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  • 4.9

    Nice Show.

    By da_dunker, Jan 26, 2012

    If you wanted to know what really good,really spectacular effects along with a good story for maximum effort,then this show set the standard for all science fiction shows as we know it today. And for good reason. For one the stories were based on science fiction subjects ranging for nuclear explosions,aliens and extraterrestials from another world(and some of the most scariest monsters on TV back then!),and creatures from beyond the depths of imagination,and secondly humans who tried to communicate beyond the point of other dimensions and other lifeforms. This show came along with the status of other science fiction shows that domination TV sets throughout the 1960's,with titles like "The Twilight Zone", "Boris Karloff's Thriller","Voyage to the Bottom of the Sea","Lost in Space","Star Trek",and the UFO series "The Invaders". In my opinion about this show it scares the daylights out of me everytime I see it. The new version doesn't have a clue to what the original was like,and to me the original rules. Point Blank. Even though it ran for three seasons on ABC(from 1963-65),and brought some of the most electrifying special effects ever devised for TV(it would have really fantastic if the original series were in color in 65 but the entire series was shown in black and white). I happed to catch one of the episodes recently(the one I saw featured Leonard Nimoy,aka Mr. Spock years later on Star Trek)and blessed the sci-fi channel for bringing them back.moreless

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  • 8.0

    Its not as good as the twilight zone but it's still great.

    By tacoman771, Oct 23, 2011

    The outer limits is not as great as the twilight zone but it's still a great scifi classic. I consider the twilight zone the greatest scifi show of all time because of things like twist endings, morals, plots. The outer limits has these things but it just doesn't match the twilight zone. Unlike the twilight zone an outer limits episode is an hour so therefore it'll start off slower but ultimately they'll both challenge your assumptions. Their both great shows I personally like the twilight zone more. I'm not a big fan of the newer outer limits series, but I the twilight zone, revivals and the movie.moreless

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  • 9.0

    One of the great sci-fi shows of all time....!

    By maritimer00, Apr 29, 2011

    It wouldn't be an exaggeration to say that the original version of Outer Limits should be hailed as one of the best science fiction based series ever done for television. Each episode was built around a plot rooted in science fiction that ranged from aliens coming to Earth to the interaction of people from the future with the present and so forth. The writing for the series was top notch with solid pacing and great acting in virtually every episode.

    There are many episodes this reviewer could recommend starting with ' Demon With a Glass Hand', an award winning episode written by legendary science fiction author Harlan Ellison. Other episodes that are very good to watch include ' Don't Open Till Doomsday ', ' I, Robot ', ' Architects of Fear ' and ' The Invisibles'. The only flaw that the show has is that the producers were somewhat limited in budget which means some of the aliens/monsters you see are dated compared to the present day shows. However, this does not affect the enjoyability of the episodes to any great degree and is quite forgivable.

    To conclude, this reviewer highly recommends this series for fans of science fiction as well as anyone looking for something that is thought provoking and plain fun to watch.moreless

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  • 8.0

    There is nothing wrong with this review - do not attempt to adjust it.

    By Jaykeson, Apr 02, 2011

    This may not be one of the best shows of all time, but at the same time, I really can't see why anyone could say this is a bad program. Maybe it's because the show hasn't aged as well as some people might have hoped.

    The mixture of the scripts - sci-fi, horror and fantasy - is great. Although the original "Twilight Zone" (which I believe aired around the same time - and which many people have compared to this series) is better, this show remains to still be a great golden oldie. Still very much recommended to fans of this genre.moreless

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  • 10

    The Outer Limits first aired 9/63 with "The Galaxy Being". The episodes varied in their content.They dealt with either space creatures,monsters,the evolution of man,time travel,etc. Great Sci-Fi series which IMHO was too deep for most at the time.

    By donz55, Apr 02, 2011

    I caught every episode of The Outer Limits from the premiere episode to the last. Some well known actors of today were in many of the episodes like Robert Duvall("The Inheritors","The Chameleon").The Inheritors was one of my favorites. Leonard Nimoy("I, Robot" and a bit part in "Production and Decay of Strange Particles"),Martin Landau, Robert Culp,Donald Pleasence,David McCallum ("The Sixth Finger")which was a very cool episode,and many other actors and actresses which would be too much to list. This series was ahead of it's time. It followed the genre of "The Twilight Zone" however it had more detail. Some of the episodes were mediocre like filler episodes,but most of them were quite enjoyable and original. I think my favorite one was called "Expanding Human". It dealt with the evolution of the mind and body through the use of certain chemicals. Of course the emotions of the individual did not enhance which brought about his ultimate demise. James Doohan had a small role in this episode as Police Lt. Branch. Another favorite was "The Zanti Misfits" Bug like creatures who are convicts from another world are transported to earth with the cooperation of the US military, however things get fouled up by the intervention of a civilian(Bruce Dern) and the convicts rebel or should I say riot. Anyway I could review every episode which here is not the place, but all an all The Outer Limits was a great series in the early sixties. A+moreless

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  • 4.0

    Decent storyline on man's attempt to communicate with outer space (read SETI).

    By CCC007, Apr 02, 2011

    Decent story line, reasonable use of special effects for a 1st episode---however, the dialogue was strained and conversation between the husband and wife was tired and grew monotonous. Interesting when the Army dude fired on the wife----seemingly completely random as to why he shot her, not to mention it appears the bullet misses her anyway and strikes the door jamb to her left...yet, the Alien has to "save her" by cauterizing the wound.......too funny.


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  • 9.8

    A favorite of mine because it combined horror and science fiction.

    By whiskey136, Apr 02, 2011

    It was very low budget but they did have some great writers. Channel 11 used to show re-runs here in los angeles, I would watch it every saturday...never get tired of this show. I loved the one with the talking rocks...that was so cool!! And who could ever forget the one with Rober Culp where he is turned into an Alien? I think my all time favorite one is the machine that is used to spy on people from miles away. You sit down and turn the contols and tune a person in...then you can see and hear them. Just think if it were possible, what do you suppose the government would use it for?moreless

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  • 8.9

    Not as good as the Twilight Zone, but still great nonetheless.

    By rhcp199, Apr 02, 2011

    The only reason I compared this show to "The Twilight Zone" is because they're both have the same sci-fi/horror/mystery format in a series of weekly self-contained stories. I actually think that the remake version of "Outer Limits" is better than that of "Twilight Zone" (both the 80's and 00's versions)

    Anyway, I guess the biggest problem I had with this show was running time. Don't get me wrong, I loved the fact that the episodes were one hour instead of a half hour (like TZ) but sometimes this was a bad thing too because there just wasn't enough there to keep my attention for that extra half hour.

    Either way though, this show was great in its own right. As opposed to Twilight Zone's "underlaying moral fiber" message this show, in my opinion, focussed more on action and horror. One could probably consider this more of a "sci fi" show than Twilight Zone as well (which was more fantasy).

    Some of my favorite episodes include "The Man Who Was Never Born", "The Zanti Misfits" and "The Guests".moreless

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  • 10

    One of the original science fiction classics!

    By revbucky, Apr 02, 2011

    "There is nothing wrong with your television set. Do not attempt to adjust the picture. We are controlling transmission." These familiar words introduced a short-lived but very important science fiction TV series. Although the Outer Limits only lasted a brief two seasons, people still remember those famous opening lines.

    I recently watched the entire first season on DVD. Each episode was well written (reflecting the writing of the early 1960s) and quality actors and actresses were cast in the major roles. Even though the special effects leave much to be desired, the end result was a series which every science fiction buff loves.

    Beginning with "The Galaxy Being," the series explored the theme of alien beings. Week after week the planet earth was exposed to life from other worlds. Sometimes they visited earth and other times they were visited by us. Other themes included nuclear war, the end of the world, and the effects of radiation exposure.

    Some of my favorite stars who appeared in the series were Leonard Nimoy, Martin Landau, Ivan Dixon, Robert Culp, Jacqueline Scott, and Robert Duvall.

    I'm looking forward to watching the rest of the series. I hope you'll join me on this "great adventure."

    "We now return control of your television set to you, until next week, at the same time when the Control Voice will take you to... The Outer Limits."moreless

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