Pickles' Little Amazons

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  • Beth: Dont worry, she'll get arrested again soon.

  • (Pickles smacks Pristine) Pickles: Pristine, get a hold of yourself! Pristine: Okay, I'm fine now. Pickles: I'll tell you when you're okay! (Pickles continues to smack Pristine)

  • [Hoodlums come out with knives and Peggy does sign language] Master: Nice work, kid. Peggy: I know sang woo woo.

  • (Milo, in drag, is hanging laundry) Bob: Hello young lady, can I give you a hand? (Milo turns around and Bob realizes who it is ) Bob: Milo! *to himself* easy man, he's still your son. Hello milo, i'd like you to know that i'm not disgusted, I accept you and love you, I just don't know how i'm going to tell your mother. Milo: Mom did this to me. Bob: They always do.

  • (after having been dolled up as a girl) Milo: Mom, I really, really don't want to do this! Pickles: Oh but honey, we need you, besides, you're a stone-cold fox. Milo: Yeah but all the guys will think i'm - really?! Anita: Oh yeah, some of my best work. Milo: I have a wedgie. Anita: It's a thong, just relax and accept the string.

  • Amazon Master: (To Susie) You're not certified to drink your own urine!

  • Peggy: But we need to get ready for the jamboree this weekend! Pickles: Jamboree!?! Does this crap ever end? Milo: Hey, this isn't crap, this is good stuff! (everybody stares at him) Ok, i've been crochetteing and loving it. (puts on pink crochetted beret) How cute is this!? Bob: It's adorable Milo, maybe you could crochette me a noose so I could hang myself.

  • [The Little Amazons are out selling cookies] Guy: Well, well, well. If it isn't Mister Denzel Washington come to beg for my forgiveness! [Milo stares at him for a minute] Milo: Sir, i'm just a little boy in drag selling cookies. Guy: This house is made of play-dough, I've got four hundred honey bees in the parlor! [The girls run off] Guy: Denzel wait! Eskimo kisses!

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Notes (2)

  • This episode was first broadcast on Canada's "Teletoon" station on September 9, 2001 - and on Cartoon Network on August 25, 2002.

  • Mrs. Hubbard first appears in this episode, but she's not given a name until episode 9, "Milo Interrupted."

Trivia (1)

  • In the Lil Amazons video, the flag has only 49 stars.