The Outer Limits - Original

The Zanti Misfits

Season 1, Ep 14, Aired 12/30/63
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  • Episode Description
  • Aliens from the planet Zanti send their criminals to Earth and insist that they be kept in an isolated area outside of all human contact. However, the situation becomes complicated by the intrusion of outsiders.

  • Cast & Crew
  • Michael Tolan

    Steve Grave

  • Olive Deering

    Lisa Lawrence

  • Robert F. Simon

    General Maximillian R. Hart

  • Claude Woolman

    Major Roger Hill

  • Bruce Dern

    Ben Garth

  • Fan Reviews (3)
  • Another view from the pulpit

    By OmarCayenne, Mar 09, 2013

  • A great episode that shows what the Outer Limits represents...

    By maritimer00, Sep 06, 2005

  • The planet Zanti forces Earth to be a prison for its "misfits."

    By zanti_misfit, Jul 26, 2007

  • Trivia & Quotes
  • Quotes (11)

    • Control Voice: (opening narration) Throughout history, compassionate minds have pondered this dark and disturbing question: what is society to do with those members who are a threat to society, those malcontents and misfits whose behavior undermines and destroys the foundations of civilization? Different ages have found different answers. Misfits have been burned, branded, and banished. Today on this planet Earth, the criminal is incarcerated in humane institutions or he is executed. Other planets use other methods. This is the story of how the perfectionist rulers of the planet Zanti attempted to solve the problem of the Zanti misfits.

    • Grave: History has been recorded in some pretty morbid places, Major. But when a historian named Grave finds himself in a ghost town called Morgue...

    • Grave: I wonder what they're like.
      Hill: From our viewpoint, Professor, they're either superhuman or subhuman.
      Grave: Or non-human.

    • Ben: Lisa, we can never turn back, not you and me. A runaway wife and a three-time loser must always go forward.

    • Ben: I'm going to tell you something, you're not going to believe it. But I'm going to go ahead and tell it anyway. I would never kill a reasonable man.
      Lisa: Ha. Open the windows, Ben, you smell bad when you lie.

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    Notes (2)

    • Locations: Vasquez Rocks, CA; the "Ghost Town Street" Western set at MGM studios

    • Burt Reynolds was originally offered the part of Ben Garth but declined.

    Trivia (3)

    • The Zanti ship is apparently bigger on the inside than the outside. Despite the fact that it is no larger than a small closet (approximately 6' x 6'), hundreds of the foot-long creatures crawl out of the ship.

    • Around 44-45 minutes into the story when the Zanti ship has landed on the roof, we see several shots of Zantis going out the open door of the ship. There is a piece of broken wood by the door. Sometimes the wood is on the left side of the door, and sometimes it's to the right. It would appear that budget had forced a flipping over of the film to make it look as if the ship is being shot from another angle rather then use more stop animation.

    • Trivia: This is the only episode of the series where the aliens don't speak English.

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