The CW's 2014-2015 Schedule: The Originals Moves to Mondays to Bunk With a Virgin

By NatalieAbrams

May 15, 2014

The CW has unveiled its new fall schedule, which finds The Originals on the move.

The second season of the Vampire Diaries spin-off will open Monday nights at 8pm, followed by new series Jane the Virgin—a dramedy about a young woman who is accidentally artificially inseminated—to form an unlikely coupling. 

On Tuesdays, promising new superhero series The Flash (see the first teaser here!) will take The Originals', well, original time slot of 8pm, with the Arrow spin-off leading into Supernatural at 9pm.

The network's schedule will remain the same on Wednesday and Thursday nights, with Arrow and The 100 paired on the former, and The Vampire Diaries and Reign on the latter.

On Fridays, Whose Line Is It Anyway? will air at 8pm, followed by the new cycle of America's Next Top Model at 9pm.

New series iZombie and The Messengers will be held until the midseason, as will returning series Hart of Dixie and Beauty and the Beast.

Check out the full schedule in easy-to-read list form below.

New shows are listed in ALL CAPS


8-9pm – The Originals


8-9pm – THE FLASH
9-10pm – Supernatural


8-9pm – Arrow
9-10pm – The 100


8-9pm – The Vampire Diaries
9-10pm – Reign


8-8:30pm – Whose Line Is it Anyway?
8:30-9pm – Whose Line Is it Anyway? (Encore episode)
9-10pm – America's Next Top Model

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  • awog Aug 28, 2014

    Jane the Virgin is such a waste of time and money that could be better spent on something else. I see one show solution with a hey - lawsuit - idiot ...what doctor would inseminate a teenager without thinking malpractice?

  • No1Slayerette May 16, 2014

    Not that I really care, but does this mean that Beauty and the Beast is being saved for midseason?

    Oh, and does this also mean that The 100 will get a full 22-episode season?

  • JT_Kirk May 16, 2014

    Oh, how sad for The Flash, doomed by timeslot.

  • bluefish May 15, 2014

    I think the 100 would be better off with Supernatural and the flash with arrow. Both superhero shows are linked and both the 100 and Supernatural have a more adult indie vibe making them the black sheep of the cw.

  • KateSullivan May 15, 2014

    Probably, the only reason I think this makes sense is because the 100 and Supernatural can get both dark and sexual whereas the Flash is almost going to be family friendly and Arrow, well, as much of a cad as Oliver can be, it doesn't happen often. But yeah, there will be a couple times I bet where the Flash and Arrow have a cross over planned and for whatever reason it might make sense that they are back to back (i.e, a metahuman decides the heat is too much and goes to Starling City) and the overnight might interrupt the momentum and then there might even be stories where the story goes in the other direction and if they were on the same night, I bet they could talk the network into flipping their times (there I am thinking Felicity has had enough of whatever drama Oliver is causing and takes off for Central City for like some project with STAR Labs and some contingent of Team Arrow goes to get her).

  • antdude May 15, 2014

    CW should have placed Arrow and The Flash together in one night!

  • PriQM May 15, 2014

    Seriously?! Are they actually making a version of "Juana, La Virgen" (2002-2003 venezuelan's soap opera)? Because this plot is exactly the same! And the name, Jane (see, Juana/Jane)?

    This was the plot:
    A girl decides to do some routine exams, a nurse makes a mistake and change papers accidentally and voilà, the girl is mistakenly inseminated! And, of course, there'll be some romance with the biological father (in the soap, he got sick and feared he could become sterile, so he got his sperm frozen - once he got cured, he found out he had made the right decision 'cause the disease had made him indeed sterile).

    Don't they have new ideas at all? And this wasn't even a hit soap with that high of ratings (at least not in Brazil), though there was some loyal audience but not that much...

  • bluemorphotat May 16, 2014

    A least in Brazil the soaps in general are "watchable" (MUCH better actors/actresses that in the rest of Latin America IMHO)
    They should re-do the Brazilian ones LOL

  • PriQM May 16, 2014

    I hear they do lots of remakes of brazilians (Idk, I'm in Brazil, I watch the original versions), but sometimes they even fail at picking the good ones from here (last one I heard they were doing a remake wasn't a very good one).

    Anyway, I think it isn't a great idea. It's a worn out plot, and the (few) discussions it raised at the time (2002-2003) concerned insemination specially and religion (she was compared to the Virgin Mary - I don't think they want to go down that road, to discuss religion and faith, it'd be too bold for them, I guess).

    Well, let's see... I don't see it being a great show, and it's never good for a network to have a new show that leaves this kind of initial impression. But who knows...

  • bluemorphotat May 16, 2014

    Well I am in Costa Rica and in the late 70's and early 80's we used to get dubbed Brazilian soaps. They were clearly better than Colombian, Venezuelan or the Mexican ones, especially the period pieces... I used to watch with my grandma... nostalgic childhood souvenirs LOL!

  • PriQM May 16, 2014

    I guess it's 'cause Colombia, Venezuela, Mexico, etc. they follow the same basic recipe on how to make a soap opera: Mary Sue and Gary Stu are madly in love (they are like soul mates) but there are a TON of stuff in the way, including a stereotyped villain with an evil laugh...

    I'm not saying all the soaps are like that (I've seen some pretty good ones that don't follow the recipe) but they usually do it like this, it's a mixture of culture-and-latin-style-of-making-soaps-pride and a comfortable zone they can hold on to.

  • JasonMelvil May 15, 2014

    Yes, it's a remake but probably will go more the comedic route, similar to Ugly Betty.

    As for your questions regrading new ideas... Sadly? Yes.
    Almost *everything* that's coming up now is either book adaptations, remakes, spin offs and what not.

    Not that there's anything "really" original, but I would have much preferred it if people would stop relying on existing brands to push the latest stuff.

  • PriQM May 16, 2014

    Yeah, I know what you mean. Every TV show and movie now seems to have a book (single or series) or an old version or a mother show behind it. New ideas are getting rare, I have the impression everything about everything has been done already for them to be recycling things like that.

    Oh, and pairing this new dramedy show with TO? What were they thinking? Okay, to put TVD and TO on the same day would be too much (there's only so much of TVD supernatural universe one can take withou getting sick of it...). But I believe they should pair up shows that have things in common.

    If you're watching the 8 pm show, you can always leave the TV on and take a sneak peek on the 9 pm show. I don't think who watches TO will be interested in this kind of dramedy...

    And if you want to watch the 9 pm, sometimes you watch a little bit of the 8 pm while you wait for your show to begin. I don't think someone who loves this kind of dramedy will be interested in TO if they watch the last bits of the eps.

    TO just had its 1st season and could def use some more viewers. And this show is a new one, needs to gather its own audience yet. Idk, I think this pairing didn't benefit any of the shows, and they should take advantage of anything they could, including this pairing up, to draw viewers...

  • JasonMelvil May 16, 2014

    Well, both had a miracle baby ;)

    But I think that considering the finale of The Originals was one of their best, they are hoping to let it boost a new show.

    It's dumb on the one hand, but probably means there's a good chance for a very early pickup for a season 3 of the Originals if they considered almost a sure thing.

  • JasonMelvil May 17, 2014

    The ratings for the finale were huge, they actually were higher than Fox...

  • PriQM May 16, 2014

    I hope you're right about that! I know the show has its flaws but I love the Original family dynamic too much not to wish for another season! :)

  • sistert87 May 15, 2014

    Why did they have to move The Originals to Monday nights. I tape WWE Raw on Mondays.

  • Akyriel May 15, 2014

    I really do not like dark, supernatural, more serious programs airing before light comedies or dramedies. It really should be the other way around. Originals after Jane and Vampire Diaries after Reign. Speaking of which, Reign, being set in the past as well as being a bit lighter in tone, makes more sense to have air before VD.

    Also surprised the CW isn't courageous enough, or did not think, to put The Flash up against Big Bang Theory. This should be followed by Arrow. It will only be for a short while anyway before Big Bang goes back to Thursday, so why not see how it does? Then again, the CW is somewhat affiliated with CBS, is it not? So, maybe they are avoiding conflicting with CBS's programming too much and Flash against Big Bang would seem unfair to one network or the other.

    None of this matters to me anyway, as I do my own programming using On Demand and Hulu to create the schedule I want.

  • littlebitliz May 15, 2014

    Ugh, don't like a lot of this. I'm annoyed they're holding iZombie for midseason instead of this stupid Jane the Virgin crap. I was hoping they'd moved the 100, too, simply because there are too many other shows going on at the time in my household. And I don't like moving the Originals to Mondays; that seems to be where CW shows go to die.

    Also kind of surprised Flash and Arrow haven't been paired together. Not pairing TVD and Originals made sense to me, but for some reason I was assuming they would keep these two together.

  • JasonMelvil May 15, 2014

    Considering how well the Originals finale did in the ratings, I highly doubt they are trying to give it the death slot.

    I don't know why so many people question keeping Arrow and Flash apart. Makes perfect sense to me. Anyone who loves Arrow will watch Flash. Using Arrow that has solid numbers as a lead for something else seems a much better idea.

  • KevinG87 May 15, 2014

    I think The Flesh would be better after it's 'parent' show, and putting TVD and The Originals on the same night always made sense to me but it's never happened.

    I'm sure Hart of Dixie will come back early once stupid Jane the Virgin gets cancelled in less than 5 episodes.

  • KevinG87 May 15, 2014

    I meant The Flash.. but was thinking of the show In The Flesh. oh well lol

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