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  • 5.0

    In a bank robbery, 9 persons who didn't know at all seem to be linked for something it happened in the 52 hours they stayed inside the bank.

    By kivar5, Apr 28, 2008

    Confusing and boring beginning chapter. It begins presenting the leading roles and their relationship. After that, it seems to have been a bank robbery where people who didn't know at all begin to be linked for something that happened inside the bank on the 52 hours they stayed inside... but nothing is revealed. It is because of that, that I doubt if I will watch another chapter. It has not caught my attention at all... so I do not recommend it. There are series that catch your eye immediately, but this is not the case I am talking about. Poor beginning.moreless

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  • 8.6

    very interesting start to a really good show! hope they keep it on, atleast for it's 1st season!

    By rusty_faith99, Apr 25, 2007

    I really enjoyed watching this show, it passed my expectaions, I thought that I'd only watch this show because am an addict to Tv shows and I appsolutely would watch anything, but I really believe this show is good, and I really wanna keep watching it! Hope they don't cancel it.. after all, they always cancel the good shows, but am keeping my fingers crossed..

    Plus, Scott Wolf is HOTT!! his dimples are to die for :D

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  • 9.0

    Excellent start to an intriguing series.

    By boromirbeauty, Mar 04, 2007

    The pilot episode of The Nine was made free on iTunes not too long after the show was put on hiatus. If it's free, I'll give it a try. I was not disappointed.

    A bank is robbed, and some 52 hours later 9 people walk out of the bank, their lives changed forever. Yet something is not quite right, about any of it. The pilot sets everything up in splendid yet unclear detail, leaving you wanting more, as any good suspenseful series should. The characters are all excellent, not an undeveloped one among them. The writing is also superb, and every actor brings life to the part they portray.

    And the pilot is only the beginning.moreless

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  • 7.0

    Nueve personas, un asalto al banco, y personajes que mas parecieran haber sido abducidos que rehenes.

    By ltorress, Nov 15, 2006

    El primer episodio nos muestra los pormenores del asalto al banco, y como es que cada uno de los personajes asume un rol posterior al mismo. Luego del rescate, cada uno de los integrantes empiezan a vivir vidas paralelas entre si, como si el haber sido rehenes hubiera formado lazos de amistad entre ellos. Sin embargo, algunos misterios surgen entre los personajes, como cambios de actitud, secretos que no desean revelar, amnesias delante de los investigadores y de los propios familiares... Nadie sabe lo que ocurrio dentro del banco, solo los sobrevivientes, incluyendo a los asaltantes.

    Los avances y las críticas del primer episodio de The Nine me llamo la atención. Grabe el programa debido a que no estaba en casa durante la premier. Una vez que empece a verlo, los primeros minutos estuvieron llenos de tensión, pues cada personaje tiene una vida propia que finalmente terminan en el banco cuando se realiza el atraco por los asaltantes. Lo que ocurre dentro del mismo es un misterio, y solo nos presentan a los rehenes saliendo con algunos rasguños y confundidos. A medida que avanza la trama, uno observa que los personajes han cambiado notablemente: el timido que pensaba suicidarse tiene una nueva actitud frente a la vida, la pareja que espera un bebe cambia completamente, el dueño del banco no quiere opinar sobre lo ocurrido en el mismo, y su hija guarda un secreto con uno de los secuestradores, el policia sigue teniendo problemas de socializacion pero se enamora justo de la unica persona que murio durante el asalto al banco. El episodio culmina con una reunion de los sobrevivientes en un restaurante, al mejor estilo de un re encuentro. Solo uno de ellos no asiste, y es la hija del banquero, que prefirió buscar al secuestrador para interrogarlo.

    Al igual que Commander in Chief, el comienzo ha sido tibio. Los primeros 15minutos de accion disminuyen mientras pasan los minutos. La trama se vuelve sosa y aburrida, y pareciera mas bien una abduccion que un secuestro por el repentino cambio de los personajes. Esperemos ver unos episodios mas para saber si debo seguir grabandolo o echarlo a la borda como una serie que empezo sin excitar al espectador.moreless

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  • 10

    One of the best of 2006!

    By JPPT1974, Oct 19, 2006

    I hate it that this show, one of the best shows of the year is sandwiched with CSI NY. But these nine strangers after being held hostage during a bank robbery. Try to get on with their lives but find it very hard to do as they try to relate to one another. Tim Daly is great as the lead actor and the glue that holds it together. Hope that the show will find an audience on its own.

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  • 3.5

    Confusing, boring, too many characters.

    By brewster38c, Oct 18, 2006

    This show is NOT what I expected from all the pre-pilot hype. The bank robbery was so poorly shot and lit that I can\'t figure out what exactly went wrong. The most interesting character is already dead, and there are too many other characters to keep track of.

    The summary on this site states that each episode shows TEN minutes of the robbery, yet each episode shows what happened AFTER the robbery. The summary also implies that the robbery took 52 hours. Confusing...

    I probably WON\'T be watching any future episodes, no matter how good the acting is. I simply don\'t CARE about any of these people.moreless

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  • 9.9

    The start of a long Journey

    By GeorgeJobson, Oct 12, 2006

    I think "the Nine" is the best new program of the fall and yet I gave a 9.9 instead of a 10 because i am a little careful and I hope that the series won't drag down like some of the others than I have seen. I think I see some promise and in the coming weeks we will see what happen inside the bank and the 52 hour standoff that change the lives of the nine that is inside the bank. I got a feeling that a lot of surprises will come from this series. I hope it won't be a disapoinment, but I'm very high on the series.moreless

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  • 9.0

    Very interesting

    By JBBO3314_basic, Oct 09, 2006

    I\'m gonna start by saying i\'m surprised by so many negative reviews which I disagree with. I mean the show started great the mystery surrounding what happen in that bank is very intriguing and I\'ll watch becuase as of right now none of us knows which is gonna keep me going back for answers. How did Eva get shot, what happened to Felicia while she was away from her father, and Jeremy cheating on Lizzie and this is only the begining. If you haven\'t came aboard for the ride yet I suggest you do very soon this is gonna be a good one.moreless

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  • 8.5

    Who are the Nine?

    By mhickers, Oct 09, 2006

    Nine people walk into a bank...sounds like the set-up for a good joke doesn't it? But instead the nine people are taken hostage during a robbery and their lives are never the same again.

    Something happened to each of them in the 52 hours they were held hostage. We get hints of it in the pilot episode, but no concrete answers. In a season full of serialized dramas, all with unique narrative hooks, this may be the most compelling of the new serialized dramas. After just one epiosde, I'm already fascinated by the potential backstories of all nine characters as well as what happened to them in the vault. The cast is great, the storytelling is good and the look of the show is spectacular.

    I just hope this one doesn't get lost in the shuffle of all the other new shows on TV today. It could be intereting to see what happened and how it will affect the lives of these nine people going forward.moreless

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  • 5.2

    Here's another one to axe.

    By sassycents, Oct 08, 2006

    While I was looking forward to watching this show I found myself counting the minutes for it to be over. First off I had absolutely no connection to any of the characters. It was appartent that this was going to be another Lost premise wanna be. They just need to wrap this show up with the episodes they currently have on hand. Reveal the big secret of what happen. Who cares, I don't.. and I will not be tuning in to find out. I am so glad Top Chef is starting next week. If you don't have cable then CSI NY is recommended.moreless

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