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    Precious begins her life again after her father dies...

    By dcpgaus, Sep 27, 2011

    This was a great pilot episode! Based on Alexander McCall Smith's novels about a female detective living in Botswana- the tv version I think is even better. The books contain a lot of descriptions about the country and what people's attitudes are like and has very little action in some of them - but the pilot episode is a condensed version of the books and I think it benefits from it.

    The lead actress portraying Precious is well cast as are the other supporting characters. And the pictures of the countryside and the towns and the people are just perfect to see. Very well done to all concerned.moreless

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    The reason this episode was so special - albeit a pilot - was because of the genius of Anthony Minghella - it was filmed so beautifully it almost made you weep!

    By pinklavender, Apr 15, 2008

    Having read every single book in this series I was worried how they would approach all the characters because after all if have become wrapped up in their lives - as you cannot fail to do if you love the books as much as I do - you will have your own visualisation as to how they all look and sound. I think that was the first thing that took my breath away - it was Precious - she actually looked and sounded exactly as I had imagined her; given the actress is not only American but also a singer before being an actress - her dialect was perfect as was her stance and costume. There is no doubt that Minghella perfect eye moulded this project and I just hope that whoever comes in to continue will take on board his genius with photography. I mean ... the heat of the desert almost leaps out of every page you read ... and that was the second breathtaking part of the episode ... you could almost feel the heat yourself with every beautiful shot that was filmed. It is probably one of the hardest things to do -- transposing such a popular book to the screen -- and they did not fail -- I honestly do not believe it could have been improved! I am so looking forward to the whole series. It was pure and magical escapism at its best!moreless

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