The Originals "The Big Uneasy" Review: Party Foul

By Price Peterson

Apr 16, 2014

The Originals S01E18: "The Big Uneasy"

Set-up is hard. Last summer when Mama said she was getting married again, I promised her the biggest and best wedding ever. For weeks on end I worked morning, noon, and night to get everything situated for her special day. All those ribbons and candles and fold-out chairs. They didn't set themselves up! The fireworks display alone took no fewer than six days of hard labor just arranging all the genuine Chinese explosives. I filled gutters with bottle rockets, I tied firecrackers to rose bushes, I fastened black cat fireworks to actual black cats (taxidermied, don't worry). I knew in my heart it was going to be the best fireworks display ever. Sure, it was hard, dangerous work and I may no longer have all my fingers or even any of them at all, but it was all worth it just to see the look on Mama's face when it all paid off. Although, hypothetically speaking, I never did see Mama's face because just before the wedding she stole my catamaran and sailed it directly into a rogue wave. But on the off-chance she survived and if she ever comes back, there will be quite a fireworks show awaiting her, believe me. Anyway, back to what I was saying earlier: Set-up is hard. And that's what this week's episode of The Originals was all about.

The reason The Originals has an undue burden when it comes to set-up is that it attempts to mask information and state-of-the-character scenes as rip-roarin' adventure. Sometimes that works, and sometimes it doesn't. The main way to know whether you're watching a successful set-up episode is if you're not bored. Sorry if you were expecting a more scientific explanation. Were you bored during "The Big Uneasy"? I wasn't! It was a very good example of a set-up episode. By the end, we knew more about what people wanted and why and how they intended to get it—all of which was exciting to our brains, even if not much happened. And do NOT tell me that Thierry's death was a big deal, that guy has had seven lines of dialogue all season. But Elijah is now officially a BAMF. Hayley is a legit queen. Marcel is a terrorist. These are pretty seismic character shifts, and they've only occurred over the course of two episodes. Yet it all feels both organic and compelling. Yeah, "The Big Uneasy" was a good one.

I'm not sure I bought it when Klaus so easily forgave Genevieve for nakedly attacking his family in episodes past, but I DID buy it when he forgave her for nakedly jumping into his bed right away. Original vampires gotta rub up on something too! So it was somewhat of a relief to see them outright warring by the end of this episode. Out of the four resurrected witches, Genevieve was my least favorite (rest in peace my beautiful Bastiana, rest in peace my wonderful Papa Tunde), and she did NOT deserve to have Klaus paint her portrait, especially since she was being so stubborn about not fixing Father Kieran's broken brain. But Klaus was feeling uncharacteristically chill in this episode, so when Genevieve proposed that the whole town throw a witch party, Klaus was very cool with it and sent Elijah around to bully everybody into attending. Obviously the party didn't go well, but for once it wasn't Klaus's fault. By the end of the episode he was threatening Genevieve's life and making tearful apologies to Cami for failing her. It was the most human Klaus has seemed in a while, and it was straight-up refreshing to behold.

Elijah, meanwhile, was experiencing a sort of delayed reaction to all of Klaus's shenanigans leading up to and including Rebekah's maltreatment. He had HAD IT. Even though Elijah took seriously his job of keeping the peace and preserving the monster factions' tenuous truce, he was NOT about to take any more foolishness from Klaus. In what must be a turning point for the series, Elijah even pinned Klaus to a wall and informed him that he'd be acting on his impulses from now on. Specifically toward Hayley. Also he ripped out Thierry's heart in order to punish Marcel for his terrorism, and I think that counts as an impulse Elijah wouldn't have honored before, but New Elijah is all about getting results. Unfortunately for those expecting him to carry Hayley off into the sunset right away, he reverted to his more noble ways when he saw her laughing at a campfire alongside Jackson and decided to back off. Ugh, heartache. But welcome back to the game, Elijah.

Speaking of Marcel: Yup, his new thing was trying to disrupt New Orleans' peace by orchestrating the vampire version of a suicide bombing! At the witch party (where everybody had been struggling to remain on their best behaviors), he sent in a group of African-American gentlemen in white suits and made them bang on drums and then open their wrists in mixed company. This obviously hastened a TOTAL BLOODBATH and it seemed like the truce was officially over. Even Hayley got scraped in the tussle, which infuriated Elijah, which led to Thierry getting his heart ripped out. Elijah opted not to kill Marcel so as to not tick off Klaus, but then later Klaus seemed very ready to kill Marcel himself, so that was probably a bad call on Elijah's part because Marcel definitely deserved to die. Anyway, after the massacre, all the surviving vampires joined Marcel's cause, so his army is growing now. And hopefully in the finale we'll hear "Zombie" by The Cranberries, because with their tanks and their bombs, and their bombs and their guns, in your head, in your head, they are crying. Zombie, hey.

Monique's up to no good, obviously. First her ancestors told her it was time to murder Genevieve (finally), but then Genevieve stalled for time promising to get the Mikaelson grimoire for her. Genevieve did not get the grimoire, but she did get the severed hands of her henchman who'd tried to steal it, which in my opinion was not a great consolation prize. Monique spent most of the episode throwing shade at Davina, but Davina had a nice moment wherein Klaus attempted to make it up to her for having murdered her first love, the fiddle boy. And his reparative gift was actually a biggie: the spell to create daylight rings! Which means Josh is about to get some much-needed Vitamin D. But anyway, at the end of the episode Monique decided it was time to knife Genevieve (finally), but the ancestors butted in to spare Genevieve, but only if they successfully murdered Hayley's child. So, uh-oh. That seems like a season-finale-type conflict right there. Not a super-suspenseful one, because in my opinion a baby is not about to get murdered on The Originals. And this is neither here nor there, but remember at the witch party parade when the three witches demonstrated their powers by causing AN EARTHQUAKE, among other things? Easily the least-cool thing Monique did all episode. How is it possible that the crowd didn't scream and take cover? Earthquakes are no joke, you guys.

There was also a bunch of other stuff that happened in this episode, but honestly trying to remember it all feels like cramming the night before a test. "The Big Uneasy" gave us so much information! Klaus is mad at Cami for sleeping with Marcel. Hayley no longer trusts Jackson and Oliver. Klaus's new blonde werewolf cousin is handsome. Josh will not stop talking about going to gay clubs. This was a busy episode of The Originals without a whole lot of forward momentum. As I said earlier, a typical TV show can really go wrong with so much info to impart, but this show is getting so good at set-up! "The Big Uneasy" was a good episode, guys, trust me. But personally I'm getting very excited for the real fireworks to begin.


... Do you like Genevieve, or should she die already?

... Should Elijah make a move on Hayley already?

... Does the witch's hangout remind you of the abandoned house in The Secret Circle? Be honest.

... Is it rude to cause an earthquake in public?

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  • fueltofire Apr 25, 2014

    I will miss you Thierry.He was a good character.I loved him!

  • alcalde Oct 03, 2014

    One of the very few characters on the show that didn't murder anyone!

  • erynrode Apr 21, 2014

    1. Yes, Genevieve should definitely die already. She's getting on my nerves.
    2. I think if Hayley and Elijah go another episode without (FINALLY) kissing, I'm going to explode. They both know the other's feelings to some extent, and I am physically unable to handle another one of their infamous "almost kisses".
    3. Sorry, no idea. Never watched The Secret Circle.
    4. Absolutely, nuff said.

  • jei185 Apr 20, 2014

    I have one question. What in the heck was the ritual that the witches were doing at the start of the episode? It looked like Davina and that other girl were trying to play Tetris by fitting themselves into the wall. I thought it was weird and kind of funny.

  • JasonMelvil Apr 20, 2014

    Yeah I didn't get that either, especially since none of the witches on either show has ever done any form of gestures to do magic.

  • patiencem16 Apr 21, 2014

    Well, the witches on TVD are slightly different than the ones here. Here they use the consecrated powers of their ancestors whereas on TVD it is directly from nature (recall when Bonnie started dabbling in the black arts) and the power of balance.

    This does not explain the Tetris-witches though. I have no idea what was up there unless it was a way for the girls to help Monique channel or something?

  • Yniold47 Apr 21, 2014

    Hi !
    They went into a 'Tetris- transe' so the ancestors could 'talk' to them, which they did. They told Monique (the craziest of them all) it was time for Geneviève to get stabbed a bunch so the last harvest girl would come back and cause some mayhem :( !

  • patiencem16 Apr 21, 2014

    That makes sense..kind of. Still seems odd to me, but hey, its tv :)

  • nicholaskmoose Apr 20, 2014

    I want to see Damon Salvatore in New Orleans! Just for a vacation. He is the only TVD character badass and borerline-evil enough to cross over into the Originals world for an episode or two.

  • EmmaDanks0 Apr 20, 2014

    Um...quick question for everyone out there. Is time a linear concept on this show? The Originals appear to have been in New Orleans for a decent length of time now but Hayley's pregnancy seems to be moving at a different pace to the rest of the world. I'm just guessing here but she would have already had to have been a month pregnant at the very least when she wandered into New Orleans but aside from the dodgy prediction of the baby being a female we haven't heard anything more about it, she's barely showing for someone who at minimum should be six to seven months along now.

  • JasonMelvil Apr 20, 2014

    Well, what do you expect? It's not like they bothered taking her to an OBGYN or anything... I mean this entire world only has 2 doctors. Wes is dead and Meredith is completely incompetant.

  • patiencem16 Apr 21, 2014

    Also, who knows how long a hybrid baby would actually gestate?

  • EmmaDanks0 Apr 21, 2014

    And the sex was determined by a crazy witch and the one ultra sound machine out in the Bayou was broken in the murder attempt.

  • roma_acumen Apr 19, 2014

    I think they should resurrect a original every season ....Kol will season 2....let's kill devina I find her totally idiotic & useless....

    cw has good shows but bad actors..... same formula for evey show cross tvd n the originals all have a love triangle... even the female lead is is similarin every show ...Elena TVD, devina & hayley originals whtasherface in star crossed.... what faces they make.... the male leads are awesome and not because I am female....they are just better...when klalus cries I cry...Rebekah was the only good female lead in the originals ....also not all male are awesome.... Marcel looks like he is smiling like a idiot an eveything.... hate Tyler too.... well enough of my ranting...a girl can't have everything

  • JasonMelvil Apr 20, 2014

    That's because most of them were cast by their looks rather than acting skills...

    As for Kol, no - he is not coming back. I'm not sure why a guy who barely had 5 minutes of screentime gets so much love (not insulting - I'm really puzzled by it) but either way, the actor is already lined up to star on another CW show so he ain't coming back as a regular.

  • MisterKez Apr 19, 2014

    I like Genevieve, but I also want her to die already. She has outlived her usefulness. Her death would serve well the purposes of the anti-vampires.

    Elijah should not make a move on Hayley. You just do not mess with your brother's (half-brother in this case) baby momma. I know they have some chemistry, but it is just not right.

    That's where I saw that place.

    Public earthquakes are just a minor Faux Pas.

  • LizChialastri Apr 19, 2014

    Also, can someone please resurrect Kol and send him on over to New Orleans already? With Rebekah gone, it just makes less and less sense to have a show called "The Originals," originally a family of 7 people, when only 2 of them are present. Esther or Mikael would be fine, too.

    Finn can stay dead though. He was totally useless.

  • MisterKez Apr 19, 2014

    Since they keep mentioning how powerful Esther was, I keep thinking how they could bring her back. Maybe sacrificing Hayleys baby would do it, but there will be no child sacrifices on the CW. Sacrificing Gen would bring back the 4th harvest girl, unless Esther could slip in instead.

  • patiencem16 Apr 21, 2014

    I think this episode does set up for an Esther come back what with Monique's channel revealing the Mikaelson name.

  • yutg25 Apr 19, 2014

    While Rebekah leaving is a major loss to the show. It can still be called Originals. We have:
    1. Elijah an Original Vampire
    2. Klaus an Original Hybrid
    Maybe not Original Family but they are Original something.

  • roma_acumen Apr 19, 2014

    There is a reason why they put kol in TVD....Also the reason why the head traveller came back.... so I think its a plot to get kol out ...hopefully also Alaric.... he is wasted on CSI...

  • JasonMelvil Apr 20, 2014

    Nope, Kol is going to be a shapeshifter or something on the Supernatural spin off. he is not coming back.

  • LizChialastri Apr 19, 2014

    The whole party-massacre thing didn't feel very genuine to me. Maybe it would if I was a first time viewer, I could get how a vampire would lose their self control around the scent of fresh blood. It happens in other vampire fiction.

    But the vampires in the TVD/TO universe have never really been shown to do that before (aside from the stupid ripper virus thing.) In fact, I feel like plenty of vampires have been in the same room with bleeding humans over the seasons, and they've never just instantly lost control of themselves and mindlessly attacked. And these aren't even brand new baby vampires we're talking about.

    Am I wrong? I just feel like the vampires in this world usually better than that.

  • JasonMelvil Apr 20, 2014

    Slight nit pick, vampires do lose contorl at the smell of blood on this show. But that would be young vampires. Elena couldn't control herself after she turned - In fact the vampire hunter who shows up in town in season 4 sets a trap for her because of it (knifing Apirl, so Elena would go after the blood). Vicki, Jessie and even Caroline had issues at first too.

    But they all learned to control it. It's absurd to think vampires under Marcel would not have been taught to control themselves.

  • yutg25 Apr 19, 2014

    totally right. Diego is almost as old as THierry all in all its bad writing

  • jei185 Apr 20, 2014

    It's too bad they had Marcel make that move and not at least one Witch involved. A simple witch hex or spell to make the blood of those specific men more appetizing would have been a better explanation.

  • Scout27 Apr 18, 2014

    So sorry about your Mom, Price. It must be hard to have all those fireworks with nothing to use them on. Maybe this will be the year she returns from the abyss.

    Now on to more trying issues:

    I still feel the ghost of Rebekah's presence haunting me when I watch this show, and not in a good way. I miss her...a lot. Still pushing forward though, and I am determined to at least finish this season! On that note, it is really nice to see Hayley coming in to her own and taking care of business (missed that classic Phoebe Tonkin snarky baddassness)...I'm just not feeling the whole werewolf clan story line and wish she was back to interacting mostly with the Mikaelsons and what's going on in town. I just can't seem to make myself care about those redneck werewolves. Maybe if her pack had a Scott McCall and/or a Derek Hale (hell, even a PETER Hale)...then we could really have something, am I right?

    1. Genevieve should have been dead the minute she decided to try and mess with Rebekah and Klaus! Am I to believe that Elijah and Klaus ever would have let her escape from that unscathed?!
    2. NO....SLOW BURN ALL THE WAY! I want it to happen! But I like it to simmer!
    3. UM...YES. And it makes me both sad and nostalgic. I'm never getting over the The Secret Circle. Time is not healing my wounds. If I had the power to MAKE the CW resurrect it, I would use it in a heartbeat.
    4. Yes. In public and in private.

    I've missed your recaps Price! Hiatus over here and then Teen Wolf it's good to have you back boo!

  • helyanwe89 Apr 18, 2014

    Rebekah killed Genevieve because she wanted to go warn Klaus that Mikael was on his way (because Rebekah tricked her into summoning him) . Rebekah wanted Mikael to come kill Klaus so she didn't want Klaus to find out that he was coming to NOLA. Genevieve showed Klaus exactly what happened leading up to her death and Klaus rightfully realized that Rebekah & Marcel were to blame for what happened and Genevieve was just naive and had been used - she wasn't actually working against Klaus so it made sense to me that he would get over Genevieve's role in what happened. It would be OCC on the other hand for him to get over Marcel's role in it though.

  • Scout27 Apr 19, 2014

    Oh I agree...I was more thinking recently when Genevieve straight up tortured them in the abandoned asylum, even if it was under the guise of giving him information. But I'm with you...not sure how Marcel is still walking around with a beating vampire heart still in his BODY!

  • helyanwe89 Apr 21, 2014

    But she did that to subdue him in order to do the memory-link spell so Klaus could see how Rebekah had betrayed him - so I think he was just so angry with Rebekah that he didn't even care that he had been stabbed in order for Genieve to give him that information.

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