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    This show, screened online at, is so hilarious. CBS you have to put this on your schedule for midseason.

    By tvlvur007, Nov 06, 2006

    On, they decided to screen the "Da Ali-G Show" and "Borat" Writer/Producer Ant Hines, after the huge huge success of the movie BORAT. In just a few simple words, it is hilarious. It is very much like "The Office"'s Michael Scott taking over Da Ali G Show. It is loaded with laughs and CBS, you have to pick up this show. It is so amazing. I can see myself watching this every week that is is on. This show can really make it. I also have a feeling that a lot of Borat/Ali G fans will tune in and watch Ant Hines's comedic masterpiece. Well done. FOX was so stupid in not picking it up. C'mon CBS, do what NBC did/is doing with (WB rejected) Nobody's Watching.moreless

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