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  • 9.0

    this was a good ep

    By cube2k8, Jun 12, 2010

    in the season 3 opener of the show the oc its been a few months since the shooting when marris shot trey and the da is starting to investgate what happen and they are pressing marrisa and the others for information and julie whos husband died is waiting for them to reveal the will and they are waiting for kirsten to get back from rehab and jimmy is also waiting for the will. this was a good ep i thougth and it was very interesting and that is why i gave the show 9 instead of anyting lower since it was a good epmoreless

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  • 8.1

    this is the aftermath of the shooting. its about 3 months later, trey is in a coma.Marissa, ryan and seth are being questioned.

    By stewie1423, May 11, 2010

    I think this episode is a good episode. Julie has gone back to being a nasty bpiece of work with the whole paying trey to blame ryan for the shooting thing. I'm glad trey is gone, he is kind of annoying. I docked marks for this episode because i think the Kirsten charlotte thing is wierd. I don't know why she would not just come home. I want to see the rest because it will be interesting how school goes for them.moreless

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  • 8.0


    By ZaleIsBackAgain, Dec 17, 2009

    Aftermath episodes after a huge event like the shooting of Trey are basically there to wrap things up. There's one common thing; rarely are they any good, and The O.C. did an admirably good job, but still a bit below how normally good the show is. It felt like there was a lot of filler and that the show could have easily been compacted into 20 minutes of greatness instead of being stretched out twice as long and settling as only average. Julie Cooper making Trey commit to fraud felt kind of pointless; although it did further develop her character as not only a mother that would stab others behind the back for her daughter, it just felt like it didn't offer much. The writing was pretty funny in the beginning but it got less comedic later on.moreless

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  • 8.8

    Premiere Season Three.

    By stella_lisy, Jun 03, 2007

    Well, the O.C.'s third season has finally arrived in Italy. You know, right here, traslation process usually takes only a little bit... :D

    By the way I think this episode is kind of good. Don't get me wrong, I see that first season's old times are -almost- done, but I like this show as well.

    1. Julie is still a b!tch. That's reassuring; actually if she acted like a normal housewife she would scare me more than when she threatens an innocent nurse. I mean, she is Julie Cooper, she can't be nice and kind like Kirsten. :D

    2. That's a piece of news: Jimmy is still a moron. I bet his hydill with Julie can't last if he runs out of money again.

    3. I love the way Sandy faced Jimmy, and when he hugged "heartbroken-because-of-Trey" Ryan.

    4. I want Kirsten's new friend out of the show. She's totally creepy.

    5. Fabulous four's beach day was the best thing of the whole episode. Witty, funny and hilarious as I like. Yep, skipping by boat to Mexico was a little far-fetched but it was also kind of sweet.

    6. I liked Marissa in this episode because she was NOT acting like a psychotic but I sadly know that the O.C.'s director won't listen to this. [Thanks spoilers] :D

    7. My favourite quote.

    Summer and Seth are talking about how to cheer Ryan up.

    Summer: (looks at Seth) "Any favourite movies... hobbies... Cohen, he’s your best friend!".

    Seth: "Heeeey! You've known him as long as me I don’t hear you throwing out any gems."

    They are definitely Homer and Marge Simpson in the OC's way. Too funny.moreless

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  • 8.6

    Nowhere as bad as everyone is saying, sure it's not the best O.C. episode ever, not even close, but it was entertaining, especially the wonderful core four scenes!

    By Charmed1408, Jan 14, 2007

    Nowhere as bad as everyone is saying, sure it's not the best O.C. episode ever, not even close, but it was entertaining, especially the wonderful core four scenes! I was expecting a lot less out of this episode, everyone says how bad it was! But because I went in expecting nothing, I got so much in return. It had a really Season 1 feel with core four together again, the diner, Julie being a b**** again & Jimmy being back. Kirsten's rehab scenes were a little boring! But the reason this episode doesn't get a 8.7 is because of Trey's stupid return & farewell, he should have died & that would have made the episode so much better!moreless

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  • 5.0

    terribly boring

    By fallenepitaph, Sep 16, 2006

    This show was good only for the first few episodes of the first season.than it had downs and ups but never raised a seven point for me.the characters are stupid, unrealistic, and boring.

    Now, even seth is boring.Stupid things happen,characters react in most idiotic ways,like trying to flee from the police,it is almost like they know that they are in some kind of teenage show.This one was so down that even those dawsons-creek-styled friendship scenes couldnt make it to my mind.

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  • 10

    Very good

    By julietssunshine, Sep 04, 2006

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  • 10

    first episoide of season 3

    By florp00, Jul 26, 2006

    Summer is coming to an end and school is starting in a few days. Trey has been in a coma since Marissa shot him. The D.A. has waited as long as possible for Trey to wake up but people are starting to demand answers and justice, which is why D.A. Chris Caldwell was asked to dig around and take more depositions from Ryan, Seth and Marissa amongst others. Will either Marissa or Ryan pay the price? Or will both be prosecuted? Kirsten is still at the rehab center. Julie is mad because Caleb’s accountant says it will take months before the will can be read and ryan goes to jail when trying leave newport but marissa gets hime out and trey finally wakes up and takes a bus to vagis ryan waves goodbye to trey at the busmoreless

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  • 5.6

    What a booring episode !!

    By Carlos724, Jul 17, 2006

    This was, without a doubt, a really booring episode and I don't know why. I mean, I can't put my finger on anything because in theory, this episode was supposed to be good: Seth, Summer, Ryan and Marissa (stars Adam Brody, Rachel Bilson, Ben McKenzie and Mischa Barton) passed some good moments together, before returning to school in the following episode. Kirsten (star Kelly Rowen) in the rehab with Charlotte (special guest star Jeri Ryan) was "normal", not to exciting at all. The best was clearly, Julie's (star Melinda Clarke) part. When she tried to incriminate Ryan by asking his brother Trey (guest star Logan Marshall-Green) to say that Ryan was the one who shoot him was really great. And the scenes between her and Jimmy (special guest star Tate Donovan) were also good. Overall, the episode lost itself in the middle of so much plots. This season, clearly began as a conclusion of the previous season, a BOORING conclusionmoreless

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  • 8.5

    This season opener begins with ryan rushing his brother to emergency after marissa's crazed gun fun trey soon gets threatened bye julie marissa is asked if she was the one who comiited the crime and jimmy's not so happy...again!

    By shout12, Jun 01, 2006

    This season was okay it didnt get the high ratings but fans still tuned in to watch the season premiere with some repeat-storylines such as jimmy in debt takes us back to season one's first few episodes ryan's family problems again first few season one episodes marissa's pain and summers concern. The premiere didnt have the excitment everyone was hoping for but did have some drama. I guess the producers wanted us to wait till the season finale to get hyped up on excitement! new charecters are introduced and the saying still is "california here we come"!moreless

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