show how people's lives were affected all at one time but do so one at a time.

    We get to know the characters pretty well in the aftermaths. Nick's job as a cop is in jeporady due to his gambling. Egan becomes a superstar. Etc, Etc, Etc.

    But really lets take it one step at a time please.

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    Going downhill...and Quick

    By tvlover89, Oct 16, 2006

    This show started out okay, I kinda enjoyed the pilot, you know it was intresting, it had a little bit of action and it had a story that seemed like it could be excuted quite well through out the season sad enough to say though It dropped the ball! This episode was somewhat boring, a little bit of one big pitty party. I got bored quick somewhere in the middle of the eppy. I thought the whole thing with that guy and him gaining sudden fame for his "heroic action" was lame and unrealistic, his not the type the media would want to throw in the spot light as the "hero". His not attractive, not charming not to add Succidal. If the media was going make anyone the hero in the bank it be the cop. I see the show started building on the storyline with the bank tellers kid and his dad, thats going be a boring storyline I watch another two episodes and if it doesn't get better, I'm going resort to do something else on wedsday nights.moreless

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    Hour # 1

    By ruecdavi, Oct 12, 2006

    OK, so I\'m not too sure what to think of this series so far. There are times when I really like it, and there are times when I\'m bored or uninterested. I like the fact that they showed us some of what happened in the first hour. I hope they continue to do that week by week. If they show an hour a week they can keep that up for 52 episodes. I was afraid they would simply talk about \'What Happened In There\' and leave us to guess at how it all went down. I\'ll keep watching for now and I hope it gets better.moreless

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    Eleven Days Later

    By GeorgeJobson, Oct 12, 2006

    The Nine that were held hostage, continued to cope in the aftermath of the hostage ordeal. One gain fame, another can\'t remember the takeover. The series continued to reveal the events inside the Bank. We saw the first hour of the standoff and there 51 hours to go. That will take at least three seasons before we know what happen inside the bank during the 52 hour standoff. \"The Nine\" is powerful as we look at the nine people go on with their lives and ca not let go of what happen. I believe things will be clearer as the weeks go by.moreless

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    In this episode, we finally get to see how the bank robbery had changed the lives of the main characters. And a tragedy occurs in the end.

    By Cancergirl41, Oct 12, 2006

    Last night’s episode of “THE NINE” really took me by surprise in the end . . . but not as one would expect. After last week’s explosive premiere episode, I had assumed that “Heroes Welcome” would not be as exciting. I was wrong. It was, but not in the manner I had assumed. By the end of the episode, I actually found myself crying. The manner in which the episode’s writers slowly exposed all of this was so subtle that my tears ended up taking me by surprise. I can only hope that “THE NINE” continues to maintain this quality as long as it can.moreless

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    Better and Better

    By minimax34, Oct 12, 2006

    What a great episode! I've saw quite a lot of criticism about this show during the week and with this episode I'm sure a lot of those is going to stop! Off course, we still have what I call "useless users", those who vote for episode they didn't see or give bad score to show and all of that because they don't like 1 episode!

    I have to say that the episode 'Heroes Welcome' is really different than the pilot. There is no more character introduction, they are just showing what, those who want to see this show, were expecting! You see Egan who is, in a certain way, benefiting of this tragedy! He changed his life and took it into his hands and it's just impossible to say "This guy was suicidal first, now he enjoy life and live each second of it."

    I'm sure everyone was surprised to learn that Felicia wasn't in love or anything like that with Lucas! People were saying that a lot during the last week! What I say to those who aren't sure if they want to watch this show or not is, go ahead, try but keep an open mind, if you do like a lot of people and think it's only about the bank robbery and you don't try to understand the link between the cast you'll never be able to understand the show! In my opinion, this show is for a mature audience, it's not everyone who can understand the concept of the episodes!moreless

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    Good continuation

    By holykalamity, Oct 12, 2006

    I was very impressed with the pilot and was hoping to see improvement. I wasn\'t too disappointed. I have mixed feelings about Egan, but it\'s still way too early to be sure. I like the mix of characters. It was sad to see Nick cave in and recant his statement. It\'s so typical to sacrifice personal battles for the sake and protection of others in the TV world. I hope he can do something \"behind the scenes\" to expose the failures of the FBI and police. The end of the episode tells me that it was Felicia who made the 911 call. Lastly, I have to suspend a lot of disbelief to accept that a hospital would let someone work on the same floor of the man who held him hostage. And so soon after the events in the bank. I hope the next few episodes show more improvementmoreless

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    Not a pilot fluke. Easily the BEST show on television.

    By Jaydawg2089, Oct 12, 2006

    The Nine is simply the best. It's got incredible writing matched with exciting, fast paced stories, and the best cast I've seen in years.

    Personal Favorites:

    Chi McBride is the best of the best. He's a terrific actor and has the best character: a strong, intellegent, and kind human being. It's impossible not to like his character, who is the least selfish of them all.

    Kim Raver doesn't have the best character, but she's one strong actress. I've been a fan of her's since her run on Third Watch, and it's great to see her on TV again.

    Camille Guaty has to be one of the most beautiful girls on the planet! The girl grew up VERY well! Her free spirited character is fun to watch. It's easy for the audience to empathize for her as well.

    The rest of the cast is great as well.

    I have a few worries about the show. The most thrilling moments of the show happen during the bank robbery flash backs. I'm worried that A) they won't show enough of these moments, which explain why these characters act the way they do and the decisions they make, each episode or B) too much will be shown and the show will be forced to end before it's time. But hopefully producers have all of this figured out already.

    I love this show. Simple as that.moreless

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