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    How can an awesome show like this only survive 13 episodes?

    By mnman, Feb 01, 2013

    first off how the heck can this show last 13 episodes? They say that people hated this show and they cancelled it, but I've been reading these reviews and a lot of them are 9's and 10's. They say there will be a season 3 which I think is highly unlikely since they first announced that a year ago. Anyway this show about a family who lives in the Valley and they go through life. The characters are good Bob is the father and he is voiced by Will Ferrel and he works at Globecide and oil company and he is my favorite character in the entire show. Pickles is the mom and she is smoke,beer, pretty much everything addicted and she is a good character. Biff and Chip are conjoined twins and they crack my up and I wished they had bigger roles. Besides "Get off my back" and "Father of the Bribe" they only have like 2 or 3 lines per episode. Milo is a kid who has ADD, OCD, and a lot of other problems and he's a good character. Beth is a little girl who has a thingy on her and she cracks me up as well, again like Biff and Chip besides "Pickles Little Amazon" she only has 2 to 3 lines. Milo's friends Peggy, Helga, Susie, and Mickey are hilarious and great characters but sometimes Helga cna get irritating. The only small problem are the Hill people. i have no problems with Pristine, I have some problems with Mr. Climer. The Debbies used to annoy me so much and they were huge jerks, but as I've gotten old they're actually really funny and not as annoying as when I was younger and I rarely have problems with them now. Jared and Blair are my least favorite characters. They're just jerks and I don't get that many laughes from them. The episodes are very original, I don't think I've ever seen any of these plots done before well maybe Milo's plot in Mitsfit Love. This is an awesome show and you should check it out. 10/10.moreless

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    Atomic Betty, No Matter How Lame That Show May Be Is At Least is a More Watchable Show Than This

    By 03bgood, Jan 02, 2013

    Wow, what the hell is wrong with everyone giving this crap 9s and 10s. This show is just AWFUL!! It's not funny, the characters are mean spirited and the episodes are lame. I will say the dad character is at least likable but the only good character and likable aspect of the show. Also the only episode I ever found worth watching was "Pickles' Little Amazon" where Milo dresses as a girl scout, other than that I could care less about this show. I really hate that goddamn bully and wish they'd kill him off and maybe I would like this show more and MAYBE I'd give this show a higher rating. I also heard a rumor that this show is coming back. I hope not because this show sucks and I'm shocked that people like this crap but hate Atomic Betty even though that show is Canadian, what the hell is wrong with people these days! At least Atomic Betty has likable characters despite the bland and boring repetitive episodes but at least I could survive that show, I can't even get through an entire episode of this without being forced to change the channel other than that girl scout episode. This show, IMO gets a 3/10! It may be better than that stupid Allen Gregory show that aired on FOX awhile back but I'd rather watch The Cleveland Show or Brickleberry than this crap!moreless

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    Now i don't watch Adult Swim that much but I really love this show and i think there are episodes of this on youtube.

    By dude57, Feb 12, 2012

    OK now how can a show so beast like this last 13 episodes, well at least there a new season coming this August according to the internet. OK this show is funny in so many ways. OK my favorite characters are either Bob or Milo. Now there both hilarious but sometimes Bob is funny. ( I think its because Will Ferrel voices him.) OK the characters are Bob, he has no arms or legs, Pickles has a wig and she is accidicted to drinks, Biff and Chip are conjoined twins and they are attatched by the waist, Milo has only one hair on his hair and he has problems, and Beth has a giant pimple on her head. Now Milo's friends are hilarious as well. Like Helga is a fat toad girl, there's the nerd that when she talks spit comes out, and the girl that goth is pretty funny too. Now my favorite reccuring character is Helga. She cracks me up so much. Well if you haven't seen this show check it out on youtube. Its really good. Overall 10/10.moreless

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    This should've lasted longer than 10 episodes

    By Woahwoah312, Aug 07, 2011

    WB made a big mistake canceling this great show. The Oblongs is about a family that gets infected by waste,and go through modern life itself. It sounded like a terrible idea,but WB thought wrong. Every character has something different about themselves. The dad has no legs or arms,the mother smokes and her hair is a wig,the sister has a pimple and seems like she has no mouth at times,the brothers are siamese twins and Milo,the son,seems like the only normal,but he only has 1 line of hair. The humor never fails to make me laugh. This show has that "I wasn't expecting that to happen" humor. All of the characters are hilrailous,especially the dad,and it does help by the fact that he is played by Will Ferrell. Milo's friends look hilrailous and are funny,especially Helga,the fat one. Helga talks hilrailous,and has her moments. The kid who looks like Milo has a hilrailous running gag where he always gets attacked dogs. The other girl (Not the goth one) looks just laugh out loud hilrailous and she doesn't even look human. As for the animation,it's great. Everybody has weirdly shaped bodies and looks. It's actually an example of animation that looks stupid,but great. However,this show only lasted 10 episodes. Why? You have a great show,but you cancel it. Adult Swim doesn't even show new episodes of it. Please,make Oblongs return for another season.moreless

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  • 9.5

    One of my favorite adult swim shows. If only they passed more often.

    By BrianCollazo, Sep 21, 2010

    It was lucky that I even got to watch it. But when I did I knew what I was gonna see. Great Story, sense of humor, not to adult rated, and funny characters. The characters are just so unique in a way. The humor is original and the story is too. I like how the rich people look down on the poor sick people. And how polluted the valley is. There's one part in the show when a firefly goes to one of the clouds and gets like burned. LOL that's just funny man. For all you haters please don't be hating on good shows if you don't watch them.moreless

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  • 8.0


    By tjtalman, Aug 02, 2010

    Will Farrel's voices the Dad. The show is about a family of lower class people with deformities, the Dad has no limbs he is just a head and a torso, the Mom has no hair, and smokes like a forest fire , their son Milo with ADD, that is to hyper to control, the daughter with a weird thing on here head, and the elder sons stuck together with three legs. I haven't seen this show in a very long time, but i remember i couldn't wait for Saturdays when the show was on in my area. If Will Farrel's in it, it most be good.moreless

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  • 8.5

    Great show in my opinion

    By nachosxd15, Dec 12, 2009

    This show was a decent show, but I don't think it had the kind of humor Adult Swim would like. It doesn't really cuss and it isn't that nasty. In my opinion, thats a good show. I guess Adult Swim didn't like it. Sometimes, it's just all about ratings. But Adult Swim could of given it more of a chance though. That was just a mistake for them. This show needs to work more on the humor. Most of the characters aren't really funny. The only person that seems to be funny is Milo. But besides all that, this is a good show that just didn't find the Adult Swim humor, if you know what I mean.


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  • 8.5

    Pretty good.

    By woahwoah678, Apr 16, 2009

    This is one of the funniest shows on the funny show list.I mean,since South Park,Family Guy or Aqua Teen Hunger Force that are my favorite comedy shows,this one is one of them.This show seems to have a comedy side because Will Ferrell is in this show and he is great at his movies.Some of the characters are very funny and every end of a scene is very funny too.Milo is pretty funny,Helga is maybe kind of funny and Milo's brothers are much funny.This show is pretty much very funny and I give it a B because it kind of funny.moreless

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    A great show

    By loaded007, Feb 05, 2009

    I love this show. Its very funny. I cant believe they got will ferrell to do the voice for bob in this show. Some of the episodes are retarded but for the most part the episodes are funny. My fav is the one where pickles has to be a den mother and milo dresses in drag. I especially like the "urban survival" scene. That is my ALL time favorite episode. It sucks that they didnt make more then one season. I think the oblongs could have made it through at least three season. But I got the dvd of the serious so no hardmoreless

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