The Others

NBC (ended 2000)
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  • S 1 : Ep 13


    Aired 6/10/00

  • S 1 : Ep 12

    Life is For the Living

    Aired 5/13/00

  • S 1 : Ep 11

    $4.95 a Minute

    Aired 5/6/00

  • S 1 : Ep 10

    Till Then

    Aired 4/29/00

  • S 1 : Ep 9

    The Ones That Lie in Wait

    Aired 4/22/00

  • Cast & Crew
  • Bill Cobbs

    Elmer Greentree

  • John Billingsley

    Professor Miles Ballard

  • Julianne Nicholson

    Marian Kitt

  • Gabriel Macht

    Dr. Mark Gabriel

  • Missy Crider

    Ellen 'Satori' Polaski

  • show Description
  • College student Marian Kitt is terrified to discover that she has the power to see into the "other side." Word of Marian's vision spreads to Professor Miles Ballard, a student of paranormal and psychic phenomena. He introduces Marian to The Others, a group of individuals with the ability to vicariously experience the feelings, thoughts and experiences of others, and to help them understand paranormal phenomena. Famed medium Elmer Greentree is their spiritual leader and a mentor figure for Marian, whose potential to see "all of the light" is strong. With Marian now among them, they will help each other understand their abilities as they encounter otherworldly, often frightening, alternative dimensions. And all the while, a dark force looms over them.moreless

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  • Quotes (105)

    • Satori: You saw something that frightens you...dark water...a body. Marian: Yeah, how did you know? Mark: Miles told us. She can't resist that crystal ball-schtick.

    • Marian: I don't even have a major picked out, let alone any plans for the future! Linda: Better watch out, or you might end up back on your parents' farm in Idaho. Marian: It's Iowa. Linda: Whatever.

    • Narrator: Some call it a gift. Some a curse. Six strangers providing the gateway to the other side.

    • Satori: What is it, Albert? Albert: Burning hair...? Mrs. Talbot (looking around, excited): Allen? Satori: No, I'm afraid that's just my sage...

    • Elmer (to Marian): Your experiences are your own...all we can do is guide each other through those experiences.

    • Mrs. Talbot (answering the door): Can I help you, gentlemen? Albert: I doubt it...

    • Miles: So, Mrs. Talbot, when did your husband pass away? Mrs. Talbot: He didn't exactly "pass away"...he was struck by lightning on the golf course. Miles: Oh...seriously?

    • (after Marian has horrifying flashes of a gruesome murder while walking in a tunnel.) Marian: You bastard! You knew what was down there! Are you testing me?! Mark: Sorry, I didn't know you were that sensitive!

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    Notes (14)

    • This was the only episode filmed in Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada. All of the other episodes were filmed at Paramount Pictures in Los Angelos.

    • This episode was not titled at the beginning like all the following episodes.

    • This episode was nominated for an Emmy Award for Best Sound Editing for a Series.

    • This episode was nominated for a Golden Reel Award (from the Motion Picture Sound Editors, USA) for Best Sound Editing - Television Episodic - Effects & Foley.

    • Logically this should be the second episode, since Marian does not yet fully trust the Others. There's an unpleasant undercurrent to the theme of a young woman terrorized in her bedroom, yet some of it is done with inventive subtlety, particularly the unexpected shot of the face in the wallpaper turning to watch Marian go by. I'm puzzled by the oddly explicit note of Christian myth: why does the demon have to be Lucifer holding out a wallpaper apple? Nothing else in the series suggests any particular religious system.

    • It is a mistake to schedule two successive episodes about young women being terrorized in haunted bedrooms, especially when this one is a quite powerful parable about sexual abuse. Although the unsympathetic reactions of Jenny's sorority sisters underline the "blame the victim" syndrome, I can't help noting that these college kids seem singularly clueless, not even noticing that locked doors open while Jenny is yards away, or that she is bone-dry when accused of trying to drown someone in a bathtub.

    • This episode is very unique from the others since it did not focus on the whole cast. This episode focused on Bill Cobbs (Elmer) and pretty much just him. Out of the other cast members appearing in this episode, John Billingsley (Miles), Missy Crider (Satori), and Gabriel Macht (Mark) only appeared briefly, each having a total screen time of less than two minutes. Julianne Nicholson (Marian), who the episode semi-focuses on, didn't even appear until the second half.

    • Kristen Cloke, who played Allison/The Woman, is married to series writer, Glen Morgan.

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    Trivia (10)

    • The combination to the safe in Mrs. Talbot's home is 6-28-31, the birthdate of her late husband.

    • The Null Set that is seen throughout the episode is the symbol for nothingness.

    • Notice that the search engine that Marian was using online was by NBC.

    • The pilot's nametag is incorrectly spelt as "Flight Captian Steve Garcia".

    • 1112 is code for "I love you" between Karen and Greg.

    • Both Marian and Mark are right-handed.

    • Marian's tube of toothpaste has significantly more paste in it when she comes back from class than when she left earlier that day, even taking into account the paste that had been squeezed out of the tube by the demon.

    • The song that Mary Jane is always singing is called "A Flower for Mother's Grave."

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    Allusions (2)

    • Albert: I'll take gypsy babble for 500, Alex. This is a reference to the popular and long running game show Jeopardy, hosted by Alex Trebeck.

    • Albert: Now you're going to have to tell Archie and Jughead all about the blind guy. Archie was a comic created by Bob Montana in 1941 about a high school kid named Archie Andrews. In the comic Archie had a best friend, Jug Head, and they get in and out of trouble together, usually involving girls.

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  • Yet another great series killed off before it's time.

    By Callisto4, Sep 01, 2006

  • Yet another show that never got a chance.

    By AcaciaJules, Jun 29, 2006

  • It never got the chance it deserved

    By ryancassidysite, Aug 15, 2005

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