The One: Making a Music Star

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    this show was definitly unoriginal

    By ilove2dance37, Aug 29, 2006

    i just watched like have of the first show, and i was already bored with it. The One was just another cheap imitation of American Idol. i hate all the other shows that try to copy American Idol, because they're never going to be as good. if you try to copy a #1 show, i think you would have to at least make it better. but The One was just dull and boring. and over half of all the contestants there could not even sing. i would not be surprised if i heard that some of the contestants on the show tried out for american idol, but did not make it, so they just tried out for The One.moreless

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    What the heck was this show other than a cheap ripoff? At least America\\\\\\\'s Got Talent ripped it off pretty well. This is just another show about finding a star and voting them off.

    By duyblewey13, Aug 04, 2006

    I have to say, when I was flipping channels and saw this, I just kept on flipping. This is the stupidest show I\\\\\\\'ve seen on ABC so far. It\\\\\\\'s not only an Idol rip-off, but it also gave me this vibe of Project Runway. I knew one singer here before she was on this show and it\\\\\\\'s Jadyn Maria, the first one voted off. And I love her. Another reason I thought this show sucked. They can\\\\\\\'t find real talent. Jadyn did the \\\\\\\"Rock You Senseless\\\\\\\" song on the Herbal Essences commercial and I loved it. I hope Jadyn finds a real place to get her career jumpstarted instead of this crap show that got cancelled after one week... And the host sucked, too.moreless

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  • 9.9

    America has no taste! This show is the best show of the summer!!!

    By simpsonian100, Aug 02, 2006

    Instead of a one-dimensional Rock Star, which is probably why this show is gone, The One had great singers! Austin was a great singer, and so was Michael! This show is the best show of the summer, and why people didn't watch it, I don't know! They probably should've premiered it the same night that Rock Star premiered. I guess I'll have to watch Rock Star, like last year, or not watch TV. It was a GREAT SHOW!!!!!!

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