The Case of the Franks

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    By ZaleIsBackAgain, May 06, 2010

    Romantic episode to the fullest! This is the top of the line stuff that makes the hearts of men flutter! Okay maybe not that much, but it's shows like these that make me appreciate the romance genre. The whole Team Bullit and Team Frank thing was pretty creative, and the execution of it was even better! I'm not one to get emotional for romance stuff like this, but the whole "we're just from the same world" thing was just so beautifully executed. This storyline wasn't alone though; it was accompanied by two other stories, Kirsten and Sandy, and Summer and Seth, whom stories kind of cross each other and are awesome in their own right.moreless

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    This episode is very special, but have character development & nerve wracking at the same time.

    By charleyparker, Jan 13, 2008

    The main story of this episodes is about Team Frank & Team Bullit. And it is very creative and nerve wracking. Taylor and Ryan discovers that Frank is inlove with Julie so they set them up. Kaitlin discovers that case of the franks and tries to build Team Bullit. Obviously, the "peanut" loves the bang, because he's rich and he's funny..and he thinks that frank is boring.

    At the end of the they, Julie has to pick which on to date. At first he choosed Bullit, just for the sake of her daughter. Clearly in Season 4, she makes her decision with her only daughter, Kaitlin. But in the end, she loves and have the case of the franks

    Julie, was no longer the girl who marries for money chooses Frank, who he really loves because they simple came from the same world. Bullit in this story line faced the truth that Julie didn't like him, even for his money.

    The other story plot is about the history & flashbacks of the other characters. Seth & Summer having their future kown with a fortune teller, saying that Summers destiny is with George. Summer learns that George is an environamental school.

    At the meantime Sandy & Kristen is thinking about their new baby. Kristen seems not ready to have another one. It was also revealed that Jimmy is tha father of her first aborted child.

    So clearly, this episode is very special.moreless

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  • 9.5

    The OC. Season 4 Episode 13

    By stella_lisy, Jun 03, 2007

    Team Bullit versus Team Franks was definitely the best part. LOL

    This episode shows how much Julie Cooper has changed since the very beginning. It was really touching when she told Frank she couldn't stay with him because "I have only one daughter left and she loves Bullit". You could see how much Julie - the former Newport manipulative b!tch - doesn't care about the money anymore; she is only interested in Kaitlin's happiness, and at last Kaitlin lets her off, which was the right thing to do, I guess.

    Well, Frank used to get the hell out of Ryan's mother but he also has changed and I think he should get another chance. I liked the moment when Julie gets out the limo and she walks toward Frank.

    I liked flashbacks as well. Summer, Seth and Taylor junior were so funny.

    About Kirsten and Sandy, what can I say? They're like in the first season of the show: too perfect!

    I think Summer should choose to join the whole George thing, because otherwise she might regret it later. I'm not concerned about Sethummer, anyways, since they're meant to be. Nevertheless the best couple ever is still Bullit plus Kaitlin. Their witty remarks crack me up always more! LOLmoreless

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  • 9.4

    Summer questions her future with Seth whilst Ryan and Taylor try to help Julie and Frank against "team bullit"

    By xcharmedkx, Apr 08, 2007

    Just gotta love Taylor "you have a case of the Franks" her little obsessive personality makes me lauf and her younger self was soo gawky and cute.The whole little Battle with "Team Bullit" was awesome what a way to a put a spin on such a decision.

    The whole summer and seth dyanmic rules their little conversations just don't always make sense but they do make me smile.George can't spell the end of them like summer said they are one of the couples of all time.

    Julie chose Bullit for Caitlin but not for the fact she loves him.She wasn't being selfish she really might of changed.Glad to see Caitlin let Julie follow her heart and Bullit really was good about it.

    Kirsten was having flashbacks throughout and it was kl to see younger versions of sandy, kirsten and Jimmy.A greater in-sight into their past but the end is near and the episodes are starting to make that a harsher reality.moreless

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    Very funny,

    By Ninna_bayb123, Feb 24, 2007

    I liked the way that the writers made us question Summer and Seth a little bit. With GEORGE, it made Summer understand that there is more to life than your soul mate, even though it is important to your happiness. I liked how she went out there and got what she wanted. I hope that Seth can support her in her decision. Julie truly must have fallen in love with Frank because he has no money! I liked how she finally realized that she can't expect someone else to always bring her what she wants. They make a good couple. Ryan should have just told Taylor that he lovs her so that she could calm down and enjoy their relationship.moreless

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  • 8.0

    Poor Bullit, he can't help being rich... and poor Seth for having to question himself and Summer. All in all a quite blandly romantic episode.

    By slatergirl, Feb 17, 2007

    This is a tearjerker because I truly felt sorry for Bullit... it seems like he can't catch a lucky break in any way. And I really don't trust the relationship between Frank and Julie, to be honest I don't see the point. AS Ryan so aptly put it, it's a little more than incestuous if you ask me. And also, why wasn't Caitlin allowed to be happy? Maybe she and Bullit will end up together.... god know that would be weird, but I suppose not completely crazy, this is The OC after all...

    I found the plot around Sandy and Kirsten a little too much sometimes. The perfection of their relationship has been established so many times that it hardly seemed necessary to have such an extraneous reason for the break up with Jimmie. It was nicele paralleled with Seth and Summer though. The GEORGE plot was a nice twist, I hope though, that they don't break them up in the coming few episodes. I would be truly disappointed if they did, but I suppose they won't break up considering the "greatest movie couples" valentine's card, which I also suppose was another parallel to Bullit and Caitlin as Bullit quotes Casablanca (a truly great romantic film) right at the end. Ryan and Taylor seem back on track. They are almost becoming boring, am I right? It seems like I can't watch an episode without wanting more crisis, strange how these cravings work. I can't wait to see the next episode though, I'm sure that with a title like "The Shake Up" we're not going to be disappointed.moreless

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  • 5.0

    julie cooper, instigated by 2 idiots (taylor and ryan), decides to screw up the possibility of an amazing life with the lovely, honest and funny bullit to run away with ryan's father, the alcholic who used to bit the hell out of his wife.

    By elenamuti, Feb 13, 2007

    cmon.we all love bullit. it must be. hes funny and lovely and cute and caitlin loves him. so why not? I mean julie uses to marry everybody. why not him? why ryan's father, which by the way is ugly, dishonest and slimy? and most of all why summer, who has a broken family, destroys caitlin's unique possibility to have a normal family and a good father? she should be more sensitive! on the other hand, why is that in american society is so important that people get second chances in their life. I mean, the poor bullit loves julie, he does everything to win the love of caitlin and be good and nice with julie. frank should be in jail or at least instead that buying a ring for julie he should give those money to ryan's mother, which deserves them a bit more then he does. or why he doesnt pay for ryan's education? does hye truly deserve to get engaged with julie? i just want to kick him out of the show! after we finally got rid of marissa now we have another stupid character that doesnt deserve anything and instead he gets the attention of all. I want bullit!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!moreless

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    Another page in the O.C story is turned. We are close to the end now and this episode makes that reality so much harder to accept.

    By juju86, Feb 13, 2007

    Prior to watching this episode I watched a few classic episodes from season two. After watching the 'Case of the Franks' and all the other episodes from the fourth season for that matter, it is clear to me now how much this show has matured. The 'old' O.C will always be held dear to me, however its formula was becoming a little tired. Season 4 is such a breath of fresh air, its just so sad that we wont get to enjoy more of it after episode 16. Anyway enough of that because I want to discuss this episode. Man was it good; a series classic if you will. The flashbacks were sensational; a real treat for all of us longstanding O.C fans. I think what I enjoyed most about this episode though was its heart. Seth and Summer, Sandy and Kirstin, Julie and Frank and Ryan and Taylor all had their relationship issues to deal with on Valentines day, but it was Sandy and Kirstin and Julie and Frank that stole the show for me. I had tears in my eyes when Kiki gave Sandy the badge from when they first met and when Julie stepped out of the limo and went to Frank; just beautiful. The music tonight was excellent and really added to the quality of this episode. In sum this was a wonderfully written and performed episode. 10/10moreless

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  • 9.0

    such a cute episode

    By raichy, Feb 07, 2007

    it was so novel to see Julie choosing between doing the wrong thing for the right reason or doing the right thing but in doing so disappointing her daughter. m glad she choose frank in the end. i think they both deserve to be happy. allthough frank still has some work to do in fixing his relationship with ryan. i love that taylor decided to get involved in reuniting ryan and his dad because its something that Marissa wouldn't have done and i think it shows the level of commitment she has to the relationship even if she is sometimes a scary stalker.

    i like how now we are i the last few episodes (3 left) the writers are rewarding thoose of us that haveb stuck around since series 1. the was the re-earthing of summer's (or rather taylor's) poem. and the abortion kirsten had. i vaguely remember her talking to teresa in seris 1 about abortions. overall though it was a great episode but i am hoping that the series ends on a happy note now more than evermoreless

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  • 9.2

    We could see the depths of Julie Cooper...

    By annuska87, Feb 04, 2007

    I liked this episode, because I like Julie. She's smart, and good-hearted. But she usually does the wrong thing, and it doesn't work out the way she wanted. Now I was happy to see her finding love. I really didn't see the point of Kaitlin. Bullit is old, and tiring.. OK, he has money, but as we could see that's not the most important thing nowadays for Julie. I liked the flashbacks part, too. They all started like we tought the couples (Kirsten/Sandy, Summer/Seth) aren't meant for each other, but then everything turned out to be still good. And I'm happy for Taylor and Ryan, I think they are a great couple, too. So this was a quite good episode, I wanna know what's next.moreless

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