The One: Making a Music Star

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    this show was definitly unoriginal

    By ilove2dance37, Aug 29, 2006

    i just watched like have of the first show, and i was already bored with it. The One was just another cheap imitation of American Idol. i hate all the other shows that try to copy American Idol, because they're never going to be as good. if you try to copy a #1 show, i think you would have to at least make it better. but The One was just dull and boring. and over half of all the contestants there could not even sing. i would not be surprised if i heard that some of the contestants on the show tried out for american idol, but did not make it, so they just tried out for The One.moreless

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  • 9.9

    America has no taste! This show is the best show of the summer!!!

    By simpsonian100, Aug 02, 2006

    Instead of a one-dimensional Rock Star, which is probably why this show is gone, The One had great singers! Austin was a great singer, and so was Michael! This show is the best show of the summer, and why people didn't watch it, I don't know! They probably should've premiered it the same night that Rock Star premiered. I guess I'll have to watch Rock Star, like last year, or not watch TV. It was a GREAT SHOW!!!!!!

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    I\\\'m not kidding when I write that I accidentally found this while trolloping around the remote. This is actually airing on ABC, an American National Prime-Time Network?

    By geoellis2, Jul 30, 2006

    This is disgusting. When trying to find a classification to describe the feeling while sitting there, astounded at the amateurish junk on my screen, I realized there isn't one choice to capture the moment. This is just plain crap. Were the ABC honchos out to lunch when someone picked this show up?

    Summer replacements, OK, I can give up a little bit of quality, but come on, people. I have literally seen better displays of wannabe singers at the local bar, any night of the week. The sad part is, the people who performed on this travesty are gonna have to see themselves, (and hear themselves), at some point. Let's hope their friends, family, and everyone who has ever met them, sees this junk.... and ridicules them, too!moreless

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