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    Amazing Show

    By TheDanimator, May 25, 2015

    Never thought a "Teen Drama" would be my second favorite show of all time (right behind beast wars transformers) I like to consider it more of a "Dramedy" though because the show has a lot of humor also.

    Very few shows have as good of character development as this one, and the cast works together flawlessy.

    Season 3 was the only season where the show went downhill for a little bit but then made an amazing return in season 4.

    Seth and Taylor are my favorite characters.moreless

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    is missed.

    By NwaiirMSA, Jul 04, 2014

    I MISS IT:(( its one of my favorites i loved the story and the characters!!

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    Family of the Year - The Cohens!

    By TVanimal, Jun 11, 2014

    In a show renowned for its inclusion of indie music and creating the first real bromance outside of Scrubs' JD and Turk, the only bad side can actually be summed up by the constant goings-on of one character - Marissa.

    It is ironic that although the arrival of Chino-born Ryan Atwood is a catalyst for many a scandal in Orange County, it is the girl next door who manages to grate on my nerves on every topic, from her relationship with Ryan to her death. The only real character development without any reversal for Ryan came after marissa's death and his subsequent relationship with Taylor. I also don't see how Marissa was ever referred to as the hot girl in school.

    Other than that though, I will forever remember this show in it's portrayal of the best family unit on tv in the Cohen household. from Seth's adorable geek to Sandy's calm humour and Kirsten's maternal warmth. Anyone would be lucky to have a family like that, which is why everyone should hope to be inspired by the troubles ryans journey.moreless

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    By dgoddard07, Feb 23, 2014

    I agree with the guy with the breaking bad picture, when he said there is one show better I thought he must mean OTH. The OC is epic, One Tree Hill is the best ever.

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    It all went a little downhill...

    By ChloShow, Jun 26, 2013

    I absolutely LOVED this show in the beginning. It had me hooked for the first couple seasons. However, I never really liked Mischa Barton as Marissa. I the beginning I didn't mind her, but eventually I just began to dislike her more and more. I think they could have picked a better actress for the part. I still can't really say what I didn't like about her, but there was something that just got me about her that I didn't like.

    I absolutely adored all the other characters, though. But eventually the story-line just went downhill. I couldn't even watch the last season, and I still haven't. I watched maybe like two or three episodes but gave up. This show had SO much potential, but sadly, did not live up to it. However, the first couple seasons were great and I still continue to watch them to this day.


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    Teenage drama

    By bellasempre, Mar 19, 2013

    I remember watching this religiously every week in my early teens. It still remains one of my absolute favourites.

    Summer and Seth were adorable.

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    The show starts of with a bang! but soon after takes a nose dive.

    By rylan69, Dec 29, 2012

    First season top notch teen drama! As the show goes It just becomes crap and stopped caring..

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    One of the best teen dramas of all time but it will always come second on my list.

    By greysanatomy12, May 05, 2012

    The O.C. was one of the first shows i ever watched religiously.I discovered it one summer and i immediately fell in love with it.With that said,the O.C. is my second favorite teen show after One Tree Hill.I love both shows but i think One Tree Hill is better,even though the O.C. gets all the praise.They both started the same year but OTH evolved so much more.

    Anyway,let's talk about the show now.The show is about a troubled teen from Chino named Ryan who after being kicked out of his house ends up in the home of a rich family in Orange County.There he forms friendships,he finds love,he faces his own fears and he tries to overcome his troubled past.

    Most of the characters are excellent and well-written and most of the storylines are enjoyable.On the other hand,the acting is average.Benjamin Mckenzie is sort of wooden, Mischa Barton is not exactly the best actress and Willa Holland is insufferable.However,a few members of the cast,like Kelly Rowan,Adam Brody and Peter Gallagher are truly magnificent.

    The first season is definitely the best season of the show and the beginning of this beautiful journey.The pilot and the tear-jerking season finale are two of my favorite episodes.

    The second season is not as good as the first one but definitely one of the best.Kirsten's alcoholism,Caleb's death and the return of Trey are extraordinary storylines.

    The third season is kind of a let down considering the strength of the first two seasons.Johnny's death and Volchok were two aspects i hated about this season.

    The fourth season is the worst season,IMO.I thought it was kind of weird.Storylines i hated include: Summer wanting to save the world,Che and his spirit animals,Taylor getting married to that obnoxious french guy who wrote a book about her(??) and Ryan's dad ending up with Julie...

    As a whole,the O.C. was and always will be a great show that influenced a lot of teens around the world,including me.Long live O.C.moreless

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    Adam Brody (Seth) red carpet Interview

    By StarCam, Apr 11, 2012

    Great show for teens.

    Adam Brody hit the red carpet for the premiere of his new film, Damsels in Distress, and StarCam's Josh Nasar relays a question from a fellow movie buff that leaves the former OC star searching for words. See if Adam is able to pull it together without inserting his foot into his mouth and hear about his role in the film. You can watch it anytime on our YouTube channel (StarCamCelebrities) or follow the link. Thanks!!!

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    Appropriate for teens only.

    By JoshuaSutton, Mar 24, 2012

    The show seemed to have the dynamic that is really only JUST for teenagers.

    The creativityand quality storylines were quickly exhausted by the end of the second season, thingsbecame drab and boring.

    I love the show though, it was a great show an angsty teenage me could relate to and escape to.

    The characters were all lovable and charming in their own way, and it was perfectly cast for what they were looking for.

    Despite the CW be NOTORIOUS for casting pretty overagers.

    It at least got taken off the air sensibly unlike Smallville and One Tree Hill.

    Overall, a good show but not great.

    There is no lasting keepsake appeal to the show when you get older.moreless

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